Who is Yohannes Kidane? Is Yohannes Kidane Found?

Who is Yohannes Kidane? Is Yohannes Kidane Found? In a tragic turn of events, the life of 22-year-old Yohannes Stefanos Kidane took a devastating course when he mysteriously disappeared after taking an Uber ride to San Francisco. Yohannes, a recent college graduate who had just begun his career at Netflix in the Bay Area, left a void in his family’s hearts and prompted questions about the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. This article delves into the life of Yohannes Kidane, the events leading to his disappearance, and the subsequent discovery of his remains near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Who is Yohannes Kidane? Is Yohannes Kidane Found?
Who is Yohannes Kidane? Is Yohannes Kidane Found?
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The Disappearance of Yohannes Kidane

Yohannes Kidane’s unsettling journey began on August 14 when he bid farewell to his colleagues, informing them of his plans to visit San Francisco. Little did anyone know that this would be the last time they saw him. Yohannes left his San Jose apartment and entered an Uber, marking the beginning of a series of perplexing events.

As time passed, concerns grew when Yohannes’ wallet and cellphone, essential items he would never leave behind, were discovered near the Golden Gate Bridge welcome center. The ominous clues indicated that something had gone terribly wrong on that fateful day.

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The Discovery of Yohannes Kidane’s Remains

The search for Yohannes Kidane took a grim turn when his lifeless body was spotted floating in the Bay northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge. A passing boat made the tragic discovery on Tuesday, August 29, leaving the community in shock and his family devastated.

Initially, the identity of the remains was shrouded in uncertainty, heightening the anxiety surrounding Yohannes Kidane’s disappearance. However, on August 31, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office positively identified the body as that of Yohannes Kidane, delivering the heartbreaking news to his family.

The cause of death was determined to be blunt impact injuries, with drowning as a significant contributing factor. Authorities ruled out foul play, leading to the conclusion that this was a tragic case of suicide.

The Tragic Parallel: Beau Mann’s Disappearance

Yohannes Kidane’s disappearance struck a chord with Jason J Abate, a man who had endured a similar ordeal. Jason’s fiancĂ©, Beau Mann, had also disappeared after taking an Uber, only to be discovered deceased months later. The eerie resemblance of their cases adds a chilling dimension to Yohannes’ story.

Beau Mann, a California tech CEO, went missing in 2021 and was found dead in May of the same year. His remains were located just 20 minutes away from where he was last dropped off by an Uber. The mystery surrounding Beau’s disappearance deepened when it was revealed that his final text was sent to 911, raising questions about the circumstances leading to his death.

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Jason Abate’s Quest for Answers

Haunted by the hauntingly similar experiences of Yohannes Kidane and Beau Mann, Jason Abate has been on a relentless quest for answers. He created a Facebook page titled ‘Justice For Beau Mann,’ where he actively posts updates on both cases, seeking to shed light on the mysteries that have left him tormented.

Jason and Beau’s paths initially crossed on a dating site, leading to plans to meet for coffee during a trip to Texas. Although they were unable to meet during that visit, fate intervened, bringing them together a few weeks later in New York. Their connection transcended the ordinary, forging a bond that would be tested by the cruel hands of fate.

Yohannes Kidane’s Unsettling Uber Ride

As the pieces of Yohannes Kidane’s life puzzle are examined, a disturbing detail emerges – an unsettling Uber ride that occurred before his disappearance. Yohannes had confided in his former college roommate, Austin Farmer, about a peculiar Uber trip that left him uneasy.

The Uber driver, if indeed genuine, had insisted on taking Yohannes to a different location than his intended destination, claiming it was safer. This forced detour to downtown Oakland raised alarm bells for Yohannes, who suspected that something was amiss. He even texted Austin, expressing his apprehension and stating that he “might be in trouble.” The driver’s insistence on canceling the additional payment added to Yohannes’ unease, leading him to vow never to take an Uber solo again in San Francisco.

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Uber’s Response to Yohannes Kidane’s Disappearance

In the wake of Yohannes Kidane’s disappearance, Uber responded to the concerning details of his last ride. According to NBC News, Uber confirmed that Yohannes had used their rideshare service but stated that he had reached his requested destination without any reported incidents. Uber also emphasized its cooperation with law enforcement agencies and the ongoing investigation into the case.

The Notion of a ‘Fake’ Uber

The unsettling circumstances surrounding Yohannes Kidane’s last Uber ride raise the unsettling notion of a ‘fake’ Uber or a ‘fake’ Uber driver. This concept is not entirely unprecedented, as evidenced by the tragic case of Samantha Josephson, a student at the University of South Carolina, whose life was cut short in a horrifying manner.

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Samantha, like Yohannes, had relied on an Uber to return home. However, surveillance footage revealed her boarding a black Chevrolet Impala, believing it to be her Uber. The consequences were tragic, as she fell victim to a predator masquerading as an Uber driver.

Details In Short

  • Date of Yohannes Kidane’s disappearance: August 14, [year].
  • Age at the time of disappearance: 22 years old.
  • Destination of his last Uber ride: San Francisco.
  • Discovery of his wallet and cellphone: Near the Golden Gate Bridge welcome center.
  • Discovery of Yohannes Kidane’s remains: August 29, [year], in the Bay northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Positive identification of his body: August 31, [year], by the Marin County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Cause of death: Blunt impact injuries with drowning as a significant contributing factor, ruled as a tragic case of suicide.
  • Beau Mann’s disappearance: Occurred in 2021, and his remains were found in May of the same year, 20 minutes away from his last Uber drop-off location.
  • Jason Abate’s connection to Yohannes Kidane and Beau Mann: They met on a dating site and later in New York, forming a close bond.
  • Yohannes Kidane’s unsettling Uber ride: He had expressed unease about a detour in downtown Oakland during the ride and texted a friend about possibly being in trouble.
  • Uber’s response to Yohannes Kidane’s disappearance: Uber confirmed his use of their service but stated no reported incidents during his ride to the requested destination.
  • The notion of a ‘fake’ Uber: Highlighted by the unsettling circumstances of Yohannes Kidane’s last ride and the tragic case of Samantha Josephson, who boarded a fake Uber and suffered a terrible fate.


The life and disappearance of Yohannes Kidane serve as a somber reminder of the vulnerabilities that can accompany rideshare services, as well as the devastating impact of mental health struggles. Yohannes’ tragic journey, coupled with the eerie parallel to Beau Mann’s disappearance, underscores the need for continued awareness and vigilance when using such services.

As we mourn the loss of Yohannes Kidane and reflect on the tragic circumstances surrounding his disappearance, it is essential to remember the importance of safety and vigilance when utilizing rideshare services. His story reminds us that we must remain vigilant and look out for one another, as safety and support are paramount in an increasingly interconnected world.

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