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At times particularly when we get some leisure from the daily routine of monotonous, and boring work days, we feel the need to enjoy. Apart from this, we may need to fill this what-to-do void while in the waiting lounge and getting bored.
Many times, after waiting or getting bored for a few hours, we feel very guilty for not utilizing the time by doing something.
This is a problem people of every age range face but is common in the people of age 19 to 30. The problem becomes even worse when the individual is an insomniac and is unable to sleep. And spending the night hours while looking at the ceiling is the worse we can do. Hence, we must need a solution to this everyday problem of getting bored.
Here is the list of things you can do whenever you feel like getting bored.


1. Infinity

This is a simple, relaxing, and an endless game where you just have to use your thumb to complete loops out of arcs. You can play this game with the slightest effort. That is why it is considered a very good way to enjoy time period you are getting bored in.

∞ Infinity — Download Link For Android Devices

∞ Infinity — Download Link For iOS Devices

Infinity is not the only game in its genre. There is this game called 2048, played by millions of people as an option to kill their free time. It is also an endless game where you have to collect numbers together to form a bigger number than 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 512, 1024, 2048, and so on till you fill the 4×4 square with numbers.
Here is the PlayStore™ link to the game:


You can also play the game on your desktop computer or laptop:



2. Read A Book When Bored

Reading a book is never bad.It can be the best way when you are getting bored. The best thing about becoming a reader is that you have unlimited choices. You can read the autobiographies or biographies of the world personalities, books on marketing, economics, history, politics, fiction etc. Reading a book doesn’t imply that you always need to carry a number of books with yourself. You can just carry a tablet, a Kindle™ device, or just your smartphone for reading books.
In an interview, when the interviewer asked Elon Musk,
“How did you learn to build rockets?”
“I read books”, Elon answered. This answer is enough to clarify the importance of books. Every single word you read from a book will pay at some point in your life. Hence, one of the best ways to kill your time productively is reading books.

Buy Kindle from Amazon

The best part of these loopy games is that they are endless, and very relaxing since you don’t have to do anything rather than tapping the screen with your thumb.

3. Ludo

Don’t we some time miss those old childhood days when we used to sit around with our family and friends and play Ludo? Nowadays when everyone is busy with a thing or two, the game appears to be vanishing from our lives. Why not kill the free time we get by playing Ludo. In the PlayStore™ there are tonnes of Ludo games, and with various types of features — online play mode, offline play mode, single player, multiple players, etc.

Here is the download link of Ludo King, the game which has crossed over 10 million downloads in the Google PlayStore™.

There is also an alternative to the above-said app, called as Ludo Star:

Both the apps have been downloaded over 10 million times just on the PlayStore™, let alone Apple’s App Store.

4. Talk To An Old Friend When Bored

We all have certain contacts that remain in our contacts list or let us say Facebook friend list with whom conversations are now history. For the matter of fact, this is a common thing that happens due to our busy lives. People take different paths at different turns in life. Hence, after some time we happen to talk less and less to our old acquaintances. Calling up an old friend while getting bored is the best you can do. You might prefer chats over the call, so chatting is also an option. This way you can both kill your time and maintain a healthy relationship with people.

5. Try Your Hand At Solving Rubik’s Cube

Even though the Rubik’s Cube was first released some 4 decades ago, still not many people are could solve it. It is still an art, or say talent. Generally, a Rubik’s Cube is 3x3x3 faced, which means it contains 9 squares on each of its six faces. There are six colors in total. You have to solve the cube in such a way that every face becomes arranged with a single colour. It may take some minutes, or even hours to do but it is a fun activity for sure. If you are a beginner, you can watch tutorial videos online, and learn the way its algorithm works. If you are already familiar with 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube, you may like solving 5x5x5 Rubik’s Cube, or Silver Mirror Cube.

A Tutorial Video for 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube:

Use This Rubik Cubes when you are bored:

Buy 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube Online:

Buy Silver Mirror Cube Online:

Buy 5x5x5 Rubik’s Cube Online:

6. Have You Talked To A Stranger? Talk with Strangers When Bored

How about having a small chat session with a stranger without revealing your anonymity? The stranger can be anyone from the world sitting in front of the internet and getting bored just like you. It is definitely too much fun to do this. You have to do nothing but just visit
Omegle No Sign Up, No Registration, No Payment, just start chatting — It’s as simple as that.
However, one must not share any kind of personal information with the stranger.
You may also like to chat with a bot instead of a real person, do that at cleaverbot.com


7. QuizUp

QuizUp is a free app available in the Google PlayStore™ that is based on answering questions related to topics you like. They cover a wide range of topics, ‘Logos’ being the most popular. Apart from this there are thousands of topics like ‘Name the job’, ‘Currency’, ‘Games’, ‘Name the car’, ‘Space’, ‘Design’, ‘Advertising’, ‘Countries’, ‘World History’, ‘World Wars’, etc which are played by millions of people worldwide. QuizUp provides the stats, and rank, thus arising a feeling of challenge among the players.

Download Link of QuizUp for Android Devices:


Download Link of QuizUp for iOS Devices:


8. Freelance

Quite often, we feel like doing something but can not find anything. Utilising your free time for freelancing is quite a productive thing to do. What could be better than making money in your free time? You can freelance in anything — Graphic designing, digital marketing, web development, app development, photography, writing, data entry, logo designing, software development, etc, whatever your skills are. Over time, many people even opt to freelance as their full-time career. There are numerous websites where you can do freelancing, e.g. Upwork.


9. Watch Videos When Bored

YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, etc. is a great way to pass free time. Particularly YouTube offers you an endless number of videos, and channels to watch videos. Statistically, nearly 400,000 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. Hence, there is no shortage regarding the videos.
There are very good channels like 5 Minute Crafts, College Humour, truTV, etc, where you can watch very funny, and innovative videos.


10. Play Mini Milita When Bored

Mini Militia is an addictive game played by over 10 millions of people worldwide. The game offers a variety of play modes — online, offline, playing with local area network, single player, multi-player playing in a team, etc.
You are provided nearly 18 different weapons which you can use to defeat your foes. Apart from this, the game also features 15 different maps (namely, High Tower, Outpost, Catacombs, Lunacy, Overseer, Crossfire, Icebox, etc.) for gameplay.
You can choose your Avatar, make your team, collect points, unlock weapons, and do a lot more things.

Download Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia on iOS Devices

Download Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia on Android Devices

11. Eat When Bored

Eat? It may be a surprise to see the term ‘eat’ exist in this section. Why would someone eat if they are getting bored! Well, it is a common thing people do when they get bored (maybe unknowingly), especially introverts. Introverts are great when it comes to food. It doesn’t always need to be heavy food, rather, you can just have an ice-cream. You may like to spend a quality time at the Domino’s, and have a medium sized Margherita pizza with maybe a Choco Lava Cake. Overall, it is a viable way to get rid of a boring day.

12. Write When Bored

If you love reading, it is very probable that you will fall in love with writing too. You could write anything — a story, an article, a how-to guide, a web content, a post, a blog, a fiction, an autobiography, a novel, etc. You just need a pen and a paper, or maybe just a phone. Moreover, you may earn some money by writing. If you want your writing to be published in a newspaper, you can send your work to the editors’ office. You may become a regular column writer for a local, or national newspaper.
You can contribute your work to millions of people worldwide by dropping a free Wikipedia article. You just need to log on to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Your_first_article. You may also write for WikiHow where millions of people visit to read a how-to guide to anything by clicking here: http://www.wikihow.com/Special:CreatePage
Apart from this, you can start your own personal blog at https://www.blogspot.com
In a nutshell, writing can be a good option when you are getting bored.


13. Listen To A TED Talk When Bored

TED is a not-for-profit team that organizes talks, and conferences all over the world in front of an audience. They also share the videos online at video sharing platforms like YouTube, and others. The TED has witnessed the talk of the greatest world personalities including Bill Gates, Jimmy Wales, and Elon Musk.
TED is known to be the abbreviation of Technology, Entertainment, Design.
In their 15-20 minutes long videos, you will get a chance to listen to some of the greatest world personalities, and learn from them. Till now, they have created an archive of thousands of videos worth watching, and that too with scores of language transcripts.

You can find them at

https://www.ted.com/ or at their YouTube channel

The team has also created a playlist of 25 most popular talks of all time at:

14. Scroll Feed When Bored

Spending time on scrolling websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc. has always been recognized as a time killer, yet you can enjoy doing this if you are getting bored. On way where Facebook and Instagram features endless memes, you can see endless answers to questions in Quora feed. Similarly, you will get public opinions on trending news at Twitter. Hence, scrolling feed sometimes could do the job if you are getting bored.


15. Sketch When Bored

Most like reading and writing sketch too gives you a pleasure after a few hours of your effort. There are numerous online tutorials in case you want to start learning how to sketch. There are apps in the PlayStore™ for this purpose.

Learn To Draw — PlayStore™ Download Link

Learn To Draw 3D — PlayStore™ Download Link

Apart from apps, there are video tutorials on YouTube that teach you to sketch different types of pieces like — Coquis, Pochade, Portraits, etc.
There are several sketching software available for PCs and Macs

For Mac Users:
Vector Designer, Intaglio, Artboard, Sketsa SVG Editor, etc.

For Windows Users:
DrawPlus, Real-Draw PRO, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, etc.

16. Shop When Bored

Shopping is a great way to have fun for many people. It involves your full concentration while you select products at a mart, hence it is a great way to pass time. But are you sitting in a waiting lounge, and feel like shopping? Good — Online shopping is no less fun. You can browse endless items at Amazon, save them in WishList, or just buy. Apart from searching for random items, Amazon also provides a service of featuring innovative products made by startups. Waiting for a package to be delivered feels great!

Amazon Launchpad (Archive of Innovative Products):

17. Watch Netflix When Bored

Netflix is an entertainment website/app founded in 1997. It provides you a wide range of shows you can watch, and have fun. Though it does not provide wholly free service, yet every single time you spend would be worth it. It also offers the option of canceling the subscription anytime. Other features include Ultra HD, sharable screens, etc. There is also a scheme to access Netflix free of cost for one month.

Official Website:

For One Month Free Subscription:

Here is the list of some of the most popular shows featured on Netflix:
i. 13 Reasons Why
ii. Stranger Things
iii. House of Cards
iv. Black Mirror
v. Master of None
vi. GLOW
vii. Travelers
viii. The Get Down
ix. Arrested Development
x. Marco Polo
xi. One Day at a Time
xii. Ozark
xiii. Lady Dynamite
xiv. Gypsy
xv. Flaked
xvi. F is for Family
xvii. The Killing
xviii. Paranoid
xix. 3%
xx. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
xxi. Fuller House
xxii. Dear White People
xxiii. A Series of Unforgettable Events
xxiv. Jessica Jones
xxv. Orange is the New Black

Apart from Netflix, there are other such platforms where you can watch entertaining shows — Hot Star, Amazon Prime Video, etc. TVF (The Viral Fever Videos) is one such platform that comes for free. These services provide you better shows than your local cable network, and that too at a less expensive cost.


18. Discover New Music When Bored

A good way to have fun when you are getting bored is listening to some good music. It’s a great way to spend time for music lovers. On YouTube alone, there are hundreds of music videos, that are relaxing, and deep in meaning. You can make your own playlist out of these deep soul sinkers.
The following is the list of some good music videos.

i. Demons — Imagine Dragons

ii. Fix You — Coldplay

iii. The Scientist — Coldplay

iii. Let Her Go — Passenger

iv. Loca Loca — Shakira

v. Yellow — Cold Play

vi. Otilia — Bilionera

vii. Hips Don’t Lie — Shakira

viii. Paradise — Coldplay

ix. Counting Stars — One Republic

x. On The Floor — Jennifer Lopez


19.Play Running Games When Bored

These are the series of games that you can play with the use of just your unconscious mind, and your thumb. The player has to run over a long long, endless path, and avoid any kind of obstacles in the way while collecting the coins, and gems. The following is the list of such games:


i. Temple Run

In Temple Run, you have to run on a road that starts from a temple while getting chased by some monster. The game stops only due to two reasons — either your players gets hit, falls from somewhere, or get caught by the monster.
Temple Run — PlayStore™ Download Link for Android

Temple Run — iTunes Download Link for iOS

ii. Temple Run 2
It is an upgraded version of its parent game, Temple Run 2 with some added features.

Temple Run 2— PlayStore™ Download Link for Android

Temple Run 2 — iTines Download Link for iOS


iii. Agent Dash

In Agent Dash, you are required to run from some another kind of chaser in a jungle, and other gameplay themes. You also get to choose characters from a built-in game directory. During the run, you could also get magnet, jetpack, and other gadgets.

Agent Dash — PlayStore™ Download Link for Android

Agent Dash— iTunes Download Link for Android


iv. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is very similar to the ‘Agent Dash’, but in here, you have to run in a subway platform and the player is get chased by a Police Officer. Quite similar to Agent Dash, this game also offers a wide range of characters, and gadgets.

Subway Surfers— PlayStore™ Download Link for Android


v. Subway Princess Jungle Run

Another awesome series game downloaded over 10 million times in the PlayStore™.
Subway Princess Jungle Run — PlayStore™ Download Link for Android


20. Play PC Games When Bored

In 2017, where the era of Graphics Processing Units is on peak, the game industry is also releasing one better than another series of PC Games.
The following is the list of latest games released this year which you can play, and have a lot of fun.
These PC games can be played alone, with friends over Local Area Network in the same system, or with people on the internet.

i. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
ii. Mass Effect: Andromeda
iii. Star Wars Battlefront II
iv. Sonic Mania
v. Prey

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