How to make Pizza Best 9 Pizza Recipe

There’s isn’t a single soul you would find who wouldn’t salivate when Pizza is mentioned even in general conversation. With roots deeply ingrained in Italy, Pizza has travelled everywhere to make a place for itself in the hearts of billions of people across the globe. People are less interested in its history and origin and more in how to get the best tasting and unique pizza in the shortest and fastest time possible. Pizza delivery places are a life-saver for too many people who’re either living away from home or just do not have the time or resources to cook their own meals every day.
Pizza is a very filling dish that can be had for lunch, breakfast, or as an indulgence. There are any number of ways in which you can experiment with the flavours and toppings of Pizza as well as innumerable recipes for making authentic Italian Pizza or a slightly unique version. Pizza became increasingly popular across western nations like the United States and is today more of a fast food than an authentic Italian dish. Most of the Pizza places that deliver in 30 minutes rely on artificial flavours and processed ingredients to make delicious yet less original pizza. Yet, they’re very popular with people from all levels of society. Pizza companies make billions from delivering fresh, piping hot, fast Pizzas.
Due to this, Pizza has earned a bad reputation for being junk food and the original essence of Italian Pizza is lost beneath Pizza companies and restaurants. If you’re looking for a good Pizza recipe that will satisfy your guests or your kids’ insatiable hunger, you can scour and find hundreds of pizza recipes. Authentic Italian recipes are always the best and you can’t do any better than them.
Nevertheless, you’re allowed to experiment with Pizza and add your own unique twist to it. Pizzas can be either cheesy, spicy, or a combination of both; depending on your tastes. Cheesy Pizzas are delectable and the most popular for dripping with the warmest and gooiest cheese. There are also a variety of ovens available for cooking different types of Pizzas and you can choose to either purchase ready-made bases or prepare your very own homemade base from scratch. Preparing the dough and making the base is the hardest part and if you’ve done this right, you’re half the way through to getting your glorious Pizza.
Pizzas are everybody’s favourite and you can make them with or without occasion. The only thing you need to do is to choose the best suited recipe that will appeal to all and gather the necessary ingredients. When it comes to Pizza, home cooked, authentic recipes beat 30-minute delivery pizzas easily. Its time we claimed this amazing Italian delicacy from pizza companies. Here are the best Pizza recipes to choose from that combine unique ingredients and styles, all guaranteed to tingle taste buds and leave everyone craving for just another tantalising slice:

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1. Margherita Pizza:


Margherita is a classic pizza style and one of the most popular pizza recipes because its fresh, simple, and easily made for a quick bite. While making Margherita Pizza, it’s important to remember to keep things as simple as possible and to not overdo toppings.
Although, you could experiment with the pizza doughs by making it a combination of gooey and crispy or by making a whole wheat crust with a dash of honey to it. Once you have the dough and the Pizza base sorted, a Margherita Pizza requires just around 4-5 ingredients for the toppings. These ingredients are all easily available and are a staple for all Margherita Pizza recipes. These 5 important ingredients include:
• Tomato Sauce
• Mozzarella
• Tomatoes
• Basil and
• Pepper
Margherita Pizza, or Pizza Margherita as it is commonly called, is best prepared with extra virgin Olive Oil. It is a simple yet refreshing choice of the best ingredients guaranteed to make anybody’s day. Margherita Pizza is a classic Italian recipe and tastes heavenly with plenty of Mozzarella. To make it more authentically Italian and closer to home, you could use imported traditional Italian San Marzano tomatoes instead of local ones.
When it comes to making a classic Margherita Pizza, it’s better to exercise restraint with ingredients. So, while its tempting to make it extra cheesy like everybody adores, a medium amount will suffice for the best tasting Margherita Pizza. Try to make it crispy and use authentic and fresh ingredients so that your Margherita Pizza will be forever ingrained in everybody’s memory.

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2. Mexican Pizza:

Mexican Pizza

Combining Pizza with Mexican flavours makes an explosion of flavour with hungry, salivating mouths waiting to devour this enticing Pizza. Mexican flavours are known for their tantalizing spices and combining them with a Pizza makes for an unforgettable meal.
A Mexican Pizza is usually thin crusted made like Tortillas topped with a combination of Mexican and Italian ingredients. The Pizza Shells are crispy and crunchy giving you a true Mexican feel when you bite into one of them. The toppings are made spicy on top of a cheese layer to create a perfect marriage between Mexican and Italian cuisine.
A Mexican Pizza is usually made by layering the toppings between fried tortillas. Most common ingredients that go in a Mexican Pizza include
Fried beans
Ground beef
Shredded Cheese along with some quality
Mexican salsa
Jalapenos, and
A Mexican Pizza is pretty easy to make and is smaller compared to ordinary Pizzas, resembling a calzone pocket. It’s much healthier compared to other types of Pizzas and can be stored for a day or two without a worry.
You can prepare a Mexican Pizza within 30 minutes which makes for a quick lunch, dinner, or a party snack. The combination of Mexican Enchilada Sauce and some cheese makes for the crunchiest, spiciest, and tongue-tingling pizza you will ever have. It’s perfectly alright to skip beef if you would like a vegetarian Mexican Pizza and just add refried beans instead. Tacos can be homemade or store bought. Mexican Pizzas are light and contain fewer calories than any other Pizza so you can indulge without worrying about becoming fat.

3. California Pizza:


California Pizza was born as a variation of an authentic Italian style Pizza and is a widely known Gourmet Pizza. California Pizzas are the best idea for a homemade Pizza recipe and unlike restaurant Pizzas, you can eat as many slices as you like without feeling sick.
A California Pizza is very filling and can be an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. If you would like a rather light version, you can make it with crunchy Tortillas. California Pizzas are the Original BBQ Style Pizzas that are popular as homemade, ready-to-cook pizzas.
California Pizza has very American flavours including the sweet and spicy barbecue flavours, lots of heavenly cheese and a generous, crunchy crust. Get the best barbecue sauce and some rotisserie chicken along with the other ingredients and you’re good to go. The crust should be thin but crunchy. A big California Pizza takes less than 30 minutes to bake.

4. Vegetarian Barbecue Tofu Pizza:

Make Pizza
Vegetarian Barbecue Tofu

For all vegetarians out there, there’s no reason why you should miss out on enjoying a fresh, delicious pizza, made with the most beautiful ingredients and baked to perfection. There is no dearth for amazing Vegetarian Pizza recipes out there, but let’s choose one that’s incredibly appealing to all: Barbecue Tofu Pizza.
Tofu is a vegetarian’s delight used in all gourmet dishes. And of course, it’s delicious even for the meat eaters. Barbecue Tofu Pizza, the name itself seems very inviting. The idea is to combine some tantalizing barbecue sauce with the softest and moistest cheese and tofu to make one stunning vegetarian pizza. The ingredients you will need to make a Barbecue Tofu Pizza include
Pizza Crust – 1 pound,
Barbecue Sauce – 1 cup,
Tofu slices – 1 cup,
Half a red onion cut in thin slices.
Mozzarella – 3 cups,
Kosher Salt, and
some Cilantro – chopped and fresh.
First, you will need to preheat your oven to 400°F. Then, roll out your pizza crust to place it over a cookie sheet brushed with some Olive Oil. Spread half a cup of barbecue sauce over the crust leaving out a border of half an inch around the edges. Mix the rest of the barbecue sauce with the tofu and lay it all out on the crust. Finally, place red onions and sprinkle plenty of Mozzarella. Bake your Pizza for about 10 minutes and when it’s out, sprinkle Kosher salt and fresh cilantro. Have an excellent Vegetarian Barbecue Tofu Pizza party.

5. Seafood Pizza:


Seafood is the best thing you can top any meal with, and combining it with Pizza makes for a heavenly and unforgettable meal. Let’s see how you can make an amazing Squid Pizza with Saffron Aioli. This Pizza combines sweet and salty seafood and creamy flavours to make a blast of unforgettable sensations in your mouth.
Seafood lovers will be delighted to see squid on a Pizza. Squid is the best tasting, and most fulfilling seafood which when combined with Pizza flavours makes for amazing party food as well as a grand meal for special occasions.
To make the Squid and Saffron Aioli Seafood Pizza, you will need
a few saffron threads,
1 Egg Yolk
One minced Garlic Clove
Fresh Lemon Juice – 2 Teaspoons
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Cayenne Pepper
Squid – 6 Ounces The tentacles need to be halved and the bodies need to be sliced crosswise.
Black Pepper – Ground
Pizza Dough – 6 Ounces
Red Pepper – Crushed
Red Onion – Half
Plum Tomato – 1 Diced
Marjoram – 1 teaspoon chopped
Chopped Parsley – 1 teaspoon
The method of preparation of this Seafood Pizza begins by preheating a pizza stone along with the oven to 500°F. Let the saffron crumble in water taken in a small cup or bowl. Beat together egg yolk, garlic, and a tea spoon full of lemon juice. To this mixture, slowly pour ¾ of a cup of Olive Oil, while continuing to beat it. A tea spoon of lemon juice and the saffron water follows. You now have your Aioli which you should garnish with Salt and Cayenne Pepper.
For the next series of steps, you will need a skillet in which you should heat a teaspoon of Olive Oil until it begins to shimmer. To this hot oil, throw in the squid and season it with some salt and black pepper. Turn up the heat and leave it to cook until you begin to see whitening.
Flour a surface and roll the pizza dough out. Once rolled, move the dough to a pizza peel that’s slightly floured. Apply Olive Oil over the dough, leaving a border out. Now have fun spreading and scattering crushed red pepper, Salt, Black Pepper, Onion Slices, Squid, Tomato, and Marjoram. Place your unbaked pizza on the hot stone and let it bake for about 5 minutes. Make sure that the base is crisp when you take It out. Once your pizza’s out, take 3 tablespoons of the Aioli that you prepared and drizzle it over the baked pizza. Garnish with Parsley. Your irresistible squid pizza is ready to be devoured.

6. Grandma Pizza Pie:

Grandma Pizza

Yes, you read that right! The mere mention of the word ‘Grandma Pie’ is sure to have invoked feelings of homeliness, love, stories, warmth, and of course, generous helpings of Grandma’s unending tasty treats. A Grandma Pie is a crossover between a large baked pie and pizza. There are several ways you can cross a Pizza with a Pie and here we have a Classic Mozzarella Grandma Pizza Pie which will not only look like the to-die-for crunchy Pizza just out of the oven but the Pie-like size will have hands grabbing for slices left and right.
To make a Classic Mozzarella Grandma Pizza Pie, take 12 ounces of fresh Mozzarella and grate it nicely to fill about 2 and a half cups. Then you will need 1 and a half cups of Fresh Tomato Pizza Sauce. Also, you will need flaky sea salt and crushed red pepper flakes.
To get started, preheat the oven to a maximum of 525° with a rack placed in the lower third. Place your dough on the baking sheet and wait until it rises. Once risen, layer and sprinkle with Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Salt, Red Pepper Flakes and bake it until its crispy and golden for about 20-30 minutes. Since the Classic Mozzarella is similar to the Pizza Margherita, you need to add limited cheese to make it the best version. The square Grandma Pizza Pie will feed many hungry and craving mouths and makes for a great kids’ party treat.

7. Cheeseburger Pizza:


A classic cheeseburger is great for the hunger pangs and an intensely satisfying treat that everybody loves. When a Cheeseburger is combined with Pizza, you can rest assured that both your taste buds and your tummy will have a gala time. Cheeseburger Pizzas are best suited for family gatherings and the kids are sure to go ga-ga over it.
To make a Cheeseburger Pizza, you will need special Cheeseburger Sauce, Dill Pickles, Roma Tomatoes, Bacon, Ground Beef, and of course, lots of Cheddar and Mozzarella. The Cheeseburger sauce is a zesty combination of ketchup and mustard.
The main list of ingredients for making Cheeseburger Pizza include:
• Ketchup – Half a Cup
• Yellow Mustard – 2 Tablespoons
• Lean Ground Beef – ¾ Pound
• Diced Onion – 1/3 Cup
• Green Pepper – 1/3 Cup Diced
• Kosher Salt – Half a Tea spoon
• Steak Seasoning – ¼ Teaspoon
• Pizza Crust
• Bacon – 6 cooked and crumbled slices
• Dill Pickle – ¼ cup diced
• Cheddar – 1 cup shredded
• Mozzarella – 1 cup Shredded
• Roman Tomatoes – 2 sliced thinly.
Preheat the Oven to 425°. Prepare the Pizza Sauce by mixing Ketchup and Mustard sauce. Sauté Ground Beef in a skillet for about 3-4 minutes with Onion and Green Pepper until the pinkness wears off. To this Beef, add salt, steak seasoning, and a tablespoon of the sauce. Now, take your Pizza Crust and layer the sauce over it. Have your way with spreading lots of Cheddar and Mozzarella over the sauce. Next, layer the Ground Beef over all the Cheese, followed by the Bacon and Pickles. More Cheese and the Roma Tomato Slices follow. Bake your Pizza for about 10-12 minutes until you get a crisp, cheesy cheeseburger pizza.

8. Wood Fired Pizza

Wood Fired

Wood Fired Pizzas are baked in wood fired ovens and are popular for their distinctive taste. Wood Fired Pizzas are becoming increasingly common with more Pizza companies and Restaurants utilising this old and authentic method of making Pizzas instead of using ordinary ovens. Pizzas prepared using the Wood fired method are more delicious than ordinary ones. To prepare a Wood Fired Pizza, you need an oven that bakes using wood fire fuel. You can either borrow somebody else’s wood fire oven or make your own makeshift wood fire oven to prepare a mind-blowing pizza for you, your friends, or family. The ingredients you will require include:
• Flour
• Sea Salt
• Dried Yeast
• Golden Caster Sugar – 1 Tablespoon
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 4 Tablespoons
• Garlic – 4 Cloves
• Olive Oil
• Fresh Basil
• Whole Plum Tomatoes
• Ground Black Pepper
• Broccoli heads
• Anchovy Fillets
• Red Chilli – 1
• Italian Sausages
• Taleggio Cheese – 150 grams
• Fennel Seeds – 1 Tablespoon
First, you will need to prepare the sauce. To do this, peel and slice the garlic into fine slices. Fry the sliced garlic in Olive Oil until it turns a light colour. Tear up some basil and add it to the garlic along with Tomatoes. Squash the tomatoes in the pan and season the mixture. Wait until this sauce boils and then strain it. Make sure you don’t waste too much of tomato. Now boil the strained sauce once again and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Stop simmering until you’re sure the sauce is Pizza ready.
To make the pizza bases, make a mixture of yeast, sugar, and Olive Oil in 650 ml of lukewarm water and use it to knead the dough and prepare the base. Make 6-8 balls out of the dough and prepare the bases. Once your base is ready, stack them one on top of the other by placing oiled tin foil between each base. Cover the stack with some Clingfilm and place them in the freezer. While your base stack is chilling in the freezer, fire up your wood fire oven and get ready to bake.
Before your Pizza goes in the oven, click off and chop the broccoli florets along with the stalk. Blanch them in boiled and salted water for a maximum of 2 minutes and drain the water. Next, take the anchovies and tear them into tiny pieces and deseed them. After you do that, finely chop them. Now take the sausages and squeeze out the meat from them and roll the meat to form small meatballs.
Now gear up with your pizza base and layer it with tomato sauce, broccoli, anchovy fillets and the sausage meatballs. Tear the Taleggio cheese and sprinkle chilli, crush and scatter the fennel seeds. Your layered pizza is ready to sit in the wood fired oven for about 3-4 minutes until its baked and ready.

9. The Four-Cheese Pizza:

The Four-Cheese

Finally, we come to the king of pizzas. The Quattro Formaggi or 4-Cheese Pizza is exactly what it sounds like; incredibly cheesy and breath-taking. Pizza without cheese is like home without the heart and the 4-Cheese Quattro Formaggi is simply to-die-for. This Pizza has minimal ingredients and lots of cheese so its easily made.
You will need
• Olive Oil
• Minced Garlic – 1 Tablespoon
• Sea Salt – Half a Teaspoon
• Roma Tomatoes – 8 sliced
• Pizza Crusts
• Mozzarella – 8 shredded ounces
• Fontina – 4 shredded ounces
• Fresh Basil Leaves – 10
• Parmesan – Half a cup, grated.
• Feta Cheese – Half a cup, crumbled.
Mix Olive Oil, Garlic, and Salt, and toss tomatoes using this mixture. Let this mixture rest for about 15 minutes when you crank up the oven to 400°F. Layer your Pizzas with Tomato Marinade and sprinkle copious amounts of Mozzarella and Fontina Cheese. Layer the tomatoes, over which sprinkle shredded basil, Parmesan, and Feta Cheese. Bake for 10 minutes and enjoy your Quattro Formaggi Pizza.

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