How To Impress A Girl – Twenty Tried And Tested Ways

How To Impress A Girl | Every young man would like to have the ability to impress girls. Unfortunately, it is not as simple to be just wished. Yet it is very shocking to find that some men have the natural ability or talent to impress a girl. You must have often felt puzzled as to how seemingly unattractive men have beautiful girlfriends. You must have wondered how easily they are able to impress girls.

It is more than mere looks that impress girls. The quality is not just skin-deep but is reflected by the whole personality and attitude of that person.

People, who lack the ability to impress girls, often admire and envy those who can impress a girl at the drop of a hat. However, they fail to understand that these qualities are not God-gifted or inborn talents. The good news is that anyone can develop these qualities.

This article is all about how you can develop these qualities that can charm any girl. All it needs is some effort on self-development and self-discipline. In this article, you will find proper guidance and tips on how to develop within yourself certain qualities that will help you impress any girl.

Part A : Developing The Qualities In You

To make the learning easy and systematic, the tips given here have been organized into two parts. The first part is about developing the qualities that are necessary to impress girls. The second part is how to apply the techniques which help impress girls. Girls have their sixth sense to detect what is fake, and what is genuine. Unless you developed certain qualities in you, it would be foolish to think that you can create an impression on girls. Remember, trying to impress doesn’t work; because the moment you try to do something it looks artificial and forced. Creating impressions should come effortlessly and naturally. Once you acquire these qualities, hone your personality and develop the right attitude, you will find that without making an effort, you are able to impress girls.

# 1. Learn To Be Genuinely Helpful

impress a girl
Learn To Be Genuinely

Nothing works like a charm as helping out a damsel in distress. This is an age-old truth. To develop this skill you will have to start developing a helpful attitude towards others. Every day perform a random act of kindness to people who are needy. It can be anything like helping an old person cross the road, volunteering to carry someone’s shopping bags or helping a child in distress.

This will develop the sensitivity and compassion inside your heart. Helping anyone and even people you run into on the street will reflect highly of your character. Also remember that you should learn to help people selflessly; that is, without expecting to get anything in return. So when you meet the girl you want to impress and offer to help her, she will see the sincerity in you and accept your help. It goes without saying that she will be impressed by your helping attitude.

2. Be Chivalrous When Such Situation Arises

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Be Chivalrous When Such Situation

Every girl likes to think that chivalry is not dead. They get impressed by acts of chivalry. Chivalry means to be courteous and gallant towards women. The word chivalry is originally associated with gallantry, valour, honour, and courtesy, associated with the medieval knights. The girls still dream of such ‘knights in shining armour’. In today’s world such men are those who show courtesy or attentiveness toward women. So always hold the door open for the girls whether it is a car door or any other door. Pull the chair for them. Whether it is drinks, snacks or any food; always offer it first to the women.

Always keep in mind the ‘ladies first’ rule. Chivalry is something that only nobles would possess. Chivalry is what sets men apart from boys. It is an expensive and valuable quality that only a few rare men can afford, or are likely to possess. That is why a person who is chivalrous, will never fail to make an impression on a girl.

3. Be Polite and Well-mannered

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Be Polite and Well-mannered-dailygeekshow

Nothing turns off a girl as much as an uncouth, ill-mannered person. Girls are naturally attracted towards well-mannered and soft-spoken persons. Therefore, brush up your manners. Sprinkle a lot of ‘please’, ‘sorry’ and thank you’ in your speech. Politeness and good manners tell the pedigree and upbringing of a man. It tells that the person comes from a good respectable family. It shows the culture in which the person has been brought up.

Good mannerisms are a definite turn-on for any girl. How long can a girl remain un-impressed by a person who is well-mannered and polite? Good manners will create a great first impression which will help you build a great relationship in no time.

4. Be Well-groomed

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A girl would not like to be seen with or associated with a person who has a terrible body odour, looks or dresses filthy or has unkempt hair and beards. Unless you are presentable, do not even dream of being in the vicinity of girls. Girls are impressed by person who are well-groomed and maintain excellent personal hygiene. So always take care of your body by taking regular shower, brushing your teeth, shaving, and using good quality cologne and deodorants. You must not only look nice but also smell nice. A well-groomed man has a great advantage when it comes to impressing women.

5. Dress Immaculately

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You must be aware of the fact that one’s dress speaks a lot about a person. One need not wear the latest in fashion or spend a fortune on expensive clothes. But what is absolutely important is having a good dress sense. Girls are very fashion-conscious and they have a good understanding of color and shades. Learn to dress appropriately for the occasion. Make good color choices which suit your complexion and personality. Wear clothes that provide a good fit, and are neither too tight or loose for the shape of your body. Invest in a good set of a wardrobe which contains at least the basics. Always ensure that your clothes are clean and immaculately pressed. Wearing an appropriate dress that reflects your sense of dress code will never fail to make a good impression.

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6. Work-Out to Improve Your Physique


There is nothing more powerful to give out a good first impression than a good physique. It is okay if you cannot acquire those six-pack abs or rippling muscles, but you can definitely lose a few pounds to look fit and trim. Healthy and fit body not only enhances your personality, it also exudes a charm that impresses people easily. Make a routine that includes physical activity. Join a nearby gym and attend religiously. You can also jog in the morning to burn away those excess calories.

Play a game of tennis or basketball to keep yourself looking active and athletic. Girls are always impressed by guys who have great body. Remember the phrase ‘tall, dark and handsome’? Here ‘tall’ refers to a fit body that a girl can look up to. Good physique or build is a sure-shot way to impress a girl.

7. Develop Your Talent

Girls always make a beeline for men who are endowed with some talents. They are very much impressed with writers, singers, musicians, artists, poets and sportsmen. So you must find out in which creative field your talent lies. Whether it is in some sports and games, or in music or fine arts? You can take help of a career counselor, if you wish. Once you identify whichever area you are good at, start practicing more and more. These days there are so many fields and disciplines to look at. You can even make a career out of such vocation as a stand-up comic. Remember, girls always go crazy about talented people, and you will always make a good impression on any girl.

8. Develop a Sense of Humor

Girls look for guys who have good sense of humor. In fact, a good sense of humor can bring about cheer in any kind of situation. Girls are moody and get upset easily. Most often they may be in a depressed mood. Girls get attracted to guys who can change and brighten their mood. Moreover, a guy with a sense of humor is naturally optimistic about life. They can see the bright side of life in every situation. Such people always make an impact in any social gathering and as such are able to easily impress girls.

9. Never Act Desperate

Never act desperate as this is one thing that makes girls feel threatened. They will try to run away from you or avoid you. No one feels comfortable with a person who is desperate, more so a girl whom you want to impress. Always maintain your dignity and cool. That is the hallmark of a true and dependable gentleman. Avoiding to act desperate will help you in impressing a girl.

10.Develop Confidence

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Girls like men who are confident of themselves and this reflects in their attitude and actions. Girls feel safe and confident with these men. Guys with confidence appear trustworthy and competent to handle any situation. But always remember, showing confidence does not mean being arrogant or overbearing. Also, remember that there is a huge difference between confidence and over-confidence. Over-confidence is bad and it will spoil everything that you have been working so hard to achieve.

11. Learn To Be a Good Listener

How To Impress A Girl

Women like to talk and gossip. Chatting is their way to de-stress themselves. In case of any emotional problem, expressing it verbally is imperative for girls. Developing good listening skills will pay you rich dividends. Girls believe that a person who listens to them is one who believes in sharing and caring. Being a good listener is one of the qualities women look for in their ideal partner and lovers. It also creates a great impression on girls.

Part B : Applying The Techniques

Once you have transformed yourself into a dynamic, confident and improved version of yourself, you need to do something more. You do not impress a girl just by improving yourself. You impress a girl by doing something for her. The things you do for her must convey that you are genuinely interested in her. The sincerity must be conveyed to her in a subtle manner. Do not make it as if you are trying to sell yourself. Whatever you do, it should not appear as doing something to impress a girl. Rather whatever you do should create a good impression about you. This is exactly what is needed to impress a girl. Take note of the following tips and try to use these sensibly and sincerely.

12. Take Genuine Interest in Her

How To Impress A Girl

People love to find themselves being attended to. They love being the centre of attention. When you take interest in a girl, she feels thrilled. It makes her feel special. Whenever you are in her company, pay full attention to her. Never let your attention vary for a moment. Not paying attention to her is interpreted as ignoring her. This may create a dangerous situation where the girl may feel dejected and move away from you. Always respect her feelings and give her undivided attention. Taking a genuine interest in her, conveys that you really care for her and respect her views and opinions. It goes without saying that this will create a favourable impression.

13. Impress Her Friends and Family

Trying to impress her friend and family takes far less effort than straight away impressing her. But this creates great value and returns. The positive feedback that gets back to the girl creates a favourable impression about you. Girls often form their opinion about what their trusted friends tell her. If her friends and family can speak a few good words about you, then it means you have already succeeded to a great extent in impressing her.

14. Compliment Her Genuinely

How To Impress A Girl

There is a difference between complimenting and flattery. Although girls may also like flattery, it does not always work. However, genuine compliments always work. You need to be attentive and look for those small qualities that often go unnoticed. It can b anything relating to her beauty, character, personality or work. Express your compliments using words that sound genuine. Avoid using hyperboles or highly exaggerated expressions that sound unbelievable.

15. Make Her Feel Special

How To Impress A Girl

A girl likes to be made to feel special and cherished. There are several ways to make a girl feel special. Bringing her flowers, chocolates and small gifts show care and affection. Asking her opinion and views shows that you value her judgment.
This is the most important tip in impressing a woman. No one will ever feel impresses if she is made to feel small and ordinary. Always remind her that she is worth the effort to win her over. There is a very wise saying that says – people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did; but people will never forget the way you made them feel! Making her feel special is one sure-shot ways to impress a girl.

16. Be Punctual and On Time

Whenever you make an appointment, you must honor it meticulously. Reaching late not only shows how disorganized you are, it also conveys that you have little respect for other’s time. It is especially evil to make a girl wait. Plan your schedule properly to include contingencies and delay that may drop in at the last moment. You have an advantage when you reach early. You can relax and be yourself and can be in command of the situation. Reaching the venue well-ahead in time definitely impresses a girl very much.

17. Bring Her Small Gifts and Flowers

How To Impress A Girl

Bringing small gifts and flowers every time you meet her, is a sign of care and concern. Even animals and birds have been known to bring gifts to their females. These gifts not only endear you to her but also make for wonderful memories. She will be reminded of you every time she gets a glimpse of your gifts. You don’t need to bring expensive, flashy gifts but rather those kinds of small gifts that are distinctively caring for the girl. Make her feel that you genuinely care for her and can take pains for her. Sometimes it is these smallest gestures that make the greatest impressions Such small courtesies create good lasting impressions.

18. Indulge In Intellectually Stimulating and Lively Conversation


Girls generally get impressed by people who are intellectuals. Whenever you speak, it should not be just to break the silence, but to add some new information or a perspective to an issue. Tell a new story, anecdote or an interesting even, every time you meet her. Also, important is to learn when to maintain silence. Speaking out of turn or butting in and never letting her complete her opinion, is bad. Do not convey the impression that you are an uninteresting nerd or intellectual type. Cultivate the art of being a good conversationalist. A good conversation is not just speaking monotonously, but an exchange of ideas. When you let a girl speak her mind and heart out to you, you can be assured that you have impressed her quite to an extent.

19. Show Your Support

How To Impress A Girl

Rallying behind her, every time she is in need of support, is a great way to impress a girl. She can depend on you for getting support. Making her dependent on you for something is a potent indicator that she is impressed by you. Take care not to make it very obvious, else she may either take advantage of you; or else think that you do not have any opinion about anything. So do not do it in a way that makes you appear dumb. Do it in a way that shows that you are there to offer unstinted support to her. Also make it appear as if you do not just support her, but you also support the cause or issue she has aligned herself with. This is a great way to connect emotionally. This helps in creating a deeper impression.

20. Smile a Lot and Make Her Laugh

How To Impress A Girl

Everyone likes a smiling face. People say that a smile conveys a lot. In fact a smiling face indicates, as well as radiates, enthusiasm and optimism. In fact it drives away the blues in no time. A smile is also contagious. It easily spreads to the next person. So if you smile, you can also make her smile. This in itself is the proof that you have been able to impress her. Then you can also forge ahead and try to make her laugh. Remember, laughter is the spice of life. A relationship that gets huge amount of laughter, never gets stale, never becomes boring.

A hearty laughter also clears any resentment, misunderstanding or grudge that exists between you and her. Laughter should not sound corny or like a canned laughter. It should not appear as if you are just trying to amuse her; else it will definitely backfire on you. The same goes for a smile; remember that your smile must be genuine. The smile must come from your heart and radiate through your eyes.


A genuine smile is priceless but a phony and fake smile is worthless. So practice your smile well in a mirror. See if it looks natural and genuine. No one can ignore a smiling face, and everyone always gets impressed by a smile.

Hope you will find these tips helpful and workable. These tips are age-old and have been tried and tested. These tips have never been known to fail. Impressing a girl is not rocket science. You only have to develop the quality that enriches and endears personalities. It goes without saying that people, who can impress everyone, can impress girls too. Following these tips will also make you a better person and fill you with confidence. In a short time, you will realize that impressing girls is no big deal, and comes naturally to you.

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