Why Tim Bliefnick Killed Rebecca Bliefnick Quincy from Illinois? Tragic events shook the community in Quincy, Illinois, as Timothy Bliefnick, a 40-year-old man, has been found guilty of shooting and causing the death of his estranged wife, Rebecca Bliefnick, aged 41. The jury delivered a verdict, holding Timothy accountable after deliberating for about four hours. Timothy forcefully broke into Rebecca’s home, armed with a homemade silencer and a crowbar, and ruthlessly ended her life by shooting her 14 times. The motive behind this heinous act remains unclear.

The ongoing separation and divorce of the couple added complexity to the circumstances surrounding the crime. While the exact reasons for Timothy’s decision to kill Rebecca may never be fully understood, this tragedy serves as a reminder of the deep-rooted issues that can emerge within relationships. The community mourns the loss of innocent life and persists in seeking healing and justice in the aftermath of this devastating incident.

Becky Bliefnick, left, pictured with her family on Halloween in 2018. Police said she was found shot to death in her Quincy, Illinois, home on Feb. 23, 2023. (Becky Bliefnick/Facebook)

Details In Short

  • Date: Feb. 23, 2023 (crime scene discovery)
  • Name: Rebecca “Becky” Postle Bliefnick
  • Age: 41
  • Location: Quincy, Illinois
  • Suspect: Timothy Bliefnick, estranged husband of Becky Bliefnick
  • Conviction: Timothy Bliefnick convicted of home invasion murder charges
  • Incident: Timothy Bliefnick broke through a second-story window with a crowbar and shot Becky Bliefnick 14 times using a homemade silencer.
  • Discovery of the crime: Becky Bliefnick’s father discovered her bullet-riddled body.
  • Divorce and custody battle: The couple was going through a contested divorce and a bitter custody battle for their three sons.
  • Concerns for safety: Becky Bliefnick repeatedly voiced concerns for her safety during the divorce, stating that if anything should happen to her, it would be because her husband snapped.
  • Evidence: Police found more than two dozen shell casings in Timothy Bliefnick’s basement that matched the casings recovered at the crime scene.
  • Internet searches: Prosecutors revealed that Timothy Bliefnick had searched Google for information on committing the crime, including breaking into a home with a crowbar and police response time.
  • Background: Timothy Bliefnick was a former “Family Feud” contestant, college football player, and member of the Football Hall of Fame at Quincy University.
  • Arrest: Quincy police arrested Timothy Bliefnick on March 13.
  • Trial and verdict: The trial began last week, and on May 31, the jury found Timothy Bliefnick guilty of all charges.
  • Sentencing: Timothy Bliefnick’s sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 11, where he faces up to life in prison.
  • Family statement: Becky Bliefnick’s family expressed their pain and loss in a statement, emphasizing the tragedy of her death and the impact on her children.
  • Support: A GoFundMe campaign was set up to support Becky Bliefnick’s three sons, who are now without both parents.
  • Emotional impact: Becky Bliefnick was described as a beloved family member, friend, colleague, and caregiver, known for her dedication and faith.
  • Community support: The family expressed gratitude for the support and prayers received during these difficult times.
  • Moving forward: The family stated their commitment to healing and remembering Becky Bliefnick for the way she lived and loved, not the way she died.

A World Shattered: The Murder of Rebecca Bliefnick

A shocking crime shattered the peace in the quiet town of Quincy, Illinois, leaving the community reeling with disbelief. The murder of Rebecca Bliefnick sent shockwaves through the hearts of its residents. Her estranged husband, Timothy Bliefnick, perpetrated an act of unimaginable violence against the 41-year-old nurse and loving mother of three. The chilling details of the crime reveal Timothy breaking into her home through a second-story window with a crowbar, mercilessly shooting Rebecca 14 times using a homemade silencer. This abrupt act took her life, leaving behind a trail of devastation and heartbreak.

As the trial unfolded, the courtroom held its breath, and the jury swiftly found Timothy guilty, holding him accountable for the heinous act he committed. The motive behind this senseless act remains a haunting mystery, with the couple’s turbulent divorce and custody battle hinting at underlying tensions. However, the exact reasons for Timothy’s brutal actions may never be fully known.

The community of Quincy mourns the loss of a vibrant soul and rallies around Rebecca’s grieving family. They stand united against domestic violence, vowing to remember Rebecca not for the way she died but for the way she lived—a devoted mother, a compassionate nurse, and a cherished friend.

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Why Tim Bliefnick Killed Rebecca Bliefnick Quincy from Illinois?

In a tension-filled courtroom, the jury deliberated while contemplating the presented evidence. The harrowing events unfolded before them, painting a picture of horror. Timothy sealed his fate as he refused to testify, and the defense further sealed his fate with their failure to present any evidence. Those grieving the loss of Rebecca Bliefnick, his estranged wife and victim, found a glimmer of solace in the conviction. The community in Quincy, Illinois, was left in shock and searching for answers as tragic events unfolded. The couple was going through a separation and divorce, adding complexity to the circumstances surrounding the crime.

The couple was in the midst of a contentious divorce and engaged in a bitter custody battle over their three sons. Becky had expressed concerns to her loved ones that her husband might snap and cause harm. Additionally, it was revealed during the trial that Timothy had conducted online searches related to committing the crime, such as breaking into a home with a crowbar and the response time of local police. While these factors hint at a possible motive, the article does not offer a specific explanation for Timothy Bliefnick’s actions.

Timothy, a 40-year-old man, broke into Rebecca’s home, armed with a homemade silencer and a crowbar, and brutally took her life by shooting her 14 times. The motive behind this heinous act remains unclear. While the exact reasons for Timothy’s decision to kill Rebecca may never be fully understood, this tragic event serves as a reminder of the deep-rooted issues that can arise within relationships. The community mourns the loss of innocent life and continues to seek healing and justice in the wake of this devastating incident. The jury held Timothy accountable for his actions by delivering a verdict after deliberating for about four hours.

Signs of Trouble: A Contested Divorce and Fears for Safety

During this tumultuous time, Rebecca’s friends and family remember her expressing concerns for her safety. She confided in her loved ones, revealing that her estranged husband had reached a breaking point and stating that he would be responsible for any harm that befell her. These bone-chilling statements now haunt the memories of those who knew Rebecca, serving as constant reminders of the fear and unease she experienced in her final days. The circumstances surrounding the murder shine a light on the gravity of domestic violence, emphasizing the urgent need for awareness and intervention. It is crucial for the community to recognize the significance of responding to warning signs to prevent future tragedies.

As the community mourns the loss of a cherished member, they contemplate the crucial role of supporting individuals trapped in abusive relationships. This tragic incident serves as a poignant reminder that contested divorces can escalate tensions, increasing the risk of violence. It underscores the importance of providing resources and assistance to ensure the safety of those involved, reinforcing the community’s commitment to protect and support those facing such perilous circumstances.

Unmasking the Dark Side: Timothy Bliefnick’s Troubled Persona

During the trial, the presented evidence unveiled details that depicted Timothy’s hidden struggles and violent tendencies. It became evident that Timothy meticulously planned and executed the crime, forcefully breaking into the house using a crowbar and utilizing a homemade silencer to commit the heinous act.

His history of aggression and inclination towards violence surfaced, revealing the unsettling truth. Furthermore, his internet search history, including queries about breaking into homes and police response times, heightened the already chilling narrative.

Throughout the bitter divorce and custody battle, Rebecca’s family and friends voiced their concerns for her safety. Tragically, their apprehensions materialized when she fell victim to Timothy’s uncontrollable anger. This case serves as a stark reminder that individuals can conceal their demons behind an ordinary façade, underscoring the importance of vigilance and attentiveness to warning signs of potential violence in those around us.

Remembering Rebecca: A Life Dedicated to Care

Rebecca embarked on her healthcare journey in the pharmaceutical field, but it was during the unprecedented challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic that she discovered her true calling. She made the transition to become a nurse, embodying the selflessness and compassion that define this noble profession.

Rebecca’s unwavering commitment to her patients earned her the prestigious Daisy Award, a testament to the exceptional care she provided. However, her impact extended far beyond her professional achievements. Rebecca’s love and devotion knew no bounds, particularly when it came to her three children who were her pride and joy. With grace and poise, she deftly managed the responsibilities of motherhood, ensuring her children always felt cherished and supported.

As the community reflects on Rebecca’s remarkable life, her profound influence on those around her comes to light. Her warmth, kindness, and gentle spirit touched the lives of many. People will forever remember Rebecca as a beloved niece, aunt, cousin, friend, colleague, and dedicated caregiver.


The murder of Rebecca Bliefnick in Quincy, Illinois, deeply impacts the community and highlights the dangers of domestic violence. While Timothy Bliefnick’s conviction brings some justice, it cannot erase the pain and loss felt by Rebecca’s loved ones. Her tragic death calls for action, urging society to recognize signs of trouble and support those in abusive relationships. It is crucial to remain vigilant and work towards preventing future tragedies, creating a safer world for all through awareness, intervention, and support.

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