How to Make love to Someone or Your Partner

In a time when everyone wants to spend some quality time with their beloved having sex every single day, your feelings for your spouse or partner may not always be translated into Romance and Love.

Even though this is common knowledge, very few people acknowledge the fine line between sex and love. Although they should be, the two are not always present together in some circumstances.

But you should know that it takes an immense amount of energy and time to make love to someone compared to raw sex. Not everybody is ready to invest themselves in a long marriage or courtship, amidst busy schedules.

Making Love

Making Love, literally equivalent to creating and showering the other person with Love through sex requires you to first obtain a certain level of your relationship, whatever that may be.

Most people are confused about this due to lack of resources that guide them. Rarely do we learn about this delicate subject, except by reading books and magazines. But the truth is that the ability to make love to someone is an inherent and natural ability.

But the effort is required in honing and extracting these skills. Effort implies to complete dedication of the body, mind, soul, and senses.

Making Love to your Partner does not necessarily involve sex and certainly does not require you to go out of your way to spend money or learn difficult techniques to master sex. It requires a different kind of effort where you devote your complete attention to make the love between you and them more fulfilling and satisfying.

But sex does play a major role here since it is the only way in which you can maximize the feelings of intimacy between you and your beloved. Innumerable books have been written about the art of making love, the greatest of which is, without doubt, the Kamasutra.

But for people who don’t read books and learn about the art of making love extensively, understanding how to take the necessary efforts to go from just having sex to making love is harder.

How to Make love to Someone or Your Partner
Make love with someone

Making love involves a few, fundamental steps that you need to know. Mastering these steps are all you need to do to become an expert at making love.

These steps are not strictly meant for any gender. They aren’t strictly sexual but if you incorporate these steps into your sex life, you and your partner can experience a heightened sense of love and affection for each other.

The difference between having sex and making love is that emotions and feelings are involved when it comes to making love. People find it difficult to make love regularly, let along every day. This is due to a number of factors including lack of energy, disagreements in the relationship, or a general lack of time.

Thus, most couples opt for emotionless sex or quick sex. Over time, emotionless sex becomes a habit and couples who used to have a lot of romance between them find it hard to revert to making love. Gear up to shower your Partner with all the love using these 10 techniques:

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1. Get Comfortable:

How to Make love to Someone or Your Partner
Get Comfortable/

Most couples are so used to having emotionless sex that all the love they once had has dissipated into oblivion. As such, a lot of uncomfortable feelings may be present.

To make each other feel comfortable, it’s important to first agree on going back to love. The next step is to promise each other that neither will force the other to do something they’re not comfortable with.

For intimacy to be rekindled, both parties involved should be perfectly comfortable with each other. When love and understanding return, both can open up to feel appreciated and loved by the other.

Getting comfortable means understanding the other even without words. Not all communication happens verbally when it comes to couples in love. You need to have the care and affection for the other to understand that which they haven’t said. Verbal and non-verbal communication will help you get comfortable.

It also ensures that you don’t accidentally hurt their feelings. Other ways in which you can get comfortable with each other is by engaging in a conversation about a common topic of interest to deviate the attention from feelings of uneasiness if any. Slide into each other’s spaces and be perfectly comfortable and ready to make love.

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Netflix and Chill is the best solution for today for making love. Spend some quality time in each other’s company watching your favorite movie together and munching some popcorn.

When the movie becomes less interesting than the other’s aura, you know it’s time to ditch the screen and get cozy in each other’s arms.

Netflix is here to save the day for everyone trying to make love and have the best sex of their lives. Watching a good movie is also helpful if one or either of you has never had sex before. It eases the tension and makes you relaxed.

When either of you does not have a lot of experience making love, you could easily hurt each other without intending to. When handling a man, women should be gentle even if they look pretty strong.

The same goes for the ladies. Men should be the gentlest while making love to a woman because women easily bruise in the heat of the moment and this can be very off-putting.

It’s perfectly alright to openly express to each other when something feels unpleasant or hurts. This way you get to know each other better and your intimacy level will shoot up.

Another note for the ladies who naturally expect a man to know everything they feel. Men are a little slow in the feelings department so make sure you communicate your feelings clearly.

Don’t wait for him to read the signs, express your emotions so that he’s comfortable to give you what you want and there are no secrets between the two of you.

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2. A Date is a perfect start:

how to make love someone
A Date is a perfect start

You can never go wrong with a date. There’s just something about the feel of going out in your best-dressed self, enjoying some delicious food, and drinks, and just soaking in some peaceful surroundings that bring two people closer together.

If you feel like you and your partner haven’t had a quiet moment to yourselves in a very long time, it’s time to get your date night outfits out from the closet where they’ve been catching dust for a very long time.

Going back to when your love was young and dates were the most exciting prospect is the most fun and exciting thing you can do as a couple.

Going out on a date doesn’t necessarily mean dining at a fancy restaurant. There are more than a few ways you can agree to do something together the two of you love.

Whether you enjoy movies together or some sort of outdoor/adventure sports, going out to spend some quality time in each other’s company kindles the fire between couples looking to bring romance and love back into their lives. If you’ve successfully spent at least a few hours talking, laughing, and just enjoying being together; going back home means a whole night of expressing your love to each other.

There’s nothing sexier to a woman than a man who makes her feel like the most loved woman on Earth. And you can do this with your affection in making her feel comfortable and happy. Flowers, Gifts, Food, and Drinks all make their magic in making the woman happy and ready for a night’s long love making the session.

But apart from that, subtle gestures like an arm around her, making her feel safe and appreciated works wonders in getting you closer together and more comfortable to unleash the power of your lovemaking skills.

If you want to make love to a woman, make sure that your entire date is a success and there’s not a single moment when either of you feels resentful towards the other. It’s important that both parties are in their very best mood to make love-making a raging success.

A Date without Music and love-making without Romance is just not right. Music is vital for making love. You don’t have to go out of your way to make a special mix for your significant other.

Just make sure that there’s plenty of soothing, romantic, mood-uplifting music around when you’re trying to woo someone. Music has the power to instantly bring romance and love in a dusty relationship.

It’s also the only power tool you need for making love since everything depends on how well you can understand each other.

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3. Some Good Ol’ Conversation:

make love someone

Whether you’re a man or a woman, making a space for yourself in someone else’s feelings begins with some quality talking. Of course, when you’re trying to woo the other person, conversations must be devoid of anything negative.

Conversations do not necessarily mean speaking romantically or sexually. Any topic of conversation that will gradually steer you both to love and romance is good enough for a starter.

When you’re trying to make love, pick a conversation that’s interesting. Something funny always works while trying to impress someone. Avoid dry subjects like the weather at all costs.

Picking a common subject is a smart move but remember that you’re trying to make love. Do not get into a debate about the economy or the other person will be bored out of their wits.

Keep the conversation casual, but throw in occasional sweet words that might suggest a hint of flirtation. Women like to be spoken flirtatiously to, but not to an extent where the person sounds creepy and intrusive. You don’t have to get intimate to talk.

Conversations at the dinner table are the most effective, especially if there’s a lot of delicious food and drink involved.
If you’re out on a date, keep an eye out for what you exchange during the conversation. First impressions make a huge difference and it’s important to remember not to blurt out something offensive or inappropriate, even if you’re nervous.

At no point should the talk become monotonous or dry. Most people make the mistake of talking a lot about themselves and come off as narcissistic or self-obsessed. Mix a bit of both of you’ll while talking so that the conversation is incredibly exciting and there’s hope for more.

Moreover, since you’re out on a date, your conversation should touch personal notes subtly, but not too much. It’s a delicate balance that you need to maintain, and you can definitely do if you’ve got the company of good old wine.

While it’s wise to keep out topics of career, news, politics, etc. out of romantic conversations, that doesn’t mean you have to completely shut them out.

These days, everyone appreciates a nice, intelligent conversation about important things. Find out what you both like and be comfortable speaking about it as long as they’re interested.

Just make sure you don’t prolong something that’s boring or controversial. Otherwise, a prospective love-making night could end in a fight where you go back to your respective homes.

Politics is definitely not a recommended topic of conversation for romantic dates since its notorious for causing extreme loss of sensibility while being added to conversations. Don’t turn your date into disaster by talking about sensitive subjects.

4. Passionate Sex:

make love someone

Let’s get down and dirty. Making Love can’t happen without some romantic, heated sex. But more than the heat, there should be loads of passion between the two people. You don’t need to be an expert and learn unique sex positions and techniques in the subtle art of making love.

While making love, the missionary position will also suffice, if the two people involved, madly desire each other. But having passionate sex is not an easy task because it requires a lot of love and affection to be present between the two people. So, if you want to make love to someone you just met, it might be harder than you think.

When it comes to Passionate Sex, there are no rules. You’ve got to figure out what the other person likes and give it to them. Experimentation will help you understand what turns your partner on. You will also get an idea of what puts them off.

Passionate Sex will happen only when both people are willing to work together. Carefully listen to each other’s emotions and get lost in love-making. Keep all distractions away and that includes phones and emails. Give each other all your attention and love-making should happen on its own.

There are many ways to start passionate sex with a person. Create a very romantic atmosphere. Let nobody disturb you. If you’re trying to make love to a woman, the classic hearts and flowers will work their way into her feelings. If you’re making love to a man, buy the sexiest lingerie you can find and watch as he goes dumbfounded while you wear them.

Make sure the bed and your room are neat and clean. It’s very hard to feel romantic in an unclean or untidy surrounding. The weather also plays a big role in bringing in feelings of love and romance. After all, nobody wants to go at it when it’s hot, sticky, and sweaty. Pick the perfect day to bring your lover home.

Making Love to someone means ensuring that they’re completely comfortable in your company. Don’t jump right into love-making. Give it some time and let the feelings develop. There’s no harm in watching some TV together or making a meal before going to bed. Women like being treated in the gentlest way possible and also like being appreciated and cared for. Don’t give off the impression that you’re only interested in sex. Take it slow and let the good times roll.

You don’t need to read books or consult an expert to have passionate sex. When there is a lot of heat and love between two people, passionate sex becomes instinctual. The whole point of making love to a person is to have passionate sex.

5. Commit to Love:

make love someone

Commitment is something that everyone runs away from, in the present times. Yet, everyone still craves for the feeling of being protected and safe in each other’s company, to always be present in times of happiness as well as sorrow. When you make love to a person, there should obviously be loads of love present.

On and off relationships definitely, don’t allow you that level of intimacy. So, if you wish to really make love to a person, first establish a level of commitment, whatever that may be. Commitment may sound like something out of a horror movie, but it really isn’t.

You should be willing to risk your comfort zone to take a step towards love, if you want to really, genuinely make love to someone. Commitment doesn’t necessarily mean marriage or something similar. At the very least, don’t blatantly admit to only being with the person for sex.

Show them that you really value them with your actions. And if it means proving your commitment, then be ready to take the leap. In a world where commitment has little value, making love is hard to come by. Love stems from trust and trust exists only where there is genuine, heartfelt commitment.

If you’ve been dating someone for quite some time now and the sex has been great, you can take your relationship a step further by committing to a long relationship with your partner.

That way, trust builds and more intimate love-making will usher in. You can express your commitment through a number of small yet surprising ways. While tall promises may not be wise, if you’re uncertain of the future; small acts of commitment that make the other person feel they’re loved and cherished will help strengthen love. The traditional hearts and flowers on a date are a sure shot way of expressing your commitment.

Making Love in a relationship with some degree of commitment is easier because both people are on the same page.

Since trust is elevated, compassion and understanding arrive to save the day and make your lovemaking sessions more electrifying and irresistible than ever before. Happy, committed couples shun the world and spend hours in each other’s company, allowing more room for passionate sex and love filled days in the sun together.

If the aspect of commitment is what’s blocking you from turning raw sex sessions into passionate love-making sessions, get rid of these blocks with two kind words of commitment to one another.

Commitment doesn’t necessarily mean a pre-nuptial or marriage vows. Make a private pact to never give up on each other and to make the relationship work for as long as both can sustain, no matter what hardships you face.

6. Make Time:

make love someone

Couples often complain that they lack the time and energy to make love to each other, let along spend hours having intensely passionate, romantic sex. But the truth remains that making love should happen through conscious efforts.

You can’t wait for the perfect time to arrive and take you by the hand to a moonlit bed out facing an ocean for you and your beloved to make love under the stars. Adjust and accommodate lovemaking between your busy, never-ending schedules and appointments.

That is the only way you get to enjoy nature’s greatest creation.

Making Time for lovemaking is not a simple task if your life is always a rush. Both partners must first commit to taking time out from busy timelines. The next step would be figuring out how you will make up for the time spent in love-making to complete what needs to be completed.

Once you’ve taken care of that aspect, make sure that the time you’ve allotted for lovemaking is not wasted in unnecessary trivialities. Be ready and waiting for each other by putting aside everything that distracts you from the path to love and bliss.

Freshen up and be ready to make love. Smell nice with some amazing bath salts or perfume. If you turn up looking lazy, tired and smelling like death; your partner will run away even before you can say, love. If you feel tired, then indulge in some Yoga, Meditation, and refreshing exercise to kill stress and gear up for making love. Eliminate all these hurdles to effectively utilize the time that you’ve reserved for your partner at all costs. It may seem hard at first to allocate this much of time, but small adjustments and sacrifices should do the trick.

If you have a family, seek the help of close relatives or family members to help you minimize the time taken for chores that prevent you from taking time out for love. If possible, go on a vacation or getaway.

You don’t have to spend big bucks to travel to an exotic location, a small weekend getaway will give you the time and space you need to spend a few intimate moments together.

Deadlines and impending projects can wait until you and you’re beloved are completely satisfied spending a few long hours in each other’s company, giving and receiving each other’s time and full attention.

Time is the most precious thing you can give to someone since each second is precious and valuable in a busy world. If your partner feels valued enough to be rewarded with your time and attention, the love will grow and thrive automatically. Don’t wait for the right moment to make love, take a moment, and make it just right!

7. Be Well-Groomed and Attractive for your Partner:

grow beard

Physical Appearances are important when you’re trying to seduce or romantically court someone. Be well-dressed, clean, and most importantly smell nice. You don’t have to splurge on expensive clothes and go over the top in your grooming. Most people take very less effort to make themselves shiny clean and looking fresh.

Women often let themselves go, and pay very little attention to looking physically fit and well-groomed. Men, on the other hand, give up on healthy eating and spend free times lazing around.

This kind of behavior is very demotivating when it comes to love and romance.

If you look like you have not an ounce of energy left in you, how can you hope to look attractive to your partner? First, pay attention to yourself and learn to love yourself before you can shower the same love on someone else. While physical appearances are not necessarily important to love someone, they definitely play a big role in attracting another person towards you.

When you radiate positivity, you can automatically induce feelings of romance and love in your relationship. Being sweaty, sticky, and messy instantly evaporates any romantic feelings that may have developed between two people.

Wear good clothes that complement you, get regular haircuts, be clean and smell good. When you look good, you feel good and you make others feel good as well. If you’re out on your first date, how you look is very important if you want to make love to someone.

If you’ve known your partner for quite some time, there’s no need to go over the top with your physical appearance but some effort is required to make yourself look young, energetic, and full of life. Take care of yourself like you would treat the person you love and everything will fall into place.

Find a style that suits you and stick with it. Ladies need to take good care of their hair, weight, nails, and skin. Beauty, Health, and Positive vibes are vital for lovemaking in a healthy relationship.

Men should learn to keep themselves clean always and refrain from drinking or smoking too much. Same goes for women. When you’re physically fit, healthy, and happy, you create the right atmosphere for making love.

Most of the relationships today are very superficial, relying on physical appearances alone. Beauty and attraction to make a huge difference, but they shouldn’t be the only criteria when you date someone.

When you want to make love to a person you’re dating, get to know them full well and don’t just go on physical appearances alone. Love cannot happen to someone who doesn’t gel with your idea of an ideal partner.

8. Food, Drink, Music:

These three are the pillars of dating and romance. There’s no greater aphrodisiac than delicious food, a few wonderful drinks, and the best music you can lay your hands on.

Spend an evening with your partner in the company of these three, and you will see inhibitions being cast away and the two of you coming closer together in love.

Food, Drink, and Music, when combined together, have the power to induce love between anybody. It instantly lifts up the mood and heightens the senses to a point where you feel powerlessly drawn to someone you like or love.

Delicious Food is the kind that will make you salivate and will make you fully satisfied. Avoid junk foods when you’re out on a quiet, romantic evening or night out because junk food tends to create unease and a variety of digestive troubles.

The food that you eat should be very relaxing in a way that it tightens your waist and makes you feel lightly sleepy and very sensual. Choose a good fine to dine restaurant, not too fancy if you can avoid it. Fine Dine Restaurants usually serve controlled portions of delicious meals that are sure to act as an aphrodisiac for you and your partner.

Music is always a good idea. Play all your favorite tracks and those of your partner either at home or in the car. Go to places where they play some quality music to set the mood for yourself and for the person you want to make love to.

When there’s some thumping music around, there’s very less chance you will fight or argue with each other and a very high probability that you will come closer together in love. If you would play music, select favorite tracks of both you and your partner.

To know that you know what music they like creates a very warm feeling for the other person.
Alternatively, you could conjure up the perfect meal, bring in your favorite drinks, and play your favorite music without leaving your place.

Make your own perfect date within the confines of your home and enjoy some alone time together grooving to the music, and relaxing in the company of food and alcohol.

As much as you can, go out on food and drink dates because they’re the best time when you can relax and spend time in each other’s company. The beginning of a relationship gives you that window of opportunity when you can go on a lot of dates together.

If you’re married, go back to that phase of endless dates, and you’ll feel alive and young again. It’s nice to feel like a couple and not just husband-and-wife or parents to someone.

9. Pleasure is Key:

Making Love to a person requires that both the people involved feel the highest pangs of pleasure. But it takes a lot to achieve this. There should be loads of positivity and bliss between two individuals to achieve this.

Making someone else feel utmost pleasure requires you to first understand what they like without them explicitly saying so. Only by trying and learning new ways to please each other can you arrive at those things that cause the greatest orgasms in each other.

Without Pleasure, there is no point to love-making, period. As mentioned before, you do not need to be an expert in sex positions, but you should certainly know all the tricks. Experimentation is the best teacher in this regard.

While exploring each other’s bodies, leave all your inhibitions and insecurities behind and just be completely open and comfortable with each other. If you like something, encourage your partner, and if you don’t like something, be willing to say so. Unless there is a clear opportunity for open communication, love-making will only be a distant dream.

You can try the well-known sex positions. And when both are ready to try on new things, you can go for some of the harder positions. Of course, it’s important that you’re comfortable. If something hurts or feels extremely uncomfortable, it’s wise to move on from it.

For men, women are very sensitive about how they’re handled during sex and love-making. Sometimes, the slightest bit of force can come off as displeasure. Treat your woman like you would treat the gentlest object of love and pleasure. They will thank you for it and will treat you likewise. Sometimes, men tend to exert force and strength in the heat of the moment. It’s not their fault but it can be painful for women, even if they don’t express it. Learn to read the signs, it’s the first rule of love-making.

The Missionary Position can be the most comfortable and pleasurable for a lot of people. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to it. Be willing to experiment and try new things without hesitating. The more you explore new territories together, the closer you come to being one unit.

Adding variety to an ordinary sex life makes it more exciting and adventure-filled. Read books, and magazines; either together or individually that provide excellent tips and ideas on how to try new positions that may appear difficult at first. Blogs on the Internet are, of course, the best source of Information you can find today.

Finally, after you’re done giving each other earth-shattering orgasms, don’t forget to spend some time cuddling on the bed. Cuddling is essential to love-making and cuddling after sex makes you feel loved and strengthens your relationship until the next love-making session when you do it all over again.

10. Post Love-Making:

Post-Love-Making is as important as is Love-Making itself. The time that you spend together after a good long session of sex makes all the difference. It not only strengthens the love that you share but also acts like that cherry on top of a fantastic dessert.

Who said you couldn’t continue the show after the climax? Post-Love-Making is for all those people in love who just can’t stop making love to another. Instead of putting your clothes back on and going your separate ways, spend a few extra hours in each other’s company just cuddling, watching a movie together, binge-eating, or just talking to each other making a few good jokes, and having a laugh.

There are so many things you could plan for your post love-making depending on what interests both of you. Some common and excellent ideas include cooking together, binge-watching your favorite shows together, spending time in each other’s arms for hours on end. You could also give each other baths or relax in the tub with some scented oils.

Giving massages is also an excellent way to de-stress each other and feel loved. Just be careful not to try new things and hurt the other person if you aren’t a massage therapist.

Gentle massages work best for two people. Massages can feel very sensual and soothing after long hours of romance and sex. Use massage oils that feel nice. They don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be calming and relaxing.

Finally, love-making is an art that doesn’t come with a specific set of rules and can’t be taught to someone. You can learn the tricks, but unless you put in genuine love, the tricks will all go up in smoke.

The very first thing to understand before you hope to make love to someone is to treat them like a human being, like yourself. When you begin to see each other as you see yourselves, love-making will happen without a lot of difficulties. Choose your relationships wisely, and give them you’re all.

Don’t be perturbed by impossible standards of love, find what works for you and make it the standard you always live up to.

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