Will There Be a Season 11 of When Calls the Heart? Latest Updates and Predictions

For fans of the beloved series “When Calls the Heart,” the prospect of a new season is always met with eager anticipation. With a decade of heartwarming storytelling behind it, the show has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. In this article, we explore the latest updates and predictions regarding the much-anticipated Season 11.

A Journey Through Hope Valley

“When Calls the Heart” first graced the screens on January 11, 2014, premiering on the Hallmark Channel. Based on Janette Oke’s book of the same name, the series started as a Hallmark original movie in October 2013. It introduced viewers to the enchanting world of Elizabeth Thatcher, a young teacher accustomed to high-society life. Her journey leads her to the humble town of Coal Valley, nestled in Western Canada, just south of Robb, Alberta. By the end of Season 2, Coal Valley is renamed Hope Valley, setting the stage for countless tales of love, community, and resilience.

Erin Krakow, who portrays Elizabeth and has been with the series since Season 1, encapsulated the show’s unique charm when she said, “It’s kind of like lightning in a bottle because you just want to hold onto it because we know we have something very unique and very special.” Her sentiment echoes the feelings of many dedicated viewers who have fallen in love with the show’s heartfelt storytelling.

In February 2023, Entertainment Tonight first reported that Hallmark Channel renewed When Calls the Heart for an eleventh season, with a 12-episode run, giving fans of the popular series a reason to rejoice!
In February 2023, Entertainment Tonight first reported that Hallmark Channel renewed When Calls the Heart for an eleventh season, with a 12-episode run, giving fans of the popular series a reason to rejoice! (Image By tvcheddar.com)

The Hearties’ Lifeline

The question of whether “When Calls the Heart” would continue to grace our screens has been a topic of concern for fans. However, there’s good news for Hearties—the passionate fan base of the show. Brian Bird, the executive producer of “When Calls the Heart,” addressed this concern during the Hearties Family Reunion event on September 22, 2023.

Bird expressed his deep appreciation for the dedicated fan base, acknowledging that the Hearties are a significant reason for the show’s enduring success. He reassured fans by saying, “And I believe that long after the show has ended its run — which we hope is many, many seasons from now; we’re going to try to catch up with The Simpsons, which is in season 42 or something like that, so you got a ways to go [but] we’re going to try…you will still be here.”

Fans responded with enthusiasm, expressing their wishes for the series to continue for many more seasons. It’s clear that the bond between the show and its viewers runs deep, with fans hoping to accompany the residents of Hope Valley on their journey for years to come.

The Uncertain Path Ahead

While Brian Bird’s intentions are clear, the fate of “When Calls the Heart” isn’t solely in the hands of the production team. Bird explained that the network orders a specific number of episodes, and the production company delivers those episodes. The number of episodes and the show’s future are not entirely under their control, adding an element of anticipation for both the cast and fans.

Season 11: A Heartfelt Confirmation

The most exciting revelation for Hearties came in February 2023 when Hallmark Channel officially renewed “When Calls the Heart” for an 11th season, consisting of 12 episodes. This renewal brought immense joy to the show’s star, Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton. She expressed her excitement, saying, “I am beyond excited for Season 10 of When Calls the Heart to premiere July 30.” She further shared her gratitude for the renewal of the show, emphasizing that there are still many stories to tell in Hope Valley.

Lisa Hamilton Daly, Hallmark EVP of programming, echoed the sentiment, highlighting how the series has continued to be a standout among Hallmark’s offerings. She emphasized that the uplifting and heartwarming nature of the show resonates with millions of viewers and that it will only get better in Season 11.

Erin Krakow also took a moment to reflect on her journey as Elizabeth over the past decade. She expressed her gratitude for the unique opportunity she’s had and the job security it brought. She emphasized the positive work environment and the strong bonds formed with the cast and crew, making it a truly collaborative and fulfilling experience.

A Decade of Stories and Challenges

As Erin Krakow noted, Elizabeth’s character has evolved significantly over the past ten seasons. From a young woman from a privileged background to a resilient frontier woman, Elizabeth has faced life’s challenges head-on. She has forged strong friendships, become a pillar in the community, found love, suffered loss, navigated single motherhood, and embarked on a journey filled with surprises, twists, and romance.

The show’s ability to portray a character whose life is far from perfect and glossy has resonated deeply with viewers. Elizabeth’s challenges mirror those of many, making her relatable and endearing. Her growth and resilience over the seasons have endeared her to the hearts of fans.

A Heartwarming Journey Continues

As “When Calls the Heart” prepares for its 11th season, fans can rest assured that Hope Valley will continue to be a place of love, community, and heartwarming stories. With Erin Krakow and the exceptional cast and crew at the helm, viewers can anticipate new adventures, romances, and surprises in the episodes to come.

In a world where uncertainty often reigns, “When Calls the Heart” remains a beacon of hope and comfort for its dedicated audience. As we eagerly await the new season, the enduring popularity of the show reminds us that sometimes, amidst the chaos, all we need is a little piece of Hope Valley.


The heartwarming journey of “When Calls the Heart” continues to light up screens with the confirmation of Season 11. Amidst uncertainty, the show’s enduring popularity and the dedication of its Hearties fanbase have ensured its continued presence in the television landscape. The executive producer’s commitment to sharing more stories of hope and community resonates with fans, promising more heartwarming adventures in Hope Valley. As we eagerly await the new season, one thing remains certain: the timeless appeal of “When Calls the Heart” reminds us that in a world of change, the promise of love, resilience, and heartfelt storytelling endures.


Q1: When did “When Calls the Heart” first premiere?

A1: “When Calls the Heart” premiered on the Hallmark Channel on January 11, 2014, following its origins as a Hallmark original movie in October 2013.

Q2: Who plays the character of Elizabeth Thatcher in the series?

A2: Erin Krakow portrays the character of Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton in “When Calls the Heart.”

Q3: How many seasons has “When Calls the Heart” been renewed for?

A3: “When Calls the Heart” has been officially renewed for an 11th season, consisting of 12 episodes, which was confirmed in February 2023.

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