How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

Weight Loss is the most popular subject of interest on the planet. It seems like everyone is constantly searching for the ultimate solution to this question but fail to find it. However, the truth remains that there is no one single permanent solution to losing weight rapidly.

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Weight Loss is not a one-day, miraculous process. Rather, it depends on several factors and needs regular management. In this era of unhealthy lifestyles, high stress filled jobs, lack of adequate exercise and nourishment. People’s bodies seem to bloat up with unnecessary fat which is giving rise to numerous, uncontrollable diseases. As such, the quality of life in the 21st century has reduced considerably. There is a general lack of vigor and vitality among people of different age groups.


Due to unhealthy lifestyles, it has become very difficult to ensure a healthy weight always. Even intensive exercises and diets aren’t working and on the contrary, are depriving people of the essential nutrients and minerals required for normal body functioning.


If you scour the web, you will find hundreds of methods to lose weight fast. You could also take membership at your local gym or consult an expert nutritionist. But if truth be told, the reason why most of these methods fail for most people is that they have wired their mindset to see these expert opinions as miracle cures. No method is an ultimate method and no cure is a miracle cure.

Weight Loss begins when you begin to love your body with all its flaws and good qualities and help it to shed the unnecessary fat stores by consuming nutritious food and performing the right exercises best suited for your body type.


Nowadays, people are looking for the quickest way to lose weight since they’re so busy with their fast-paced lives. Impossible and extreme exaggerations of an ideal body as shown on television. In the glamour industry has also fuelled the desire to look a certain way in the shortest possible time.


some indispensable truths you should understand


If you’re on a weight loss journey, here are some indispensable truths you should understand before spending considerable amounts of time and money on solutions that leave no visible results, leaving you disappointed.

⦁ You have a unique body type that requires a unique diet and exercise regimen.

⦁ Aiming for impossible physical expectations as promoted by the glamour and fitness industry is a waste of time and may even be detrimental to health.

⦁ You can lose weight only by limiting and not by completely curbing fat intake.

⦁ Starvation is a very dangerous trend that people follow for immediate weight loss. Not only is it life-threatening, the weight loss from starvation quickly returns, thus making it a bad solution.

Now that we’re clear on these basic truths, we can find the most effective weight loss solutions available and choose the best-suited method among them. But the methods listed below are not ultimate solutions and it’s always wise to consult an expert.

⦁ 30 minutes of the Cardio every day:


How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

Cardio burns calories intensely by increasing your heart beat rapidly. It helps create a leaner body. There are many different types of Cardio that are especially effective for losing weight like Running and Sprinting. Depending on the type of Cardio you do, you will see similar results. A Cardio workout combining multiple workouts targets multiple muscles simultaneously, thus resulting in more calories being burnt. Just a 30-minute Cardio workout every day brings down your Calorie count massively.

You can pick your favorite Cardio workout, be it kickboxing, boot-camp workouts; short cardio workouts have an immense effect on Calorie burning.

The best Cardio depends on an individual’s body type. But no matter what sport you choose, the more intense it is; the more effective it will be.

Every week, do at least 5-6 cardio sessions to lose weight fast. Each session can be 30-45 minutes long. Each workout should be fast paced to force your body to use its fat stores mostly present in problem areas like bellies, hips, and upper arms.

Cardio is not only useful for weight loss, there are also other health benefits of doing regular cardio exercises. It promotes heart health, uplifts your mood, increases blood circulation thus boosting immunity.

More to know about cardio

Cardio machines are designed for short bursts of intense workouts, as long as they’re used correctly. Treadmills, Stationary Bikes, Elliptical Trainers, Stair Climbers, Rowing Machines, etc. are all cardio equipment you would commonly find in a gym. Use them every day for at least 30 minutes for an effective weight loss strategy.

Walking, Jogging and Bicycling is also Cardio activities but they’re a lower-intensity and require longer workout duration.

But if you really want to lose weight in the shortest time possible, opt for moderate-intensity cardio that will ensure maximum calorie burn that you can sweat out.

Cardio is most effective when performed during early mornings. As soon as you wake up from a night long sleep, Glycogen levels in the body are considerably low. As such, the body utilizes the fat stores when cardio is performed on an empty stomach.

Popular Cardio that you can choose from includes Aerobics, Zumba, Elliptical, etc. Although these are all low-intensity, doing these regularly can show the desired results fast.

In your weight loss journey, you will discover that Cardio is the most basic workout that’s also the most effective against that nasty paunch you’ve been carrying around for ages.

⦁ Understand your Body Type and Nourish it as required:

Each person has a unique body type requiring a different type of diet. For instance, skinny people do not need to bulk up, instead should consume a varied diet consisting of vitamins and minerals.

People on the heavier side need a certain amount of fat and carbohydrates along with nutrients.
Before starting out on your weight loss journey, determine your body type and the type of diet that’s best suited for you.

The reason why people gain excess weight is that their diet does not match their body type.

Generally, men and women who are short and skinny tend to gain weight around their midriff and thighs if they consume too much of fatty foods. On the other hand, heavy-set people switch to a greener and healthier diet and reduce fat intake which results in increased hunger pangs that cause them to binge eat, thus resulting in excess weight gain.

Body Type

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

Body type plays a major role in shedding excess weight. There are 3 major body type categories namely, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Under these broad categories, more categories exist. Recognizing your specific body type is important. Your body has unique responses to food. The food habits that you’ve cultivated from years and your metabolic rate are two major aspects of your body that deeply influences how what you eat is absorbed.

For each body type, there are a prescribed set of diets and exercises. Follow them and your weight loss journey will be much easier than if you would just force yourself to starve and perform intensive exercises every day.

If you tailor your diet and exercises according to individual body type, you will find that it’s easier to lose weight fast and each exercise session is more effective than the last.

The unique genetic makeup of body types is what results in unique responses to diet and nutrition.
What makes losing weight so difficult for a majority of people is that try to change their body by desiring an hourglass shape and hence are unable to attend to their own nutrition needs.


Another important fact to be considered is that metabolism depends on age and middle-aged men and women have a slower metabolism. A slower metabolism does not mean that activity levels should be reduced. Cardio and workouts are necessary for middle-aged people to keep metabolic rates in check.

The more we accept and appreciate the way our body is designed, the less we can fret over impossible physical goals and shed the unwanted fat that’s been hiding in our bodies for far too long.

⦁ Take your Breakfast seriously:
How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

You might have heard this a million times already, but just to remind you again; it’s true that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and has a huge impact on Weight Loss or Weight Gain.

A Breakfast must be high on energy, unlike other meals, and must be nutritious. If you’ve done your Breakfast right, a major portion of your Weight Loss is taken care of.

400-500 Calories and plenty of Protein are highly recommended for a healthy breakfast.
Someone who religiously devours their breakfast is generally leaner and has a higher chance of losing weight fast compared to those who skip or half-heartedly consume their morning meal.

What to eat?

It’s a widely known fact that people who are slim and fit are the ones who eat breakfast every single day. A meal consisting of fruit, dairy, egg, and cereal is an ideal breakfast for anyone trying to lose weight fast.

Black Beans fight belly fat while giving you enough energy that will sustain for hours. You don’t have to stick with just eggs, you can also consume meat including chicken breast, wild salmon, and bacon for breakfast.

A satisfying breakfast ensures that you do not snack before lunch. But people who rush to work every morning with no time to spare for a decent breakfast are actually fuelling weight gain. Your body needs all the calories it can get in the morning, not so much halfway through the day or at night.

No matter your age, weight, and height; your body requires a full replenishment of food early in the morning after which it only needs food after 4-6 hours. People who skip breakfast leave their body craving for the required calories which leads to binge eating and fat accumulation.

The perfect time to have breakfast is within an hour of waking up in the morning. If you generally spend more than 60 minutes exercising, you can divide your breakfast into two portions, one lighter before workout and a fuller portion when you’re exhausted from all your rigorous exercising.

Skipping breakfast is the biggest health mistake you can ever do and this habit can considerably slow down metabolism causing fat pockets to build.

A Protein-fuelled breakfast decreases levels of Ghrelin, a hunger-stimulating hormone and replenishes energy levels, thus keeping fatigue and laziness at bay.

Weight Loss is mainly dependent on these simple steps rather than complicated exercise routines or expensive gym memberships. Unless the basic health habits are cultivated, miracle cures to weight loss are just a myth.

⦁ Fibre for Weight Loss:
How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

Fiber is important for weight loss because of its ability to keep hunger at bay for long durations.
Essentially, Fibre is an indigestible Carbohydrate and specific types of Fibres are known to directly influence your weight loss efforts.

Although Fibre consumption does not burn fat in any way, its satiation ability will ensure that you do not feel the need to binge-eat or snack on something delicious yet unhealthy, often.
Fiber stimulates specific brain receptors that are responsible for determining when the body has received enough food to stop eating.

Type 2 Diabetes patients suffering from Cardiovascular Disease are mostly recommended a high-fiber diet.
A common mistake that people who want to lose weight make are to consume fiber supplements instead of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

Fibre-rich foods also have immense healing properties. They lower the risk of developing cancer and heart attacks. They control and regulate blood pressure, always ensuring that it does not cross boundaries.

In an average person’s diet, the amount of fiber is very minimal which is why people seeking to lose weight should increase fiber-rich food intake.

Fiber-rich source

By concentrating solely on increasing fiber intake, you can achieve tremendous progress in your weight loss plan.
Beans and Lentils, Whole grains, Seeds and Nuts, Vegetables and Fruits are excellent sources of Fibre.
When Fibre reaches the digestive system, it acts as a source of nourishment for the friendly bacteria present in the

digestive tract that feeds on it and converts it into energy.
This process is known as a prebiotic effect which influences weight loss.
What makes a fiber-rich diet most sought after by people trying to lose weight fast is that it’s easier to follow and maintain than other stringent diets.

Popular fiber-rich foods that are mostly a part of diet plans everywhere include almonds, flax seeds, blackberries, etc.
Fruits like Apples and Strawberries are fiber-rich and you can seamlessly integrate them into your everyday diet.
Eating fiber-rich foods are not the only solution to weight loss. But they’re an effective step along the way.

If you can’t afford too much of time and energy searching for and creating a fiber diet, simple steps like snacking on fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries instead of calorie-stuffed processed items are a smart way to include fiber in your weight loss plan.

Other important and often overlooked benefits of a fiber-rich diet include its destructive effects towards cholesterol and colon cancer. Thus, fiber is an essential part of the everyday diet and is definitely an answer to weight loss.

⦁ Cut down on Sugar:

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

As much as this sounds easy, sacrificing sugary needs is just impossible for almost everyone on the planet. While sugar improves the taste of the food we eat, it is also the single biggest source of calories and is also the progenitor of various life-altering diseases.

Although it’s safe to add a spoon or two of sugar to your morning coffee, sodas and juices that are so common these days are notorious for killing all weight loss plans with their harmful sugary additives.

For a person on a weight loss journey, there is everything to be gained and nothing to be lost from cutting back on sugar intake. Sweet drinks do not satiate hunger and are best kept for until after you hit your desired weight goal.
But what sugary drinks do possess is a ton of calories that don’t satisfy hunger but add up to your already teeming fat store.

Each macronutrient has its own disadvantages; excess sugar, for instance, causes Diabetes which is why most fitness enthusiasts and experts recommend minimal, if not completely stopping sugar consumption.

Unfortunately, Sugar has become a global epidemic since manufacturers of processed foods make sure that copious amounts of sugar are reaching and causing obesity in young people everywhere.

Smart ways to reduce sugar

Instead of completely giving up on sugar and depriving your body of an essential nutrient, there are smart ways you can adapt to significantly reduce sugar. These methods are tried and tested and are guaranteed to bring about faster weight loss.

The first method is to determine your sugar intake. Is it more than other nutrients? Sugar consumption must be equal in proportion to Protein, Fibre, or Fat intake.

Since artificial sugars are rampant in food these days. Learn to distinguish food items that contain natural sugars and those containing added sugar.

Sugar and Carb intake must always be balanced out with Protein and Fibre so that absorption of the sugar is reduced, thus limiting the chances of weight gain or development of diabetes.

Juices, Coffee, and Tea are notorious for increasing sugar levels. While it’s alright to have a cup or two of coffee or tea per day; if you want to lose weight fast, try to drink your beverage without sugar once in a while. This way you will speed up weight loss.

Artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes are popular but even they have ill effects. Try not to rely too heavily on artificial sugars to sweeten your juices and beverages.


⦁ Lean Protein for Weight Loss:

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

Adequate Protein intake helps with weight loss. Since your body requires more time and energy to digest Protein, it increases metabolic rate. Protein intake is also recommended for intense workouts since it provides the required nourishment to fuel these workouts while helping you gain a leaner and more toned appearance.

Good Protein Sources that you can include in your daily diet include meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy, beans, soy foods, nuts, and seeds.

There are many varieties of proteins and you don’t have to stick to just chicken every single day.
Lean Protein helps in the development of fat-burning muscle. It also satiates hunger for longer periods of time which is why it should be included in any weight loss plan.

Protein prevents hunger during the day and helps perform physical exercises more effectively.
Protein is a source of healthy fat and helps in burning calories since your body needs to exert a certain amount of energy to digest it.

White Meat is the leanest Protein. If you like dark meat, get rid of the skin to make it lean. Ground Beef is another excellent source of Protein that also contains other vital nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin B12. A moderate portion of Ground Beef is recommended.

Lean Protein is a relief for people on a diet who dread giving up on their favorite meat.

Hormones that trigger satiety like GLP-1, Peptide YY, and Cholecystokinin are increased by Protein-rich foods. They serve as the best replacement for Carbs and Fat for losing weight fast.

The thermic effect of Protein is higher than for Carbohydrates and Fats, which means that the energy dispensed in digesting proteins is higher than that of Carbohydrates and Fats.

If your regular diet didn’t have proteins, gradually increase the number of proteins. Since protein contains more calories, make sure you don’t overwhelm your body with a sudden increase in protein intake.

You can have spinach one day which has enough protein to equal that of a hard-boiled egg and another day you could eat a Guava, which contains the highest amount of Protein among all fruits.

The recommended amount of protein

The recommended amount of protein consumption per day is 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women. Make sure you do not exceed this amount since it may result in a reverse effect and may cause you to gain weight.

Whey Protein is considered as the best method for increasing Protein intake and is better than all other types of Protein. Whey Protein builds strength and muscle while helping you shed fat.
Look for natural sources of Whey protein like Milk, Cheese etc.

⦁ Vegetables for Weight Loss:
How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

While nobody appreciates the taste of the vegetable. They’re in fact the one and only ultimate solution to becoming healthy and losing those flaws.

The interesting thing about vegetables that not many people know is that if eaten right, they can satiate hunger like no other food on the planet. Although salads may not look very filling. They do contain all the essential nutrients required to satisfy both your taste buds and your hunger.

Kale and Spinach top the list among leafy, green, and highly nutritious veggies.
Vegetables have fewer calories and carbohydrates but are high in fiber. We have already seen the effect fiber has on hunger.

Another advantage of adding vegetables to your diet is that you can eat them as much as you want but you still won’t gain weight.

Green and Leafy vegetables are high in Calcium which is a well-known fat burner, which makes them all the more ideal as a weight loss food.

But some vegetables are more effective in aiding weight loss than others. Vegetables that are non-starchy like Cauliflower, Carrots, Cucumbers, and Peppers contain the lowest number of calories.
On the other hand, starch-filled vegetables like Potato and Corn contain higher calories but are also immensely beneficial.

Carrots, Cucumber, Cauliflowers, and Green Leaves are ultimate in healthy food. You can’t eat healthier and you won’t find a perfect solution for fast weight loss. If you’re not a fan of the taste of vegetables, try new recipes. There are hundreds of veggie recipes available that you can use to add some zing and flavor to an otherwise plain cabbage.

You could also make a wholesome salad and pep it up to make it more filling for Lunch or as a mid-day snack.
When it comes to weight loss, simple and straightforward steps are more effective rather than complex routines or impossible diets.

⦁ Lifting Weights:

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

Weights are meant to eliminate gym routines. Regularly lifting weights causes tremendous and rapid weight loss in a few weeks than any diet or exercise.

Compared to any other exercise, lifting weights helps you lose 40 percent more fat. Muscle burns calories so the more muscle you have, the more your metabolic rate will improve.

Lifting weights, a strength training exercise reduces fat by increasing muscle mass. However, you may not see your weight drop but you will definitely notice your body becoming leaner and more toned, and your fat stores slowly dissipating.

Combine lifting weights with a tailored diet devoid of excess fat and calories to lose weight fast.
Cardio makes your heart pump faster but Lifting Weights directly attacks and kills fat.

But you need to exercise caution if you’re going to lift weights. Seek the help of an expert and don’t overwhelm yourself by lifting too much suddenly.

While you let your strength training/weight lifting do its work. It doesn’t mean that you should not watch what you eat. Monitor your calorie intake and perform cardio as well to obtain faster and more effective results.

Some people get confused on which of the two is better than the other and whether it’s worth taking the effort to do both. A wise step would be to create a training program that involves both Cardio as well as Resistance Training.
Lifting Weights requires some degree of caution since it has a higher barrier to recovery.

Another disadvantage of lifting weights is that while you burn fat, hunger simultaneously increases. So there is a chance that you might eat more calories than you burn them. It’s important to watch what you eat and maintain calorie count.
An ideal duration for lifting weights would be between 20 to 30 minutes, 2 to 4 times every week.

⦁ Sleep:

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

While this sounds counter-productive; a good night’s sleep not just improves overall health but will also help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Sleep is the controlling factor for any diet. Since a majority of people leading stressful lives do not get the adequate amount of sleep every night. Naturally, their weight loss plans fail to fall into effect.

When sleep deprivation sets in, your body is unable to properly utilize insulin. Insulin is called ‘the master storage hormone’ since it helps cells in the body eliminate fat and lipids.

You will see the obvious effects of sleeping well in better digestion, higher levels of concentration and awareness, etc.
Sleep is the most basic human requirement that today’s fast-paced lifestyles place less emphasis on. Due to intense work culture, the amount and quality of sleep that people get is very poor.

When you follow stringent diets or perform intense workouts in this condition. It further deteriorates your health while doing nothing to get rid of fat.
When sleep cycles are disrupted, the reward centers in the brain heighten which means that you will begin to crave food and drink.

Better sleep also ensures that you’re focused on everything, including your diet and there is a less chance that you will waiver from it.

However, it mustn’t be confused with excessive sleeping as this causes a reverse effect causing you to gain a few extra pounds rather than lose what you accumulated.

One way your body protests lack sleep is by a craving for “comfort food”. This includes anything that tastes good but may not be so good for your body.

Thus, sleep has a very direct influence on weight loss. A rise in gut flora and inflammation including Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative diseases are seen when you fail to obtain quality sleep every single day.

⦁ Spice aids weight loss:

Capsaicin, a compound found in Chillies and Peppers nudges the body to release higher amounts of adrenaline, a stress hormone. Adrenaline boosts metabolism thus ensuring better digestion and healthy distribution of fat and calories.

But this does not mean that you should spice up every single food item you eat. A healthy approach to using spicy food to aid weight loss would be to prepare a spicy meal at least once a day.

Red Chilli Peppers, Ginger, and Black Peppers are known to raise body temperature thus burning more calories. A healthy dose of spicy ingredients in your meal/meals thus improves your weight loss regimen resulting in quicker results.

Capsaicin has other wonderful properties including pain relief, especially pain arising from Osteoarthritis, nerve pain, and lower back pain.

Spicy food reduces your appetite by tightening your belly with a ‘full’ feeling making it more likely that your back and forth trips to the refrigerator are reduced.
You could make a spicy burger filled with white meat and veggies for an afternoon meal or a spicy salsa to go with another dish.

However, remember portion control and try not to make it extremely spicy for your digestive tract to handle.
You could experiment with vegetables by spicing them up a little which will also add to their flavourful value.
If you’re not acquainted with spicy food, it pays to take it slow and slowly increase the spice factor.

People who are used to eating a lot of spicy food do not generally gain too much of weight. Since spice ensures good blood circulation, thus a greater ability to break fat.

Spice attacks the bad cholesterol (LDL) thus leaving no room for diseases like High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease from occurring.

Add spicy foods to your weight loss plan and see your metabolism and vitality improve.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast:

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

This section contains a detailed guide on the best way to lose the dreaded belly fat fast. Belly fat is a source of worry for most middle-aged people, especially men.

It’s the hardest to work at since belly fat is tough to lose. Excess belly fat affects the self-confidence of men and it results in a loss of energy since the body is constantly trying to maintain and carry the weight of the fat deposited in the belly.

Fat accumulation in the belly is known as Visceral Fat and is dangerous to health. It is known to be the root cause of various life-threatening diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Diseases; to name a few.

Belly Fat is more dangerous than you think because it behaves like an endocrine organ and releases certain endocrine compounds that cause damage to cells.

Below are 5 steps that will help you attack and destroy fat accumulation in your belly, even if it’s been there for quite some time:

1 Kill Stress to Lose Belly Fat Fast:

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

It’s become a common sight these days to see young men and women go from physically fit individuals to being obese and slouchy in just a short while. Modern-day jobs entail very little physical activity. High stress on the mind while being seated in one position for long hours.

At the end of the day, all your energy is sucked out. This is when fat accumulation takes place, slowly at first, around the midriff.

When stress levels increase, it triggers the production of cortisol, an unhealthy hormone that mainly results in fat accumulation and storage in the gut.

Chronic stress and unusually high Cortisol levels are the culprits for creating belly fat.
Either you can choose to move away from the source of stress or you can take the effort to manage it by eating healthy food, sleeping for 8 hours without interruption and being physically active. If you do these 3 things without fail. You will reduce or prevent stress from causing belly fat accumulation.

2 Choose Aerobics over Resistance Training:

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast


Visceral Fat is known to budge only through aerobic activities that involve a lot of movement like Swimming, Running, Biking, Jogging, etc. Exercises that increase your heart rate have a better effect towards shedding belly fat than weight training. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, especially around the waist; choose Aerobic exercises over resistance training.

3 Quinoa for Belly Fat:

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

Quinoa is a good carb that’s high on Protein and Fibre as well and supports belly fat loss, which is the hardest part of obtaining a toned body.

Quinoa is considered a vegetable and a superfood that’s abundant in Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals.
It’s quite low in the glycaemic index. Since it does not increase blood sugar. It is also rich in antioxidants that have a positive effect on metabolism and the fat burning process.

How to Cook Quinoa: An Elementary Guide Plus Guideline and Quinoa Recipes

4 Reduce or Avoid Alcohol to Lose Belly Fat Fast

How to lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast

Quite literally, the beer belly will go away if you do reduce or stop drinking regularly. Alcohol is notorious for making you develop a huge belly. Other side effects of drinking are all too well known. As fat deposits in the belly, continued use of Alcohol may also lead to obesity and other diseases.

Alcohol takes a hit on your metabolism and causes all of the food you eat to be directly stored as fat. Instead of being broken down by digestion. Since your liver is busy tackling all the alcohol. You’re unconsciously eating a lot and accumulating fat in problem areas, especially the waist.

It’s important to be aware of how many times a week you’re having “quick drinks”. As age increases, the chance of gaining belly fat due to alcohol is higher.

5 A little Vinegar to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Taking two tablespoons of Vinegar every day over a few weeks causes a drop in belly fat. Since the acetic acid present in vinegar produces proteins that dissolve it. Vinegar reduces overall body fat percentage but you should be careful. Take the opinion of a doctor or nutritionist before doing this.

Although it’s not a miracle cure to belly fat, you can definitely include this trick in your belly fat reduction plan or consume foods that contain vinegar.

However, there are side effects of vinegar like the increase in potassium to dangerously high levels, etc. Care and caution will help you to avoid these side effects and extract the benefits from Vinegar.



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