How to Make French Toast and Their 9 Different Flavor

french toast

French Toast is everybody’s favorite but there’s very little French about it since French Toast is adapted across the world in different varieties and has earned different names such as Bombay Toast, German Toast, Gypsy Toast, etc. Whatever variation it’s made in, French Toast is the perfect Breakfast, Brunch, or Snack that’s not only delicious … Read more

How to make Pizza Best 9 Pizza Recipe


There’s isn’t a single soul you would find who wouldn’t salivate when Pizza is mentioned even in general conversation. With roots deeply ingrained in Italy, Pizza has travelled everywhere to make a place for itself in the hearts of billions of people across the globe. People are less interested in its history and origin and … Read more

How To Make Scrambled Eggs

how to make scrambled eggs

Are you a bachelor starving at 3 in the morning but do not know how to cook? Or are you an office goer with absolutely no time in the morning to prepare something for the breakfast? Maybe, you are anyone who wants a quick solution to your hunger on your plate. Scrambled eggs are the … Read more