How to Help Flood and Earthquake Victims

help flood and earthquake victims

The race of mankind has taken over on the planet Earth and already has stepped forward to explore the unknown mystery of the universe. Now the planet earth is serving us with her natural resources. But for a few times, nature does revolt against us. We still cannot save ourselves from the ruthless effects of the natural disasters – earthquake, flood, avalanche, landslide etc. We are not able to receive any kind of hints before the occurrences. Lots of common people have to trap helplessly under this situation. These vulnerable people need aids. The rescue team arrives and they know how to help flood and earthquake victims.

An undesirable event cannot be considered as the natural disaster if it occurs in any abandoned region or in the area without populace. Different types of natural disasters are there according to their source of occurrences. They can be classified as Geological disaster, Hydrological disaster, wildfires, Meteorological disaster and Space disaster. Some areas on the earth are prone to earthquake and some areas face consequences related to the flood. The mountain areas are considered as the vulnerable areas which may be prone to earthquake.

Greece, Mexico, Ecuador, Nepal, and Japan – these countries are severely enlisted as the earthquake-prone regions. The areas adjacent to the river, sea or ocean are logically affected by the consequences of the flood. It is necessary for the inhabitants there, to have some skills that they can help flood and earthquake victims.

Consequences of the earthquake:

Earthquake is recognized as one of the most disastrous natural effects depending on its huge loss of life and property. When an earthquake occurs, many lives destroy and some of them stuck. To help flood and earthquake victims many organizations work internationally.
Here are the main causes of the earthquake:

1. Tectonic movements: the center of the earth is still not stabilized and moves inside the shell. There are multiple tectonic plates inside the earth crust. This disturbance or the movements are called the tectonic movement. In the ancient era, the mountains, oceans, plateaus have been formed due to the tectonic movement. Nowadays, these movements have not been stopped yet. Due to the activities, huge tension and pressure created inside the earth. When it exceeds the tolerance, the rocks, soils, and water lost equilibrium. Thus, causes an earthquake.

2. Volcanic eruptions: the volcanic eruptions are generally very aggressive. Basically, the path of the volcano is blocked after an eruption with the excess ashes and eruptive substances. When lava tries to come out from the vent, the eruption becomes explosive suddenly and causes massive tremors.

The eruption causes vibration on the earth. In 1883, the Krakatoa eruption has caused a violent earthquake there. This type of earthquake affects a lot. So, to help flood and earthquake victims, the volcanic eruption is one of the most important causes.

3. Other reasons: the nuclear explosions often cause tremors in the scab of the earth. The underground caves collapsed due to some reasons and release enough energy to cause a massive tremor causing an earthquake.

Effects of the earthquake:

Earthquake is really harmful to the mankind. The fatalities of this disaster need help and relief to start their lives from the very beginning. Professional disaster management teams have the proper training to help flood and earthquake victims.

Also, the common people can stand with them with their limited help. The victims need to build up their property again. The injuries occurred in general for the following respects:

1. Loss of life: the earthquake vibrations are so powerful that thousands of people can die within a few seconds. Sometimes, many of the people have to stay in the hospital for a number of days due to serious injuries. These people need to rescue from the collapsed structures and need to be admitted to the hospitals and thus a relief-organization can help flood and earthquake victims.

2. Loss and damage in property: a severe earthquake can harm a building whether it is a multistoried or a single story. The underground pipelines of water-supply affect due to a massive tremor. The railway lines or metro-tracks are normally hugely damaged during the occurrence.

When a railway line displaces, the communication system breaks down. During the disastrous Koyana earthquake in the year of 1970, an immense damage has happened. Some of the rescue operations and the organizations focus on these aspects to help flood and earthquake victims.

3. Tsunamis: the earthquake under the sea can cause Tsunamis. It is a Japanese word because this country is located in a very earthquake-prone region and often has to struggle with the cruel effects like Tsunamis. The people of this region have the required skills to help flood and earthquake victims. The massive tremors under the sea cause huge waves which often rise higher than 25 meters.

This causes a big damage to the people living in the coastal areas. In the year of 2004, in Sumatra including the Southern Asian countries, a huge Tsunami occurred and more than 3 lakh people died. A huge percent of people lost their properties and they had to spend a long time in the victim-tents offered by the rescue teams. It is said that many countries worldwide have offered services to help flood and earthquake victims.

4. River course changes: due to a massive earthquake, sometimes, a river changes her course and then this consequence led to a dangerous flood. During the rainy season, people also have to fight back with the effects of the flood. When a disaster occurs, first need to help flood and earthquake victims. So, we can conclude that for some cases, the flood is the after-effect of a severe earthquake.

How to help the earthquake victims:

A help can be easily done with the help of the organizations which are involved in disaster management worldwide. To help flood and earthquake victims, you can contact with any of the renowned foundations.

• healthcare in danger project
• the united nations and its organizations
• the international federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
• the international committee of the Red Cross
• international; non-governmental agencies

In order to help flood and earthquake victims, you must know what the requirements for those people are. You have to arrange the relief depending on the climate of that specific region. The basic necessities are food, clothes and a space for living.

help flood and earthquake victims
REUTERS/Jitendra Prakash

1. Food: the requisition of food depends on the climate of the country. It should be considered what type of food should be allocated to the victims. The foods should be high-energetic and with high-calorific values. Also, the foods should be as per the common food trends of the locality.

help flood and earthquake victims

2. Clothes: if the disaster happened in a winter season, the sufferers need warm-clothes. Otherwise, proper supply of casual clothes will be okay for them. Many relief-agencies organize clothing drive and take the initiatives to send these products to help flood and earthquake victims.

help flood and earthquake victims
Donate to

3. Money: those who lost their properties due to these types of disasters, they badly need money for the resettlement. It is the easiest task to raise money for the victims because you don’t have to present physically at that spot to help flood and earthquake victims. You just need to organize a money-raise activity in your locality, schools, college, office and hand-over the collection to a reputed relief-organization.

help flood and earthquake victims
Provide Shelter

4. Shelter: the victims of a massive earthquake and flood normally lost their permanent shelter. They need to rebuild that. The relief actions should be accompanied by these activities.

Effective tips to help the earthquake victims:

1. A perfect rescue operation after a massive tremor needs the accurate map. A highly accurate area map will help the rescue team to work on and it will make easy to help flood and earthquake victims.

2. The rescue team needs data to start with the operation. Any type of available data can be shared with them.

3. The rescue team first prepares the lists of the victims and the other for the survivors. If you know someone was presented at that place, you can provide them the available names you know about. On the other hand, you can publish a list with the names of the survivors to help flood and earthquake victims. Now you can share the updated lists with the survivors.

4. You can work as a volunteer or with the active organizations because most of the organizations come from the outside countries. They don’t have proper knowledge regarding the actual situation. If any local individual help flood and earthquake victims with them to collect the information and amplifying the messaging. The needy people can access the emergency aids from the official charities and aids organizations.

5. You can contribute medicines and other health supplies to help flood and earthquake victims. Some foundations collect these contributions and take those to the affected area. The huge number of injured people struggling with the life needs these contributions badly. A small amount of contribution from a person means a lot to them.

6. You can donate blood for the rescue operation to help flood and earthquake victims because a huge number of people in the hospital should have required this to struggle for the life.

7. Some of the relief-organizations recruit members to work with them on a temporary basis straight on the earthquake-damaged spot to help flood and earthquake victims.

8. Several foundations assemble food materials which are easy to distribute to the victims. The common people easily can donate something to them which can be considered as the most valuable help aids. Foods and drinking water are the most necessary thing to help flood and earthquake victims.

9. The victim’s families may require help aids. So, if you really want to help flood and earthquake victims send some belongings to them.

10. An earthquake causes a major hamper to the communication systems like the roads, dam, railway tracks etc. The rescue teams work to build up the new communication system to help flood and earthquake victims. Some of the organizations recruit volunteers to help them for a rapid completion.

What are the causes of the flood?

To help flood and earthquake victims you should have a clear knowledge about the causes of a flood. A flood is normally defined as the excess overflown water covering the areas which are normally dry. Normally a river overflows due to a heavy rainfall. Also, a land can be overflown from the water bodies like lakes and oceans. Here are the most common types of the flood:

1. Areal: sometimes a flat or low-land area can be overflown with water due to the heavy rainfall. Then the surface soil becomes saturated with the excess water and stops absorb water. Then this water starts to log on the land.

2. Riverine: floods occur in the rivers and channels due to the heavy rainfall and it overflows the riverside areas. Not only the heavy rainfall, sometimes the depth of the river affected by the excess soil from the land. Soils from the riverside lands fill the river and the narrow channels. So, the rivers and its channels lost the capacity and thus cause a flood.

3. Estuarine and coastal: estuarine flood causes due to the combination of both the ocean tidal surges and the low barometric pressure. This combination may cause a high upstream flow. The coastal area can be flooded for the heavy storms at sea. A cyclone, tsunami and other ocean storms can cause a flood to the coastal areas.

4. Urban flooding: this type of flood affects the much-populated areas. Due to the heavy rainfall, all the drainage systems exceed the capacity. It also can be happened due to a rapid snowmelt and a flash flood.

5. Catastrophic: this type of flood is associated with an important construction failure. If a major dam collapse, the adjacent locality will be flooded with the stored water. A landslide, volcanic eruption and earthquake are the causes of this type of flood.


What are the effects of the flood?

Floods do have huge consequences on the lives of the victims. For some devastating flood need rescue operations. People get stuck in the clogged water. The relief foundations come for the affected people and help flood and earthquake victims. A flood can have long-term effects on the economy and environment.

1. Environmental: the environment has to suffer a lot due to the flood. The ecological balance hampers due to a major flood. In order to help flood and earthquake victims, the environmental purifying process should be on one of the most important necessary works. Different chemicals which are harmful to the environment comes from industries contaminate to the water bodies.

On the other hand, when huge waterlogged on the land, it causes harms to the texture of the soil. Also, a large amount of soil mixed up with the water and flow away. This is how the environment gets affected by the flood.

2. Economic: when a flood occurs, the roads, vehicles, bridges, houses and other communication systems destroyed. Many people get homeless. The government appoints soldiers, policemen, and the other security resources to help flood and earthquake victims. So, it is obvious that the daily business and economic circle get affected with the loss.

3. People and animal: living being is the most affected parts of a disastrous flood. Many people and animal have to die helplessly in a flash flood. Sometimes, people get stuck in an abandoned area for the flooded water.

They cannot get out of this situation without any type of outside help. They have to struggle to get the drinking water and food. Due to the electricity disruption, the people have to suffer a lot. If any of the rescue teams arrive to help flood and earthquake victims, the nightmare ends up for them. The polluted water carries bacteria and viruses which cause infections and fatal diseases to the people and animal both in the flood-affected areas.

Tips to help the flood victims:

There are different organizations who work for the flood victims. They assemble donations and help aids from different aspects. A flood victim needs different types of help. Mostly they need food, shelter, drinking water and money. To help flood and earthquake victims, an organized help aid should be organized. Some simple suggestions have been discussed here.

1. Determine how to help: in general, you have a clear projection of the flood-affected area. But if you do not have any clue regarding this you can spend some of your valuable times to find out a badly flooded out area where the people need help. Depending on the region where the flood occurred, different foundations will be involved in the relief operations. For example, in the case of an international occurrence, UNICEF must be concerned about how to help flood and earthquake victims. You need to know what type of help aids the organization needed so you can put some effort arranging those.

2. Make yourself updated in every minute: the needs and requisitions get changed in every now and then. You have to find out the right ways to provide the aids accordingly if you truly want to help flood and earthquake victims.

Different requirements will arise on every second in the time of emergency. For instance, needs of foods and shelter are considered as the crucial requirements. But the reconstruction of a collapsed dam does not have that much of emergency. Sometimes, an organization may be saturated with a certain type of donation say clothes.

But they may lack in the section of food. You need to keep yourself updated about the rapid changes in the requirements. You have to check the donation status of the specific organization on the public advertisements or on the social media accounts. If you can arrange a donation camp on behalf of the organization that may be more fruitful when it comes to helping flood and earthquake victims.

3. There are different ways to get you involved in the rescue operations. If you have sufficient money in your hand, you can donate the money to a reputed organization. Otherwise, if you decide to donate through a less-reputed foundation, you cannot be convinced if your money has reached to the right place. A monetary help is the most common and safest way to help flood and earthquake victims.

If you want an active involvement with the relief operation and want to help flood and earthquake victims, you may visit the place as a volunteer. Thus you will feel that you are really providing a strong helping hand to the affected people. But this can be a little risky in order to travel to the flooded zone. If a volunteer gets affected with the infections carried by the polluted water and becomes sick, that will not be acceptable at all.

4. If you are associated with some healthcare professionals, you can use your medical knowledge in order to treat and nurse those helpless people. A flood affected area needs to be served hugely by the health professional. To help flood and earthquake victims, all of the rescue foundations appoint temporary health experts.

Likewise, some other professions also can be helpful for the flood-affected region. A childcare expert can provide support and aid to the children from the flooded area. In order to help flood and earthquake victims, children should be kept in proper care.

A business person can announce discounts and attractive offers on the daily necessity goods in the flooded areas to the affected people.

5. A volunteer does not always need to be present on the affected area. Some types of help can be performed from outside the flooded area. A huge difference can be made by the remote volunteers. To help flood and earthquake victims these types of help aids are also necessary.

You can provide a good hand in the official works of the rescue organizations. They need help in their hotline contact number, call center, and donation processing. This is a really important task in the relief program.

On the basis of the data processed during the donation processing, the organization will finalize the decision related to the donations.

6. If your home is near to the flooded area, you can offer a temporary shelter to help flood and earthquake victims. Maybe a little child has lost everything and needs support to struggle with the cruel situation. You can provide a helping hand to them and here you don’t have to attach with any of the rescue organizations.

7. If anyone is attached to a church or any other religious organization, they can guide those helpless and homeless people to battle with the diverse conditions they are passing through. Some of the large religious organizations send their crisis-trained assistants to the flooded areas with rescue efforts in order to help flood and earthquake victims.

These religious assistants can guide the victims on the emotional ground and provide the spiritual support so they can fight back with the extremely cruel situation.

Being a spiritual person, you simply can pray for the flood victims who have lost almost everything within a very short period of time. This will be a nice thing in order to help flood and earthquake victims. They really need prayers and spiritual and emotional support because they have to start a new and tough journey in order to reconstruct everything. They have to start from an actual zero. Also, these victims have to struggle with the probability that these types of disasters can happen again and again.

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