Wisconsin State Senator Latonya Johnson Said ‘F**k The Suburbs’ During Debate

Wisconsin State Senator Latonya Johnson Said ‘F**k The Suburbs’ During Debate. Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson, a Democrat, has stirred up a heated debate and ignited outrage with her recent comments about the suburbs during a speech on crime in Milwaukee. Her derogatory remarks targeted suburbanites, accusing them of bringing guns into the city and causing harm to the community. The incident has sparked intense online backlash and calls for her resignation. Johnson’s comments came amidst ongoing discussions about the state budget, which encompasses education, law enforcement, and efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. This article delves into the controversy, reactions, and the broader issue of crime in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin State Senator Latonya Johnson Said 'F**k The Suburbs' During Debate
LaTonya Johnson, a Wisconsin state senator, expresses her views on the suburbs. (Image By WisconsinEye)

Details In Short :-

  • Incident: Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson sparks controversy with derogatory remarks about suburbs during a speech on crime in Milwaukee.
  • What She Said: “F*k the suburbs, because they don’t know a godmn thing about how life is in the city.”
  • Remarks: Johnson accuses suburbanites of bringing guns into the city and causing harm to the community.
  • Backlash: Outrage and calls for Johnson’s resignation ensue as her comments trigger widespread condemnation.
  • State Budget: Ongoing discussions about the state budget encompass education, law enforcement, and diversity initiatives.
  • Budget Priorities: Proposed funding increases for K-12 schools alongside income tax cuts draw attention and controversy.
  • Crime Concerns: Debate highlights rising crime rates in Milwaukee and the potential impact on neighboring suburbs.
  • Indifference and Attack: Johnson displays indifference towards increasing criminal activities in Milwaukee and targets the suburbs with derogatory language.
  • Online Outrage: Netizens express outrage and demand accountability, calling for consequences for Johnson’s actions.
  • Reactions from Authorities: Eric Toney, district attorney of Fond du Lac County, emphasizes the importance of addressing crime without divisive rhetoric, while writer Harris Rigby criticizes Johnson and the Democrats’ approach to crime in Milwaukee.

Cursing at the Suburbs: Outrage and Criticism

During the debate on the Wisconsin state budget, Senator LaTonya Johnson shocked many with her expletive-laden remarks directed at the suburbs. She claimed that suburbanites were responsible for the influx of guns into the city and the resulting harm inflicted on the community, particularly affecting children. Her broad attack on an entire community immediately triggered backlash and condemnation from both politicians and the general public. People took to the internet to express their outrage, questioning Johnson’s civility and calling for consequences.
On the senate floor, LaTonya Johnson accused the suburbanites of increasing crime rates in the city. She Said :- “F*k the suburbs, because they don’t know a god*mn thing about how life is in the city.”

The Wisconsin State Budget: Priorities and Controversies

Wisconsin’s politicians have been engrossed in deliberations over the state budget, addressing various aspects from education to law enforcement. The proposed multi-year spending plan seeks to increase funding for K-12 schools while simultaneously cutting income taxes to benefit residents across the board. However, it also entails budget reductions for the University of Wisconsin with the goal of enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. This combination of financial decisions has generated significant controversy and heated debates within the state’s political landscape.

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Concerns over Crime in Milwaukee and its Impact on Suburbs

One crucial point of discussion during the budget deliberations was the rising crime rates in Milwaukee and the potential spillover effect on the suburbs. Many voiced concerns about criminal activities spreading beyond the city limits, posing a threat to neighboring communities. This issue resonated deeply with residents, prompting intense debates on how to address and prevent the escalation of crime. It was within this context that Senator LaTonya Johnson made her controversial remarks, displaying indifference toward the increasing criminal activities in Milwaukee and lashing out at the suburbs.

Outrage and Demands for Accountability

Following Johnson’s inflammatory remarks, netizens expressed their outrage online, demanding accountability and consequences for her actions. Calls for the senator’s resignation echoed throughout social media platforms, with people emphasizing that hate and lack of civility have no place in public office. An editorial writer from the Wisconsin Law Journal joined the chorus, calling for Johnson to step down and highlighting the importance of fostering unity and respect among communities. The backlash against Johnson’s comments highlighted the deep divisions and the need for responsible leadership in addressing crime-related concerns.

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Reactions from Local Authorities and Community Members

Eric Toney, the district attorney of Fond du Lac County, took to Twitter to express his gratitude for living in a safe community while acknowledging the need to confront challenges such as carjacking, reckless driving, shootings, and other criminal activities. Toney’s statement served as a reminder of the importance of addressing crime-related issues constructively and without divisive rhetoric. Additionally, Harris Rigby, a writer for The Babylon Bee, criticized Johnson and the Democrats for what he perceived as a lack of seriousness in addressing crime in Milwaukee.


The controversial remarks made by Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson during a debate on crime in Milwaukee have ignited widespread outrage and condemnation. Her derogatory comments about the suburbs and the community’s alleged contribution to crime have drawn intense scrutiny and demands for her resignation. As discussions surrounding the state budget continue, it is crucial for lawmakers to focus on constructive dialogue, addressing crime-related concerns, and fostering unity among communities. The incident involving Senator Johnson underscores the importance of responsible leadership and the need to work together to create safer, more inclusive environments for all residents of Wisconsin.

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