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Most of our daily questions start mainly with these three words: ‘What’, ‘How to’, ‘Why’.
What How To Why — is a blog cum website made to list the answers to some of the most interesting questions that can exist. We have a collection of answers from every niche — from the reversal of magnetic poles to preparing scrambled eggs, everything. Answers to more and more questions are
One character that makes our website stand out different is, our website whathowtowhy.com is dedicated to answering all WH questions, i.e. you can find all the answers to your questions, given that your question starts with ‘what’, ‘how to’, and ‘why’.
In a way or two, our website is also an all in one how to guide.
For the ease of access, we have divided our website into pages and sections.

When you first log on to the website, you are redirected to our website’s homepage. On the homepage, you will find the latest blog (articles). In the next few rows, you would be able to find the featured articles of the day. After that, a list depicts the various websites in a categorised way. We have also created a section called ‘Archives’ where we store the articles on a monthly basis.
On the rightmost column, you would be able to see articles randomly.

The page ‘All Items’ is the collection of every article or blog posted by the admin till date which you can access by just visiting the page.
Apart from these pages and sections, we have a dedicated search engine inside the website to perform intra website searches, in case you want to search some specific keywords.

We have made a classification on the basis of the type of the WH questions.

WHY: This category (tag) contains the answers (explanations) to all the questions that begin with the word ‘why’. Some of the posts you might see associated with this tag are:


1. Why Cats Hate Water?
2. Why Hair Turns Grey?
3. Why Can Sound Waves not Travel in the Space?
4. Why is the Sky Blue?
5. Why is Gluten Bad for Health?
6. Why Should You Buy a Travel Insurance Policy?
7. Why Do Stretch Marks Occur?
8. Why Should You Buy a Health Insurance Policy?

HOW TO: This category is a compilation of the answers that primarily tell you the process of doing anything, i.e. the questions you might ask like “How To …?”
The posts, blogs, articles associated with this tag depict a how to guide.
Some of the popular articles, blogs, and posts related to HOW TO questions:


1. How to Get Rid of Cold? (14 Different ways to do the same)
2. How to Make Whipped Cream at Home?
3. How to Clear Cached Data?
4. How to Help Flood and Earthquake Victims?
5. How to Make boiled eggs, and its recipes?
6. How to Make French Toast and Their 9 Different Flavours?
7. How to Get Pregnant Fast?
8. How to Increase Height Fast?
9. How to Lower Blood Pressure? (13 Different ways to do the same)
10. How to Maintain a Good Credit Score?
11. How to Whiten Your Teeth? (11 Remedies to do the same)
12. How to Get Rid of Dandruff? (17 Simple Ways to do the same)
13. How to Get Rid of Mice and Keep Them Away?
14. How to Get Rid of Ants?
15. How to Make Pizza? (9 Pizza Recipes)
16. How to Grow Thick Beard?
17. How to Tell Your Children The Difference Between Good Touch and Bad Touch?
18. How to Gain Weight? (10 Different Ways)
19. How to Download Videos from YouTube? (For both Windows and Mac)
20. How to Influence People and Win Them?

WHAT: What is yet another category to satisfy one’s, curious soul. This category consists of questions that begin with ‘What’.
Some of the most popular posts, blogs, and articles in this category are as follows:


1. What if Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flip?
2. What if Everyone on the Earth Jumps at the Same Time?
3. What happens to the completely deleted Files in the Computers?
4. What would happen if You Shot a Gun in the Space?
5. What Causes High Blood Pressure?
6. What is a Metaphor? (and type of metaphors)
7. What is Cached Data?
8. What is Caucus?
9. What to do when Bored? (Best 20 Things to Do)
10. What is a Blog?
11. What is a Verb?
12. What is a Meme?
Furthermore, we have also made some more categories (or say niche) to make the find our content a bit more locatable.
Those categories are:

1. Health

2. Money

3. Math

4. Recipes

5. Blog

6. Lifestyle

7. Social Media

8. Grammar

9. Gadget Tips

11. Science

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