Why Did Perry Mason Wear a Pinky Ring? Perry Mason was an iconic lawyer character played by Raymond Burr. He appeared in numerous books, movies, and a very successful television series that aired from 1957 to 1966. A defining characteristic of the character was his pinky ring, which he wore on his left hand. But why? Was it just a fashion choice or was there something deeper behind it?

For those who are unfamiliar, Perry Mason is a fictional character who first appeared in print back in 1933. He was created by Erle Stanley Gardner and went on to star in dozens of novels, a radio show, a television series, and even a few films. Perry Mason is a criminal defense attorney, and he is widely considered to be one of the most popular literary characters of all time. One of the things that make Perry Mason so distinctive is his pinky ring.

Why Did Perry Mason Wear a Pinky Ring?
Why Did Perry Mason Wear a Pinky Ring?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the symbolic significance of this iconic piece of jewelry. Perry Mason was a man of style. From his well-tailored suits to his signature pinky ring, everything about Perry Mason exuded confidence and refinement. But why did he wear a pinky ring? Was it just for show, or was there some deeper meaning behind it?

The Pinky Ring as a Symbol of Power and Success

While there are many different interpretations of why Perry Mason wears a pinky ring, the most popular theory is that it is a symbol of his power and success. In the 1930s, when the character was created, it was very rare for men to wear any kind of jewelry other than a watch or a wedding ring. As such, the fact that Perry Mason would choose to adorn himself with a pinky ring sent a strong message to everyone around him that he was a man of means who had achieved a great deal in his life.

One popular theory is that the pinky ring was meant to symbolize power. In many cultures, the pinky finger is considered to be the weakest finger. As such, wearing a ring on this finger would be a way of flaunting one’s power and strength. This is supported by the fact that Perry Mason was often shown to use his pinky ring to get himself out of tough situations.

In addition, the color pink has long been associated with wealth and luxury. By wearing a pinky ring, Perry Mason was sending a clear signal that he was not only successful but also sophisticated and refined. Of course, it’s worth noting that Perry Mason is not the only fictional character to ever wear a pinky ring. Other notable examples include James Bond, Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction, and Tony Montana from Scarface.

The Pinky Ring as a Symbol of Perry Mason’s Profession

Another popular theory about why Perry Mason wears a pinky ring is that it is meant to symbolize his profession as a criminal defense attorney. In many courtrooms around the world, lawyers are required to wear formal attire known as “barristers’ robes.” These robes have long sleeves that extend all the way down to the wrist, and they are typically worn with white shirts and black neckties. As such, it can be difficult for lawyers to show off any kind of jewelry while they are working in the courtroom.

By wearing his pinky ring on his left hand (the hand that would typically be hidden beneath his robes), Perry Mason is able to display his profession in a subtle yet distinct way. This interpretation is further supported by the fact that many real-life lawyers choose to wear similar rings as a way to show off their profession while they are working in court.

The Pinky Ring as a Symbol of Intellect

Another theory is that the pinky ring was meant to symbolize Perry Mason’s intellect and quick wit. This theory is supported by the fact that Perry Mason was often able to outsmart his opponents in court thanks to his sharp mind. Wearing a ring on the pinky finger would be a way of showing off one’s intelligence and mental prowess.

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It turns out, the answer is a little bit of both. While Perry Mason’s pinky ring was certainly an important part of his image, it also had a more practical purpose. In the early days of television, actors were often required to wear rings on their pinkies to help keep their microphone wires from showing. This was especially important for Perry Mason given the fast-paced nature of the show and the fact that he was often moving around the courtroom.

Over time, however, the pinky ring became more than just a practical necessity; it became synonymous with Perry Mason himself. As the show continued and Raymond Burr began to play the character more and more, the pinky ring became an integral part of Mason’s persona. It helped to convey his status as a successful lawyer and gave him an air of sophistication and mystery. In many ways, it was the ultimate accessory for TV’s most famous lawyer.


So, why did Perry Mason wear a pinky ring? There are two theories: either it was meant to symbolize his power or his intellect. Personally, I believe it was most likely the latter. After all, Perry Mason was known for being an extremely intelligent lawyer who always seemed to be one step ahead of everyone else. Wearing a pinky ring would have been a way of showing off this side of his personality.

Whether you’re an ardent fan of Erle Stanley Gardner’s novels or you’ve only ever seen the television series starring Raymond Burr, there’s no denying that Perry Mason is one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time. A big part of what makes him so distinctive is his pinky ring. In this blog post, we’ve taken a closer look at the symbolic significance of this piece of jewelry and explored some of the most popular theories about why Perry Mason wears it. Do you have another theory about the meaning behind Perry Mason’s pinky ring? We’d love to hear it!

Perry Mason’s pinky ring is one of the most iconic elements of his persona. Though it started out as nothing more than a practical necessity, it quickly became synonymous with the character himself. Over time, it came to represent Perry Mason’s success as a lawyer and helped to convey his sophisticated and enigmatic personality. It’s safe to say that without the pinky ring, Perry Mason would not have been nearly as iconic or memorable.

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