Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri? In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, ghouls and humans live side-by-side in a tenuous peace. Ghouls are creatures that must eat human flesh to survive, while humans are, well, human. The two species are locked in a constant battle for survival. In the midst of this struggle is Ken Kaneki, a young man who finds himself caught between the two worlds.

Kaneki starts the series as a human college student. However, after a date has gone wrong, he wakes up to find that he has been transformed into a half-ghoul. This means that he now has the ability to eat human flesh, but he must also consume ghoul food to survive. Kaneki is horrified by his new condition and does everything he can to try to return to his old life. However, he eventually comes to accept that he is now a part of the ghoul world and joins the organization Aogiri Tree. But why? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri?
Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri?

The Aogiri Tree is one of the most powerful ghoul organizations in Tokyo Ghoul. They are known for their brutal tactics and their complete disregard for human life. So, why would Kaneki join an organization like this? There are a few reasons.

Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri?

He Was Looking For A Place To Belong

When Kaneki first joined Anteiku, he was looking for a sense of belonging. He’s just become a hybrid ghoul and doesn’t know where he fits in anymore. Anteiku takes him in and treats him like family, but Kaneki still feels like an outsider. He views joining Aogiri as a way to find others who are like him and finally feels like he belongs somewhere.

He Wanted To Learn About Ghouls

When Kaneki first joins Aogiri, he does so under false pretenses. He tells them that he wants to be like them, that he wants to be a ghoul who only cares about eating humans. In reality, Kaneki is still struggling with his new identity and is not ready to fully embrace his new self. He hopes that by joining Aogiri, he will be able to learn more about what it means to be a ghoul and maybe even find a way to become human again. Of course, we all know how that turns out…

Rebel Against His Previous Life As A Human

Kaneki joining Aogiri is also a way for him to rebel against his previous life as a human. Up until this point, Kaneki has been living his life according to society’s rules and expectations. He was a good student, had a promising future ahead of him, and was dating the girl of his dreams. But then he turned into a ghoul and all of that changed overnight. Joining Aogiri is Kaneki’s way of thumbing his nose at society and everything it stands for.

He Was Seeking Revenge

After Kaneki’s best friend Hide dies at the hands of Aogiri members, Kaneki is filled with rage. He wants nothing more than to get revenge on those who killed his friend. His desire for vengeance leads him right into the arms of AogiriTree.

He Wanted To Protect Those He Cared About

By joining Aogiri, Kaneki hoped he would be able to protect those closest to him from being hurt or killed. He thought that if he became powerful enough, no one would be able to touch his friends or family ever again. Unfortunately, this plan backfired and ended up putting everyone he cared about in more danger than ever before.

Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri?
Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri?

Kaneki Does Not Really Have Anywhere Else To Go At This Point

Finally, it’s worth noting that Kaneki does not really have anywhere else to go at this point. He has been rejected by both humans and ghouls alike. His only friend is dead and he has no other connections in either world. In some ways, Aogiri is the only family he has left.

Kaneki Ken

Kaneki Ken is the main protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series and a beacon for readers looking for an inspiring story about overcoming challenges and finding strength in adversity. Born as an average human being, Kaneki soon finds himself struggling to accept a half-ghoul identity and all the troubles that come with it; from gaining acceptance from ghouls as well as humans, to learning how to control his unique powers. Despite these struggles, Kaneki makes the most of his situation and shows remarkable courage, resilience, and determination while striving toward a better future.

Kaneki’s life before becoming a ghoul was fairly mundane. He lived alone with his mother, rarely ever leaving their house until he met his love interest Rize Kamishiro. During this time he had no idea that Rize was a ghoul, or that she was planning on eating him alive until an accident occurred which resulted in her death – but not before passing her kakuhou onto him. This event changed everything for Kaneki, transforming him into a one-eyed half-ghoul overnight who would be resented by both humans and ghouls alike due to his unusual identity.

At first, many of the characters were skeptical about this new change; doubting whether Kaneki could properly integrate himself into their world or if he was just another failed attempt at creating something unnatural. Fortunately, however, this hesitation didn’t last long as it quickly became obvious that Kaneki possessed unique abilities beyond what any normal human had such as enhanced speed and strength as well as regenerative healing properties; although these traits were more of a curse than a blessing due to how easily they attracted unwanted attention from dangerous individuals looking for trouble.

This led to Kaneki having to constantly be on guard against threats while trying to fit into a society where he felt like an outcast; using whatever methods necessary in order to protect those around him while slowly learning how to master his newfound abilities without going too far down the dark path of succumbing to bloodlust or letting himself be consumed by hatred. By doing so, he eventually managed to earn the respect of both sides – even becoming allies with some members of Anteiku – proving just how powerful willpower can be when facing insurmountable odds despite tremendous opposition placed in front of him.

Kaneki’s journey throughout Tokyo Ghoul has been nothing short of amazing; with each obstacle overcome allowing him to grow further in strength yet still remain humble enough not to forget his humanity despite all the danger lurking around every corner. His character has become symbolic for many readers due to its blend of courage and vulnerability which allows us all to take comfort in knowing that no matter our circumstances we can still find hope within darkness if we are willing to make the difficult choices necessary achieve our goals – an inspiring message that will continue resonate through generations come no matter what lies ahead in future stories regarding Tokyo Ghoul’s beloved protagonist Ken Kaneki.

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Kaneki joining Aogiri is a complicated decision that is driven by many factors. At first glance, it may seem like a rash decision made by someone who is struggling to come to terms with his new identity as a half-ghoul. However, when you take a closer look, you can see that there are many reasons why Kaneki would make this choice. From wanting to learn more about being a ghoul to rebelling against society’s expectations, Kaneki’s decision makes perfect sense given the circumstances he has.

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