How to Make Guacamole and Know its Health Benefits

A specific avocado-based salad, dip or spread is commonly known as guacamole. Aztecs is the place where people have started to make guacamole first. It is now in Mexico. Guacamole means avocado-based sauce and the word has come from the Aztecs dialect. Long with its broad use in the modern Mexican food, it has included as a significant part of American cuisine too. The guacamole dip, salad or condiment has gained worldwide popularity in today’s times. You can make guacamole by following a few necessary steps. This is a dip with nice aroma will surely make you fall of it.
Seven basic steps to make guacamole:

make guacamole

This is the most conventional recipe to make guacamole. Are you looking for the traditional as well as the simple recipe of tasty guacamole? Then, this is the best choice for you. This recipe tastes a bit different from the authentic Mexican guacamole, but you will feel the great flavor of the richness of avocado with the perfect ratio of acidic tasted lime juice. Try this to make guacamole to treat yourself with the great taste.

Now, first, check out the ingredients you need to buy. Since this is a simple and basic recipe, you just need to purchase some of the common ingredients. Also, you can mix your own ingredients to make guacamole according to your taste.

• Three ripe avocados large in size
• One lime
• ¼ diced onion
• Two green scallions (you have to chop finely and take the white parts from those.)
• 1 green jalapeno, small in size and finely chopped
• Cilantro leaves (half bunch)
• Sea salt (one teaspoon)
• Olive oil (1 tablespoon)
• Cayenne pepper

Optional ingredients: 

Apart from these above-mentioned main ingredients, you can also add these into your recipe when you are going to make guacamole.
• ½ chopped tomatoes
• 1 finely chopped garlic clove
So, there you go! These are the basic ingredients you need to make guacamole. Are you wondering where you are going to buy all of these? Don’t worry at all. Visit your nearby grocery stores or any of the departmental stores. They will guide you with your buying list.

The Required thing you need to use:

• A big mixing bowl to mix all the ingredients when you are going to make guacamole.
• A potato masher to mash the ingredients. If you don’t have a masher, use two spoons together. It will serve you the same.
• A serving plate and a bowl to serve the guacamole. Serving utensils are similarly significant for a recipe to gain popularity. People judge the appearance first. So, you need to do it perfectly.

Now here are the steps to follow while making a tasty guacamole:

1. If you want to make guacamole perfectly, take the ripe and fresh avocados from the grocery shop or any departmental store. You have to choose the soft avocado rather than the hard ones. Since guacamole is an avocado-based dish, you need to pay extra attention while choosing the nice avocados to highlight your dish. Now, cut them into halves. First, remove the pit from it. Make it sure that no particle of the seed left inside. Take a spoon or blunt knife to scoop out the creamy meat from inside. But you have to do it at the absolute last moment to remain them green and fresh because avocados oxidize quickly.

2. Take the onion and a knife. Dice up the onion and set aside. To make the onions in less acidic, you have to wash them under the cold water. Using water, you will be able to remove sulfuric acid from the onion. Also, do you know why we cry while chopping onions? The answer is sulfuric acid. It makes us cry.

3. If you want to add garlic cloves in your recipe, chop a small clove and combine with the onions. Though guacamole does not require garlic but it depends on the individual taste. Some people consider garlic as the essential ingredient in order to make guacamole more delicious.

4. If you want to make guacamole perfectly, follow the next step which is to mince the pepper. You have chosen jalapeno for your guacamole recipe. If you like Serrano is also a good alternative. Now, mince the pepper and combine them with the onion in a bowl. You can remove the seeds and veins from the pepper if you want to make guacamole less spicy. Seeds are too hot for those who do not like spices much.

5. Take a mixing bowl. Mix up all the ingredients except lime. Add adequate quantity of sea salt. This is the main ingredient which will bring out the fresh avocado flavor. This is a major step while you are going to make guacamole.

6. Now take the lime and cut into two halves. Squeeze those halves into the mixture you have made. You can add both of the parts into it otherwise just one according to your taste. If you are feeling hard to squeeze the lime, place it for a couple of seconds in the microwave. Also, you can dip into hot water for a few minutes. It will be easier to squeeze.

7. This is the actual step to make guacamole. Do you love to have chunkier guacamole? The best way to make it is using a spoon. It will break the avocados, onion, peppers, cilantro into even distribution, but it will not be smooth. If you want to make guacamole softer, take a potato masher in order to mash all of the ingredients and the avocado pulp. Due to the unavailability of a potato masher, you can use two spoons. It also will work well. You have to make the mixture perfect. The ingredients should be present separately in larger pieces so that you can feel them on your tongue. Don’t blend the mixture in a mixer grinder to avoid the soft slurry.

8. Do you want to add tomatoes into guacamole? Add it now. Chop one ripe tomato with a sharp knife and add it to the guacamole. If you want to make guacamole more delicate and highlighting with the taste of tomato, this is the best way to do. If you have less-ripe tomato in your hand, include them before the breaking of avocados.

9. Adding cayenne pepper depends on your preference. Add a pinch of cayenne to make guacamole. If you love this taste, it is okay to add more. What will you do if the cayenne pepper is not available in the shops? Don’t worry. You can pick up a bottle of any type of hot sauces. For example, you can go for the tobacco sauce. It is a perfect alternative for cayenne pepper. Tobacco will simply enrich the taste of guacamole. It will add a unique flavor to the guacamole.

10. Your avocado dip or salad is almost ready. The last you have to do is garnishing. In general, it is done with finely chopped cilantro leaves. Also, it adds taste to the recipe. So, if you want to make guacamole tasty, concentrate on it. Chop off the cilantro leaves you have bought from the grocery. Are you getting confused how much cilantro you have to add to your salad? Look at the mixing bowl to get an idea about the quantity. Now, you can understand how much it is required for garnishing. Take the bunch of leaves on your hand and chop it with a knife. If you like you can add the stems too. These stems are the good addition to make guacamole tastier. Spread the cilantro pieces over the avocado salad. Here, you go! Your yummy avocado salad or dip is ready to serve.

11. Take a serving bowl and place guacamole into it. You can serve it along with different types of chips, bread or on tostadas. Enjoy your food with your friends or family members. You surely are going to receive many compliments for your tasty recipe.
In order to make guacamole tastier, you can add spices to the recipe. Here, also you can add spices according to your choice. Here we have discussed some of the most popular additions you can try on.


1. Add pomegranate seeds or mango to add sweet factor: do you like sweetness in your guacamole? If the answer is yes, you can add fresh mangos in order to make guacamole sweet according to its taste. Dice up a mango and add to the guacamole. You will feel the tangy sweetness. Pomegranate seed also makes guacamole sweeter. It makes the guacamole appealing to the viewers and also adds a slightly sweet taste to it. A Mayan salsa – xec is another option to add sweetness to the authentic guacamole.

2. Add a smoky element to your authentic guacamole: you can combine toasted pumpkin seeds or roasted tomatillos with your traditional guacamole. If you want to make guacamole with a whole new aspect of flavor, the smoky element is the best option to combine with.

3. Customize according to your taste: do you love to customize your dishes? You can do it here too. The taste of guacamole does not differ much due to the unique combinations. You don’t have to think twice because it is really tough to mess up with guacamole. So, you simply can add some more ingredients to make guacamole more delicious according to your taste. So feel free to make your own exclusive guacamole.

• Start with the healthiest option – olive oil. Drizzle olive oil on top of guacamole.
• If you are a cheese lover, try to add some grated cheese to it. You can select any of your favorite cheese whatever you like.
• You also can add some mayonnaise to make guacamole creamier.

4. Garnishing options: as we stated above cilantro leaves are used to garnish guacamole. Except it, you also can use other ingredients as the garnishing element. It will make guacamole more delicious.
• You can add finely sliced radish on top of the guacamole.
• Take a few amounts of sweet corns. Place it in the microwave for 4-5 minutes to roast them. After than sprinkle those roasted corns over the guacamole.

Tips to follow to make guacamole tastier:

• Since avocados oxidize early in the open air, you should use guacamole immediate after preparing it, or you have to wrap it up with a plastic sheet. Plastic will protect guacamole from the air contact.
• If you have added tomatoes in your guacamole, there is a possibility of making guacamole watery. In order to prevent this, you have to remove the seeds from the tomato and then add this to the mixture.
• If you want to make guacamole spicy, you can add cottage cheese or sour cream with the mixture.
• When you are mixing all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, a potato masher is a good option to use in order to get an even uniformity.
• A specific type of enzyme in avocado reacts with the oxygen when it comes to the contact of air. It makes avocados brown which do not look fresh. Are you getting disappointed when the avocados are turning brown? You can avoid this by following a simple tip. When you are going to make guacamole, drop the avocado into the boiling water for 10 seconds. Immediately after taking out from the boiling water you need to place it into the ice water. Highly fluctuating temperature kills the specific enzyme. So, you can make guacamole with a perfectly green and fresh avocado.
• You know very well that avocado is the main ingredient of guacamole. To test if you are picking up the right one, gently squeeze it with your hand. If it feels soft, you can buy it. Otherwise, a hard or unripe avocado is not prepared to make guacamole.

Health benefits related to guacamole:

It is sure that you are not going to make guacamole just to satisfy your taste buds. This avocado-based dip or salad or spread has so many health benefits that you must know. Maybe these benefits will lead you to make guacamole for the first time. Let’s check what the major advantages of guacamole are.

• Heart health: having guacamole daily will decrease the risk of heart attack comparatively because it is enriched with vitamin-E. Researchers have found out that guacamole has healthy fats which decrease high blood pressure. It also decreases the chances of having a stroke.

• Hair and skin health: guacamole contains vitamin-E and vitamin-c. These vitamin quotients will help you to keep the hair and skin healthy. It also keeps your blood vessels, ligaments and other connective tissues healthy. Oxidative damages can be prevented by guacamole. So, make guacamole to keep yourself younger and healthier.

• Weight loss factor: guacamole contains many healthy ingredients. Most of them are fully loaded with fiber and avocados contain healthy fat. Both of these components take excessive time to digest. It will make you full for longer compared to the other food. Automatically you will eat less. The healthy mono saturated fat leads to weight loss significantly. So, if you want to lose fat start to make guacamole today.

• Immunity booster: avocado, lemon juice, and tomato – all three are rich with vitamin-C. It boosts up your immunity which leads to improving the general health. Also, it prevents cancer. It contains oleic acid which helps to prevent cancer. This oleic acid can be found in olive oil too. Avocado contains specific compounds which kill pre-cancerous cells, but they don’t harm the other healthy cells.

• Cholesterol and blood sugar: a research found that avocados can decrease bad cholesterol. It is said that if you start to eat avocado for just a weeks, it will help you to decrease the bad cholesterol almost by 17 percent. Avocados contain beta-sit sterol which is the main component to lower down the bad cholesterol.

Guacamole is richer with fibers. The fibers can regulate the sugar absorption in your blood. Thus it prevents blood sugar. If you are suffering from any of these two diseases, make guacamole and secure your health.

• Digestive system: guacamole is fully loaded with dietary fibers. It is said that dietary fibers help to improve the digestive system. Along with this, guacamole is really helpful for constipation.

• Nutrients absorption: avocados are full of healthy components. It contains essential fats. These help the nutrients to absorb more compared to the other foods. Researchers have found that people who have salads containing avocado can take in more nutrients five times better than the other food substances. Are you still living without guacamole? Don’t waste time. Start to make guacamole and prevent your health.

So, it is really easy to make guacamole by following the authentic recipe. On the other hand, you must know that there are hundreds of guacamole recipes. Depending on the cuisine specifications of different nations, the authenticity has changed accordingly. Since this is a salad or dip, you simply can change the ingredients following your taste buds.

If you are doing this for the first time, start to make guacamole traditionally. Once you get familiar with the actual taste, try other mouth-watering ingredients in your very own guacamole. The main advantage of having guacamole is both the taste and the health benefits it provides to us.

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