Why Wasn’t Eliza In Zombies 3?

Why Wasn’t Eliza In Zombies 3? Zombies 3 is a science fiction musical film from Disney+ and Disney Channel, released in the summer of 2022. The movie is the third installment in the popular Zombies franchise, following two top-rated television movies and a spin-off web series.

The movie will star Stephen Kearin as Jake, an upbeat teen who loves music, dance, and attending his high school’s zombie-filled prom. He must join forces with the other students at Zombietown High to stop a sinister force that seeks to destroy their beloved school and its inhabitants.

The cast also includes Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Lea Michele, Yara Shahidi, Meg Donnelly, and Milo Manheim as the leads. There are also many other supporting characters like Daisy (played by Kayla Maisonet), Fin (Drew Ray Tanner), Addison (Caroline Rhea), and Eliza (Kylee Russell).

Why Wasn't Eliza In Zombies 3?
Why Wasn’t Eliza In Zombies 3?

The screenplay for Zombies 3 was written by Michael McCullers and Josh Appelbaum & Andre Nemec with music composed by Christopher Lennertz while the choreography was provided by Mandy Moore.

The director of the movie is Paul Hoen who previously directed all of the previous Zombies movies as well as numerous other successful Disney titles including Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, Let It Shine, and Lemonade Mouth.

The story for Zombies 3 centers on Jake’s efforts to save his friends from a mysterious evil force that threatens to take over their beloved school and its inhabitants. With help from his zombie friends, he embarks on an adventure filled with music and dance numbers in order to save them all before it’s too late!

Along the way, they discover some surprising truths about themselves while exploring new friendships, discovering hidden talents, and ultimately saving Zombietown High from certain destruction!

Songs In The Movie

The movie features several catchy original songs written specifically for this film such as “Bitten by a Zombie” which is performed by Meg Donnelly and Lea Michele during one of the opening scenes of Zombie 3; “Let’s Dance Together” which serves as one of Milo Manheim’s solos throughout.

“A New Day Is Here Again” which is performed during a climactic battle scene; “We Are United Now” which serves as an uplifting anthem for our heroes; “We Gotta Make It Right” which celebrates unity no matter what form it takes; “Walking Tall On Our Own Two Feet Again” which encourages everyone to stand up after suffering a setback.

“Marching Stronger Than Ever Before” which serves as another rallying cry for our heroes; “Falling And Getting Back Up Again” which teaches us no matter how many times we fail we must keep trying until success comes our way; and finally, “Living Life To Its Fullest Again” which serves to remind us that life is always worth living no matter what obstacles come our way!

In addition to these new songs, there will also be several classic tracks reprised in Zombies 3 such as “Someday” from the first movie along with “Bam Bam” from its sequel. Plus there will be many new additions such as “Welcome To The World Of Zombietown,” “No More Dead Ends,” “Gonna Make It Through This Nightmare,” “We Can Do Anything We Set Our Mind To,” “Surviving Against All Odds,” “Take Control Of Your Life Now,” and more!

Leading up to release there will surely be plenty of promotional material coming out related to Zombies 3 including posters featuring key characters from the movie such as Jake (Stephen Kearin), Daisy (Kayla Maisonet), Fin (Drew Ray Tanner) Addison (Caroline Rhea) Eliza (Kylee Russell) plus behind-the-scenes footage showcasing all of the singing/dancing action sequences featured throughout this exciting feature-length film.

So mark your calendars because this one promises not just wild zombie antics but musical numbers that you won’t soon forget – it’ll make you want to get up off your feet again!

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Why Eliza Wasn’t There In Zombies 3?

The third installment of Disney’s “Zombies” franchise was released, and fans were quick to notice one glaring omission: Eliza, the lead character from the first two movies, was nowhere to be found. So, what happened? Why wasn’t Eliza in “Zombies 3”?

The answer, according to director Paul Hoen, is that the character simply didn’t fit into the story they were trying to tell with this movie. “In ‘Zombies 3,’ we really wanted to focus on Zed and Addison’s relationship,” Hoen said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Eliza just didn’t fit into that story.”

Hoen also said that part of the reason why Eliza wasn’t in “Zombies 3” was because the movie is set several years after the events of “Zombies 2,” and the character had aged out of the target demographic for the film. “We thought it would be weird if she just showed up as a cameo,” he said.


So there you have it: the real reason why Eliza wasn’t in “Zombies 3.” While some fans may be disappointed by her absence, it sounds like the decision was made for creative reasons and not because of any behind-the-scenes drama. Here’s hoping we see Eliza again in future installments of the franchise

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