Why Was Missouri Nun’s Body Exhumed? Explained. In a remarkable turn of events, the exhumation of a Missouri nun’s body has recently captured the attention and curiosity of many. The nunnery released a statement, revealing their purpose of preparing for a new shrine that would involve the “reinterment” of the nun. What astonished both monastery officials and everyone involved was the discovery of the nun’s perfectly preserved religious habit. This discovery has ignited a sense of wonder and intrigue, prompting questions about the nun’s life, her devotion, and the significance of preserving her attire. The purpose behind exhuming her body was to relocate it to its permanent resting place, an action that left Mother Cecilia, the head of the convent of the Benedictine Sisters, astonished by the discovery.

People visited the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles to see the body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster.

Details In Short

  • Location: Gower, Missouri
  • Date: Memorial Day weekend (specific date not provided)
  • Name: Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster
  • Age: 70 (at the time of her death in 2019)
  • Organization: Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles
  • Additional names: Greg Capers (one of the responding officers), Nakala Murry (Aderrien Murry’s mother), Carlos Moore (the family’s lawyer), Ronald Sampson (Police Chief), Kedric Wash (Indianola Police spokesperson), Bishop Vann Johnston (Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph)
  • Significant event: Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster’s preserved body was exhumed in preparation for the construction of a St Joseph Shrine. Her body and religious habit were found to be almost perfectly preserved, despite not being embalmed. The discovery led to a large influx of visitors to the abbey’s property, with people coming to view and possibly touch the preserved body. The article also mentions the concept of incorruptibility in the Catholic Church and the potential journey to sainthood, although there is no official determination or ongoing cause for canonization in Sister Wilhelmina’s case. The abbey mentions the possibility of opening a cause in the future.

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Who Was Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster?

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, a remarkable figure, continues to draw thousands of visitors, even after her death in 2019. Her life resonates with people from all walks of life. Born on June 3, 1945, Sister Wilhelmina dedicated her entire existence to serving others and embodying the principles of compassion, wisdom, and faith. At a young age, she felt a calling to join the religious order, where she quickly gained a reputation for her selflessness and unwavering commitment. Both the local community and her fellow sisters admired and respected her for her acts of kindness and spiritual guidance.

Throughout her life, Sister Wilhelmina touched the hearts of many, leaving an indelible impact on those she encountered. Her deep-rooted faith and genuine concern for the well-being of others made her a beacon of hope and inspiration. Whether it was offering comfort to the grieving, lending an ear to those in need, or providing guidance in times of doubt, Sister Wilhelmina’s presence brought solace and guidance to countless individuals.

Her untimely passing in 2019 left a void in the lives of those who knew and loved her. However, her memory and teachings continue to draw thousands of visitors today. The profound impact she had on the community serves as a testament to her exceptional character and unwavering commitment to living a life of service.

Unraveling the Mystery

As the doors of the monastery swung open, allowing a glimpse into this enigmatic occurrence, the reasons underlying such an unconventional decision became a subject of contemplation. The nun, who dedicated her entire existence to faith and selfless service, had left an indelible mark on the community. Undoubtedly, her unwavering commitment to her religious duties and the profound impact she had on those around her played a pivotal role in the monastery’s decision to honor her in such a remarkable manner.
The most remarkable aspect of this exhumation lies in the impeccable preservation of the nun’s religious habits. It serves as a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality of the attire she once adorned. However, it also raises a multitude of intriguing questions regarding the circumstances under which she was laid to rest. How did her religious habit withstand the relentless passage of time so flawlessly? Was it a mere coincidence or the outcome of extraordinary circumstances? These mysteries only deepen the fascination surrounding her life and spiritual journey.

Preservation Against the Test of Time

“We were told by cemetery personnel to expect just bones in the conditions, as Sister Wilhelmina was buried without embalming and in a simple wood coffin,” one of the sisters, who asked to be anonymous, told Newsweek.

The most astonishing aspect of this exhumation lies in the perfect preservation of the nun’s religious habits. It is a testament to the craftsmanship and quality of the attire she wore, but it also raises questions about the conditions in which she was laid to rest. How did her religious habit withstand the passage of time so impeccably? Was it purely coincidental or a result of extraordinary circumstances? These mysteries only deepen the fascination surrounding her life and spiritual journey.

Why Was Missouri Nun’s Body Exhumed?

In the wake of the exhumation of a Missouri nun’s body, a significant event has unfolded, one that has profound implications and unveils the true importance of reinterment. The nunnery recently made a momentous statement, shedding light on the intentions behind this extraordinary endeavor. The purpose of the exhumation was to prepare for a new shrine that would involve the reinterment of the revered nun. This revelation has ignited a deep sense of contemplation and reflection, underscoring the profound significance of honoring the departed.

As the details of this unique event have emerged, it has become increasingly clear that reinterment is far more than a ceremonial act. It represents a profound gesture of reverence and respect for the deceased, a way to ensure their memory lives on and their contributions are immortalized. The decision to reinter the Missouri nun speaks volumes about the impact she had on her community and the indelible mark she left behind.

Reinterment is a testament to the enduring power of remembrance. It serves as a bridge between the past and the present, reminding us of the legacies that shape our lives today. The act of laying the nun to rest again in a new shrine carries immense symbolic weight, signifying the continued influence of her devotion and selflessness.


The exhumation of the Missouri nun’s body has captivated the imagination of many, unveiling a tale of devotion, preservation, and honor. The discovery of her perfectly preserved religious habit has sparked wonder and curiosity, leaving us with more questions than answers. As the monastery prepares for her reinterment and the creation of a new shrine, the significance of this remarkable event echoes through the halls of faith and reminds us of the enduring power of a life dedicated to service and spiritual enlightenment.

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