In a shocking turn of events, the Albuquerque Police Department has apprehended a 28-year-old woman from New Mexico in what is being dubbed as one of the most extreme cases of stalking ever recorded in the nation’s history.

Linda Murphy, the woman in question, stands accused of making an astonishing 77,000 calls to her ex-boyfriend within a single week, along with sending 1,937 emails, 41,229 text messages, 217 voice messages, and 647 letters during that relentless time frame.

Woman Arrested for Calling Ex 77,000 Times
Woman Arrested for Calling Ex 77,000 Times
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Unprecedented Obsession

Linda Murphy, known for her history of obsessive-compulsive behavior, appears to have taken the end of her three-week romance with William Ryans extremely hard. Her relentless pursuit allegedly involved simultaneously dialing his home, work, and cell phones using up to three different devices, as well as faxing him 144 times.

What’s more, she sustained herself during this period by consuming massive amounts of energy drinks and amphetamines, depriving herself of sleep for an entire week, and persistently making nonstop, round-the-clock calls to her ex.

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According to J.D. James Kilroy, the attorney representing William Ryans, “My client is sincerely relieved that Ms. Murphy is now behind bars.”

“For more than a week, he hasn’t been able to sleep, work, or enjoy life in any way. It was about time the harassment stopped because he was having trouble thinking straight and was on the verge of melancholy.”

Now, as Ms. Murphy is set to appear in state court in Albuquerque tomorrow, experts believe that the judge may request a psychological assessment to determine her fitness to stand trial. Breakups can be difficult, painful, and emotionally taxing, but it’s crucial for individuals to find healthy ways to cope and move forward.

Unrelenting Harassment

Kelly Murphy, 28, of Alberta, has been taken into custody for her relentless obsession with her ex-boyfriend, Randy Williams. Her actions, including making approximately 27,639 calls to him in just one week, along with sending 937 emails, 11,229 text messages, 117 voice messages, and 47 letters, have left many astounded.

Randy Williams, who had been in a brief two-week relationship with Kelly, found himself in an emotionally draining situation as Kelly couldn’t accept the end of their relationship. Kelly went to extreme lengths, using up to eight phones simultaneously to call Randy on his cell phone, home phone, and workplace phone. One can only imagine the toll it took on Randy as he tried to navigate his daily life.

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Kelly’s ability to stay awake for 24 hours, making nonstop calls, was reportedly fueled by the consumption of large quantities of energy drinks and amphetamines.

Relief for the Victim

Randy’s attorney, J.D. James Kilroy, expressed his client’s relief at Kelly’s arrest. “He hasn’t been able to sleep, work, or enjoy life in any way for more than a week. He was having a hard time thinking clearly and was nearing depression. It was about time the harassment ceased. Now, all we want is for Ms. Murphy to get the medical help she needs, and for the law to keep her away from my client,” Kilroy stated.

Details In Short:

  • Time of Arrest: The woman was arrested in the morning.
  • Location: The arrest occurred in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Name of the Accused: The accused is identified as Linda Murphy.
  • Age of the Accused: Linda Murphy is 28 years old.
  • Charges: She is facing charges related to obsessive behavior and stalking.
  • Victim’s Name: The ex-boyfriend is named William Ryans.
  • Communication Records: Linda made 77,639 calls, sent 1,937 emails, 41,229 texts, 217 voice messages, and 647 letters to her ex in one week.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive History: Linda Murphy has a history of obsessive-compulsive behavior.
  • Methods of Harassment: She simultaneously dialed her ex’s home, work, and cell phones using up to three different phones, as well as faxed him 144 times.
  • Stimulants Used: Linda consumed energy drinks and amphetamines to stay awake for a week during her harassment spree.
  • Attorney: The plaintiff’s attorney is J.D. James Kilroy.

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In the aftermath of this harrowing experience, it’s evident that breakups can be incredibly challenging and emotionally charged. However, it is crucial for individuals to seek healthier outlets for their emotions and to respect boundaries to ensure the well-being of all parties involved.

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