How to Make Different Flavour Pancakes

Pancake is a flat cake mostly thin and circular prepared from scratch using a mixture of eggs, milk, and butter, and cooked on a hot frying pan, cooked with either oil or butter. Pancakes cooking is a trend that is practiced all over the world, with each country, ethnicity, and groups having different ways how they cook it. Pancake cooking is not new but has been there for centuries and with time its preparation and cooking has been modified and upgraded with the change of trends in cooking styles.
In the olden day’s pancake cooking was all simply use flour, eggs, water and cooking oil to heat it up. Back in the day’s people never used baking powder due to religious beliefs and others due to health reasons but this has changed over time. Pancakes are loved for breakfast meal as they are easy to prepare and delicious to have with a cup of morning tea. Pancakes for a breakfast meal do not take a lot of time to cook for people in a rush to attend their daily schedules and routines.
Pancakes come are prepared and cooked in different ways and have different flavors. We are going to look at some of them.

Gluten free pancakes

Different Flavour Pancake

This is diet pancakes made without the inclusion of protein found in wheat and barley. Its components include
o 1 cup of gluten free flour
o A tablespoon of ground flax meal
o 2 teaspoons baking powder
o 2 teaspoons of powder cinnamon
o ¼ teaspoon salt
o 2 tablespoons of sugar
o 1 teaspoon vanilla
o ¼ cup of unsweetened applesauce
o A cup of milk
Method of cooking
• Mix together the above-specified quantities of flour, flax meal, baking powder, cinnamon and salt in a bowl.
• In another bowl mix together the ingredients of sugar, vanilla, applesauce and milk and pour this mixture into the first bowl of flour mixture slowly ¼ cup at a time as to get a smooth paste. The mixture should not be too thick nor too thin.
• Using butter or cooking oil heat the frying pan over average heat and pouring ¼ a cup of the mixture for each piece of pancake.
• Each pancake should be cooked for at-least 1 to 2 minutes and after bubbles around the edges and turn to cook the other side for the same quantity of time and serve when ready.
The ingredients can be used to serve 4 to 6 servings.
Flax meal used in the ingredients can be replaced with eggs.

Grain free pancakes


This is flour free pancakes made of substitutes of flour. The most used substitute is sifted coconut flour.
The components
o ¼ cup of sifted coconut flour
o A teaspoon of baking powder
o A dash of salt
o 4 eggs
o ¾ teaspoon of vanilla essence
o ¼ cup of unsweetened coconut milk
o 1 tablespoon of honey or sugar
o Ghee or butter for frying the pancakes
Method of cooking
• Put in one bowl coconut flour, baking powder, and salt and mix together.
• In a second bowl put together whisked eggs, vanilla essence, coconut milk, and honey. Mix the first and second bowl together and ensure a smooth paste with no lumps.
• In a large frying pan heat with ghee or butter depending on preference. Pour ¼ cup of the paste to produce 2 to 3 inches pancakes evenly spread all over the large frying pancakes ensuring they do not touch each other.
• Cook one side for about two minutes and makes the edges bubble and turn to it to other to cook for the same minutes. Serve when ready.
The quantities outlined above can be used for 4 to 6 servings.

Non-fat dry milk pancakes


This is panning cakes that are made using non_fat milk, with fewer calories, cholesterol, and sugar. But it contains more dietary fiber, vitamin, and calcium.
The components
o 5 cups of flour
o 5 cups of unbleached flour
o 2 1/2 cups of non-fat dry milk
o 1.2 cup of sugar
o ¼ cup of baking powder
o 2 tablespoon of salt
o 1 egg
Method of cooking
• Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until it’s a fine paste and look for an air tight container and put the mixture in the container for 6 months. The container should be stored in a cool dry place.
• Heat the frying pan with oil or butter over average heat.Wait until the bubbles form around the edges of the pancakes cook for 3 minutes and turn to cook the other side of the pancake for the same minutes
• It can be served with peanut butter or yogurt.
The pancake component can make 24 servings about 6 batches.

Blueberry and banana pancakes


This recipe of pancakes is made of banana and blueberry fruits which give it a delicious taste equal to that fruits.
The components are
o ¼ cup of butter milk
o 4 eggs that have egg yolks separated together
o 1 cup of Fine flour
o Tablespoons one for sugar
o 11/2 teaspoon of baking soda
o A cup of fresh clean blue berries
o A dash of salt
o Canola oil spray
o 2 ripe bananas
o 2 tablespoon of maple syrup
Method of cooking
• In one bowl Mix the butter milk, egg yolks together and crushed banana paste.
• In the second bowl take the egg whites using a mixer mix until soft peaks appear.
• Take the two bowls and mix all the ingredients together in one bowl.
• Add the cup of blueberries into the mixture.
• Using a frying pan heat the oil over average heat temperature.
• Add an even amount of the batter into the pan in equal and not very large amounts so as not to overcrowd the frying pan.
• Cook pancakes until bubbles are seen and flip to cook the other side of the pancake and wait until it turns to golden brown color
• Serve the pancakes with a dash of maple syrup or honey on top.

Sticky dates pancakes


This is delicious pancakes made with dates giving one taste as if you are eating a real cake.
The components include
o ½ cup of sliced dates
o A teaspoon of mixed spice
o 1 cup of plain pancake batter
o 300ml of white cream
o ½ cup of brown sugar
o ½ cup maple syrup
o Ice cream to be sprinkled on top of pancakes when serving
Method of cooking
• Put dates and mixed spice into one bowl on top add the pancake batter
• With the new mixture pour it into a heated greased pan into small quantities of about 7cm diameters
• Cook pancakes until bubbles appear to flip the other side and wait for it to turn golden brown color.
• Heat the sugar and maple syrup mixture over the pan until sugar dissolves and a fine sauce is formed
• The pancakes should be served while stacked sprinkled with hot sauce and some ice cream.

The pancakes can be made a few hours earlier for a perfect test. The ingredients quantities stated above can be used to serve six people.


Mini chocolate pancakes with cherry sauce


This is pancakes made with a chocolate flavor and with cherries.
The components are
o 100 grams of self –raising flour
o 15grams of powder cocoa
o 450grams of sour cherries in syrup
o A tablespoon of corn flour
o A tablespoon of caster sugar
o 3 tablespoons of fruit juice
o 1 egg
o 200ml of milk
o 75grams of chocolate bud
o 4 tablespoon of sour cream to serve with
Method of cooking:
• In one bowl put fine flour, cocoa and baking powder add sugar and stir the ingredients together.
• In that bowl, make a hole at the center and put an already beat egg. Slowly add milk while mixing until it forms a thick batter and adds chocolate.
• Place butter into the pan and heat over average heat, place equal amounts of batter paste in the pan well spaced.
• Cook the pancakes for 2 to 3 minutes until they turn brown.
• After cooking the pancakes, clean the pan and pour into the pan the cherry syrup.
• Mix corn flour with cold water until thin fine paste forms and add into the pan. stir the mixture of corn flour and cherry syrup until it thickens over low heat add fruit juice into the mixture and serve with pancakes.


Blintz pancakes


These are traditional pancakes from the east Europe culture and a mixture of Jewish cuisine. It is made very thin and rolled with cheese, cream and fruits like blueberries and apples and topped with sour cream.
The components
o 1 cup of flour
o 1 tablespoon of sugar
o ½ teaspoon salt
o 1 cup less- fat sour cream
o 1 cup low-fat cheese
o 4 eggs
o Strawberry flavored syrup or blueberry syrup
o Sliced Fresh strawberries
Method of cooking
• In one bowl mix flour, sugar and salt. Pour into the bowl sour cream cottage cheese and eggs and whisk them until turns into a fine paste.
• Pour the smooth paste into a greased pan in small portions and cook until bubbles appear and flip to the second side and cook until it turns golden brown.
• It can be served with strawberries or blueberry syrup as the topping.

Blini pancakes

Blini is a pancake of Russian and Poland origin. It is made of wheat and bucket wheat flour, eggs, butter, and milk. The components include
o 2/3 cup of flour
o 1/3 cup of buck wheat flour
o ½ teaspoon baking powder
o ¾ teaspoon kosher salt
o 2 tablespoons milk
o 1 egg
o ¼ pound unsalted butter
o ½ pound smoked salmon thinly sliced
o ¼ cup of sour cream
o Fresh dill sprig for garnish
Method for cooking
• Mix both the all- purpose flour and buck wheat flour in one bowl.
• In a second bowl mix together the milk, egg, unsalted clarified butter and mix the ingredients of the two bowls into a fine paste.
• Heat a table spoon of the clarified butter into a pan under average heat and pour the mixture into the pan a tablespoon at a time.
• Cook until bubbles appear on the upper side of the blind for 2 min then turn to cook the other side for the same minutes.
• The Blini can be served with a piece of smoked salmon or fresh dill sprig.

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Cannelloni pancakes


This is an Italian pancake made with noodle dough or pancake batter. The pancake can be made with cheese or seasoned meat mixture.
The ingredients include
o 420grams seasoned pork meatballs
o 400grams of spinach
o 2 table spoon of basil pesto
o 250grams tub ricotta
o 1 beaten egg
o ¼ tablespoon of crushed nutmeg
o 8pre-made pancakes
o 500grams carton passata
o 1 crushed garlic clove
o 125grams ball mozzarella torn
o 1 bunch of basil leaves only
Method of cooking
• Heat the grill on high temperatures and cook the pork meat balls for 12-15 minutes after they are ready cut them into halves and put them aside.
• The spinach should be tipped into the large colander over the sink, pour hot water over the spinach to wilt it and let it drain. When cool chop the pieces to finely and mix the cut spinach with pesto ricotta, beat eggs and nutmeg and season it.
• Put the passata over the bottom of the oven dish and mix with garlic. Separate the spinach mixture between the pancakes and spreading it along the dish.
• Add meat balls pieces to each pancake and finally rolling them up to seal the filling.
• Put the stuffed pancakes on the passata base and bake for30mins until the cheese melts and when ready to serve to scatter the basil leaves and serve.
Apple pancakes with sour cream


This a pancake made sliced and chopped pieces of apple. The components are
o 2 cups of all- purpose flour
o 2 eggs beaten
o 2 cups of milk 2 tablespoons of melted butter or margarine
o cup of chopped raw apple

Method of cooking
• Mix the beaten eggs and milk in a bowl add flour and stir until it gives a smooth paste add the diced apple pieces into the mixture.
• Heat the pan and add grease and slowly pour into the pan small amounts of the batter mix and cook for 2 to 3 minutes and flip to cook the other side until it gives golden brown color.
• When the pancakes are ready to roll them and put them in a baking dish in moderate temperature of 375 degrees and bake for 15 to 20 minutes.
• When ready sprinkle sugar, garnish and fried apple slices on the pancakes and serve them.

Rum raisin pancakes


Rum pancakes are unique pancakes made with rum syrup for a tipsy breakfast, for those who are funned of rum and alcohol. The components include:
o 1 cup of flour
o ½ teaspoon of baking soda
o 1 tablespoon sugar
o ¼ teaspoon salt
o 1 teaspoon salt
o 1 teaspoon of soft butter
o 1 cup milk
o 1 egg
o 1 cup raisins
o 2 cup of rum
o Fresh mint leaves
Method of cooking
• In one bowl mix together flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter milk, and beat egg.and whisk the mixture until it has a smooth paste and put it in a refrigerator for half an hour.
• In another bowl soak raisins with the ½ cup of rum mixed with water.drain the raisins and discard the rum after 10 minutes.
• In a small sauce pan heated over average heat mix the other cup of rum with sugar and put on the pan and leave it to cook for until it becomes a syrup .set that dish a side. The syrup can also be prepared a day earlier.
• Take the pancake paste and add the raisins and place it in a frying pan greased with butter and cook one side until it bubbles at the ends and flip to another side and wait for it to turn into a golden brown color.
The pancakes can be served with rum syrup and sprinkle mint leaves on top.


Yoghurt Pancakes


This are pancakes made with the use of yogurt, the components are
o 8 ounces of yogurt
o 7 tablespoons of flour
o 1 table spoon of sugar
o 1 teaspoon of baking powder
o ½ teaspoon of salt.
o 2 eggs
o ½ teaspoon of Vanilla essence
The method of cooking
• In one bowl put the yogurt. Add flour, sugar and baking powder and salt and stir the mixture until it gives a fine batter with no lumps.
• In a second bowl whisk eggs in it. And add vanilla to the eggs and stir thoroughly to combine and pour the egg mixture into the bowl with yogurt and flour combination.
• After more thorough mixing of this ingredients heats the pan with some grease on it.
• Pour the batter over the heated pans cook 1 to 2 seconds of minutes and flipping the other side so took evenly both sides.


Grilled corn cakes


This is pancakes made of grilled corn. The components are
o ¼ cup cooking oil
o 1 ¼ cup of flour
o ¾ cup yellow corn meal ground with stone
o 2 teaspoon baking soda
o ½ tea spoon salt
o 4/4 cup of milk
o 1 tablespoon honey
o ¼ cup of vegetable oil
o 1 large egg and 2 large egg whites
The method of cooking
• Coating the griddle with cooking spray and heating to medium temperature.
• In one bowl mix flour, sugar, cornmeal, baking soda, and salt, after mixing make a hole at the center of the bowl.
• In a second bowl whisk together into her milk, honey, oil, and egg. Power this mixture into the center well created in the first bowl and mix until it forms a fine batter.
• Pour amounts of the ¼ cup into the griddle to cook for each corn pancake. Cook for 2 minutes per side and wait until it is puffed up and turns golden brown and flip to the other side and do the same.

Pumpkin pancakes

This is pancakes made of pumpkins that are crushed or pumpkin syrup sauce either can be used.
The components are
o 1 cup of all purpose flour
o 2 table spoon of baking soda
o 1 table spoon of salt
o 2 tablespoon of sugar or honey
o I cup of ground pumpkin or pumpkin sauce
o 2 eggs
o ¼ cup of milk
o Maple syrup that can be used to serve ready pancakes
The method of cooking
• In one bowl mix the flour, sugar, salt, baking soda until they are combined together.
• In another bowl takes already beat eggs and mix milk and pumpkin sauce and whisk until it gives a smooth paste. This mixture can be added to the mixture of the first bowl and blend until it gives a smooth paste.
• The fine batter can be heated in a greased pan over medium temperature. The pancakes can be cooked for 2 to 3 minutes. Each side should be cooked until puffed up and turns golden brown and flipped to the other side to cook for same minutes.
• The pancakes can be cooked and poured into the pan in equal portions of a quarter cup. The already pancakes can be served in stacks and topped with maple syrup.
They are many flavors of pancake each having different recipes and cooking methods. Pancakes are delicious and easy and fast to make recipes.






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