What is Homopolar Motor, How it Works and How to Make it

Homopolar Motor

Homopolar motor The homopolar motor is one of the most straightforward electric motors. They utilize electromagnetism to help movement and were created by Michael Faraday in 1821, not long after the Danish physicist and scientific expert Hans Christian Ørsted found the wonder of electromagnetism, Davy, and British researcher William Hyde Wollaston attempted, yet fizzled, to … Read more

Magnet inside a Copper Tube and Lenz’s Law

lenz's law

Some individual named Lenz found them, and you’re interested in the off chance that you can discover something extraordinary about them yourself. The companion who specified it to you said that some intriguing things happened when magnets and copper tube associated, which is peculiar, in light of the fact that copper isn’t attractive! It’s an … Read more

What is The Color of The Mirror


Everyone more likely than not considered this. What shading is the thing we use to mirror the lights and hues? Furthermore, it isn’t cared for we can turn of a mirror for some time to see. All things considered, that is the reason we have keen researchers to make sense of the approaches to find … Read more

What If the Earth Stopped Rotating


We realize that the turn of the Earth is step by step backing off. Be that as it may, what might happen if God, the fallen angel or outsiders all of a sudden and totally prevented our planet from turning on its pivot of turn? Fortunately, on account of enhanced information about our planet, geographers … Read more

Why Cats Hate Water Know The Reason Behind It

cats hate water

Cats are infamous for despising water. Fortunately, washing a cat is once in a while required. In any case, have you at any point asked why they loathe water to such an extent? There are plausible behavioral and conceivably organic explanations behind this. On the off chance that your cats abhor water, we wager you’re … Read more