How to make Juice Recipes for Quick Weight Loss and Detox Juice

We all want to lose weight and look slim and trim, nobody enjoys having fat on body and clothes not fitting well.

We all can work out daily, feed the muscles with lemon juice and water and even have steroid-based medicines, but how far will that take you? The common misconception is that when you are trying to lose weight, you must eat less and need to cut down on all things tasty, there is an alternative option as well. if you have a well-balanced diet and regime you can have all the tasty things without gaining weight, Juices and with juices, we just don’t mean by fruit juice that is available in tetra packets at the supermarket but intact fresh juice made of fruits and vegetables which helps in keeping the sugar level intake to a minimum

Drinking Fresh Juice is also a great way to have a variety of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants all of which help in reviving your metabolism and thus you can reduce calories. These juices also help in many health benefits apart from losing your weights.
Often called as the detox juice it has become very popular in the past decade, it is easier way to have a lot of healthy nutrients which your body needs without consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits, It is considered better than many diet plans like the GM diet where your body loses weight but also grows into an unhealthy body. it is a modern instant method to get into shape while providing you with all the vitamins and proteins in your body

The modern lifestyle is fast and bad. The generation survives on hamburgers and pizza with the abundance of alcohol on festive days or over the weekend and stressful work hours, it is almost impossible to focus on your fitness. Outdoor activities and running at the treadmill has been replaced by social media and dinner parties at the weekend for the generation, though it is always good to work out and play to stay fit, there is an alternative solution as well, which is not dieting and starving your body. It is the Detox juice and its various kinds of quick weight loss without harming your body’s metabolism and functioning

What is Detox Juice?

Detox juice is a nutritious juice that is made from fruits and vegetables either by hand or a juicer. It is a process of 3 days where you drink only juice and water, usually, over a span of 3 to 4 days, it gives your liver and digestive system time to detox and function well. During this process, try to drink every 2 – 3 hours and be consistent. Skipping the juice recipe, it can spoil the blood sugar level and ruin the juice detox. you will be tempted to eat your favorite chicken or cheese cottage recipe as the taste buds are used to it but it should be avoided to have a successful detox. It is common to feel lazy and not energetic during the detox and stay indoors but you must make sure to have adequate amount of sunlight during the detox period as it is a source of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important role in the functioning of body as it helps in keeping the calcium and phosphorus level in the blood at bay, the two most important sources for painting healthy bones

Benefits of Detox Juice

Detox juice helps in providing the nutrition that lacks in your diet.The fast-paced lifestyle we have it is very difficult to have fruits and vegetables every day.

The top advantages are

-it helps in quick weight loss
-it improves nutrient absorption
-feeds the good bacteria
-cholesterol level is maintained
-it helps in detoxing your liver
-improves skin and it glows
-increases stamina and immunity
-it cleanses out the impurities of blood and makes you a healthy person

Note: Fresh juice is made of finer and thus digestion of it is not an issue, it helps your body to eliminate toxins and detox

The Various types of Detox Juice

1.Carrot Juice

detox juice

Carrots are very healthy and carrot juice is a great option for weight loss as they are low in calories and has an abundance of fibers. one full glass will keep your stomach full for the 1st half of the day and thus helps in not eating unwanted junk. it also helps in bile secretion which helps in burning fat and thus weight loss. ti enhance the taste and make a perfect detox juice, It is the most basic detox juice and all the ingredients are of day to day use and can be easily procured from the local market

You can make the carrot juice by having two cups of water carrots roughly chopped and blend in the blender, lemon squeezed in it with fresh ginger and some ice cubes
you could add apple and some ginger with a bit of orange and lime to flush out toxins of the body.

2. Bitter Gourd juice or Karela Juice

detox juice
Bitter Gourd juice or Karela

Karela juice may not taste the best but is for good for the body, it helps in weight loss and maintaining blood sugar levels in the body. it helps the body in secreting bile acids and has very fewer calories. Karela juice is often given to diabetes patients and helps them in curing diabetes and thus has medicinal values to it as well. The other advantages of karela juice is that helps in curing hangovers and is vital for good skin and lustrous hair. It has Vitamin A which is very good for the eyes.

Add the bitter gourd (Karela) to the mixer and pour some water, you could add some apple juice or lemon juice to make it taste sweeter with some pepper. Grind the juice till it is smooth and all the ingredients are mixed well and ready to drink

3. Cucumber Juice

detox juice

Food items which have high water content are low in calories. It is a known fact that if you want to reduce/lose weight it is ideal to eat fewer calories and burn more calories, ideally, both the things. Due to its high-water content and fiber, it fills up easily and It also rehydrates the body and helps in digestion and weight loss. They also help in relieving arthritis pain by lowering the acid levels. Ideally, the cucumber juice must not be exposed to air and should be consumed instantly after preparing it.

Take three to four pieces of cucumber and peel of the skin and cut it into small pieces and blend it. It needs to be pulpy and not smooth, extract the juice in a bowl and add water to it and mix it properly. You could also add some lime juice and mint leaves with pepper to make it ideal summer juice, like a mojito.

4. Amla Juice (Gooseberries)

detox juice
Amla Juice (Gooseberries)

It is wonderful to initiate your day with amla juice. it helps in keeping your digestive system on track apart from helping weight loss and increases the metabolism.

Take the seeds out from gooseberries and cut into small pieces and grind them well in the grinder. add little water and make a paste. mix both and store it in a cold place. you could also add honey or a small portion of black salt and drink it fresh. the other advantages of this juice are good skin and hair, blood purification and strong hair growth

5. Pomegranate Juice

detox juice

Slice the pomegranate from the top and cut all the way till bottom, try not pressuring the knife in or you might burst some seeds. slowly removed the seeds in a clean bowl and pulse the seeds for a while and break them apart so it releases the juice. try not blend it for long as it will lose all its properties. keep and dark towel in handy as its stains are hard to remove

It is great for your skin and natural glow. it helps in weight loss as it has rich antioxidants and linolenic acid which all help in burning fat and increasing the metabolism. It also helps in reducing the appetite. avoiding drinking it in cold weather ad you might catch a cold

6. Super Detox Juice

detox juice
Super Detox

You will require 2 apples half a cucumber one stick of celery and some spinach mix these with ice cubes and lettuce blend for one minute till it is smooth.

These ingredients are perfect combination of weight loss and help in increasing the metabolism

7. Beetroot juice

detox juice

1 beetroot cut into smaller pieces, 2 leaves of cabbage preferred to be red cabbage 1/2 a lemon and 1/4 of pineapple with some handful of spinach.
mix the following in a bowl with some water and pepper and ice cubes in it and blend it for 2-3 minutes, add a pinch of salt once it is done to avoid bland feeling.

The right way to enjoying juice is not by just drinking low-calorie fruit and vegetable juices but instead have nutrition based fruits and vegetable juices and try things which you do not get to try daily. The beet juice is a rich juice which helps is clearing bile ailments. it is very good for the liver, the healthier the liver is the faster you shall lose weight as it metabolizes fat at the faster rate and thus quick weight loss.

8. The Heart Beet Juice (The perfect juice for Your heart)

You will require 1 Medium sized apple with 1 fresh beetroot a dozen of carrots, you can also have about 6 carrots and 6 radishes. 1/2 a lemon and 2-3 Oranges (Peeled). Clean the beetroot well and remove the dirt as it is grown underground. Serve ice cold.

This juice is the mother of al Detox juices. it is a sweet and healthy way to clean your cardiac system and get your metabolism in shape. Various studies and research have show carrots to be perfect and helpful in improving the health of a heart. Radish helps in cleaning the blood. The ingredients of radish help our body remove toxins out of the system. Lemon Juice helps you in clearing the digestive system so that you can process food faster while apples help you are not suffering from constipation. This is the only juice with high no of fruits on the list and a favorite to many, It is packed with various vitamins and proteins, removing unwanted fat around the midsection of your body.

9. Turmeric Juice

detox juice

The juice once a week to be taken in morning, also called as a sunrise juice this juice helps in pain relief.

2 Mediums apples, 3 carrots 1 ginger (Peeled) 2 pearls 1 lemon and 4-6 Turmeric Roots. process all the ingredients in a juicer and serve it cold, if you can’t find pears then use grapefruits.

This juice lowers the blood pressure and increases the energy and stamina, it lowers cholesterol level and helps in secreting toxins and is an ideal drink after a workout or in the morning.

10. Spinach Apple Juice

detox juice
Spinach Apple

You will require 1.5 cups of spinach, 1/2 grapefruit, 2 green apples, 2 large celery, and ice. You could add some ginger ale and squeeze the lemon with salt and pepper.

This Healthy juice made from spinach and apple is a green nutrient powerhouse, it has loads of calcium for bone health and Vitamins A, B, C for antioxidants. You have vitamins, enzymes, and chlorophyll in 1 glass. It is sweet and ideal for beginners. It helps in bronchitis Asthma and regulates blood sugar and increases the body immunity.
This Juice is high in antioxidants and flavonoids and carotenoids as well as a variety of nutrients and vitamins, the greens are super rich in nutrients.
The spinach helps in protecting the digestive tract from bloating and this juice helps in bile secretions and thus increasing your metabolism which helps in quick weight loss

Note: It is True and Proven that these juices help in quick weight loss, but once done your body should slowly start to adjust to minimal eating and juices and have a balanced diet with workout and outdoor activities. Fitness should be taken seriously, A healthy body has not only many health benefits but also makes you look good and increases your focus.


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