Why OKC Radio Icon Ronnie Kaye Fired?

Why OKC Radio Icon Ronnie Kaye Fired? The iconic radio DJ Ronnie Kaye has revealed on his Facebook page that he has been abruptly terminated from his position at Oklahoma City radio station 92.5 KOMA. The dismissal comes after a career spanning more than 60 years, leaving both the industry and his fans in shock and disbelief. But, why was he fired?

The Mysterious Comment on Indigenous Peoples Day:

The bombshell revelation comes from a comment made by Kaye on October 9, which marked Indigenous Peoples Day, also known as Columbus Day. The veteran DJ did not disclose the exact nature of the comment that led to his dismissal, leaving the public curious about the circumstances that led to the termination of such a prolific career.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, the 84-year-old Kaye expressed his regret, emphasizing that he had no intentions of offending the Native American heritage. The post was signed off with his iconic moniker, “Mr. Rock and Roll.” Kaye, known for his contributions to the world of radio and television, thanked his listeners and expressed disappointment at not being given the chance to address the situation on air.

Why OKC Radio Icon Ronnie Kaye Fired?
Why OKC Radio Icon Ronnie Kaye Fired?

A Storied Career Cut Short:

Ronnie Kaye, a member of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame since 2004, has been a household name for generations of listeners. His illustrious career began in the mid-1950s at KLCN in Blytheville, Arkansas, where he did play-by-play for a county basketball tournament while still in high school. After various roles in Arkansas and Lawton, Kaye embarked on a remarkable 19-year journey at WKY in Oklahoma City.

An undeniable highlight of his career was the astounding 65 share he achieved in 1963, marking the highest rating ever attained in radio. Beyond his radio endeavors, Kaye hosted “The Scene,” a popular dance show from 1966 to 1974, which garnered nationwide attention and featured renowned artists like Ray Charles, Harry Chapin, and Smokey Robinson.

After a hiatus in the 1980s to work at TV station KOKH, Kaye made a triumphant return to radio in 1991 when he joined KOMA. Over the years, he continued to captivate audiences with his diverse music selections, ranging from early rock ‘n’ roll to disco and country. His recent focus on playing ’70s and ’80s “oldies” on KOMA showcased his adaptability and enduring appeal.

The Sudden Silence and Unanswered Questions:

Following his termination, Kaye’s designation as a “radio personality” has been conspicuously removed from the KOMA website. The radio station’s management company, Tyler Media, has yet to respond to requests for comments, deepening the mystery surrounding Kaye’s abrupt exit.

The revelation of Ronnie Kaye’s firing has sparked a mix of emotions within the public—shock, sadness, and curiosity. Fans, who have supported him throughout his illustrious career, express their disappointment at the lack of transparency surrounding the circumstances of his departure.

In conclusion, the abrupt termination of Ronnie Kaye, a radio legend, has left a void in the industry and the hearts of his fans. The mystery surrounding the comment that led to his firing adds an air of intrigue to an already illustrious and enigmatic career. As the public waits for more details, the shockwaves of Ronnie Kaye’s exit continue to reverberate through the Oklahoma City radio scene.


What comment led to Ronnie Kaye’s firing?

The exact nature of the comment that led to Ronnie Kaye’s firing has not been disclosed, leaving fans and the public in suspense.

Why wasn’t Ronnie Kaye given the opportunity to address the situation on air?

In his Facebook post, Ronnie Kaye expressed a desire to address the situation on air but claimed he was not given the opportunity to do so. The reasons behind this remain unknown.

How has the public reacted to Ronnie Kaye’s termination?

The public reaction has been a mix of shock, sadness, and curiosity. Fans express disappointment at the lack of transparency surrounding his sudden exit from 92.5 KOMA.

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