Who Is The View’s Sara Haines’ Husband? Meet Max Shifrin

ABC’s thrilling trivia game show, The Chase, has captured the attention of trivia enthusiasts across the nation. Hosted by The View’s Sara Haines, the show pits contestants against formidable Chasers in a high-stakes battle of knowledge. While viewers eagerly tune in to test their own trivia skills, many are also curious about Sara’s personal life, particularly her husband. So, who is the mystery man behind Sara Haines? Let’s dive into the story of Sara Haines’ husband, Max Shifrin.

Sara Haines, a well-known television personality who has also worked as a correspondent on Today, ABC News, and Good Morning America, tied the knot with Max Shifrin in 2014. The couple has been happily married for almost a decade and shares three beautiful children together: Alec Richard, Sandra Grace, and Caleb Joseph, as reported by The U.S. Sun.

Who Is The View's Sara Haines' Husband? Meet Max Shifrin
Who Is The View’s Sara Haines’ Husband? Meet Max Shifrin

Sara Haines’ Husband Max Shifrin

Max Shifrin is a Commercial Litigation Partner at the prestigious American law firm BakerHostetler. With an educational background from the University of Connecticut and Brooklyn Law School, Max has built an impressive career representing clients from diverse industries. His expertise spans energy conglomerates, real estate developers, government agencies, hotels, financial institutions, and more, as stated on his BakerHostetler profile.

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Sara frequently takes to social media, particularly Instagram, to share glimpses of her personal life, including heartwarming moments with her husband and children. In a recent anniversary tribute to Max, she expressed her love and gratitude, reflecting on the journey they have taken together. The heartfelt message showcased their eight years of marriage, two apartments, one house, two dogs, three children, and the ups and downs they have encountered along the way. Sara’s caption accompanied a collection of cheerful family photos, capturing their joyous moments together.

Who Is The View's Sara Haines' Husband? Meet Max Shifrin
Who Is The View’s Sara Haines’ Husband? Meet Max Shifrin

While Sara’s public displays of affection for Max are undeniably sweet, she also possesses a playful and saucy side. In a notable moment on The View, Sara candidly discussed the “transactional deals” she makes with her husband to enlist his help in putting the kids to bed. The humorous anecdote sparked a conversation about the dynamics of intimacy and sex within relationships, shedding light on the couple’s lighthearted approach to balancing parental responsibilities.

With a decade of love and laughter shared between them, Sara Haines and Max Shifrin have found their own unique formula for a successful and fulfilling marriage. While Sara graces our screens as the charismatic host of The Chase, Max continues to excel in his legal career. The couple’s loving bond is evident in the moments they share on social media and the stories Sara occasionally shares on her daytime talk show.

As fans eagerly tune in to The Chase for thrilling trivia challenges, they also gain a glimpse into Sara’s personal life and the loving partnership she has with her husband, Max Shifrin. The chemistry between the couple is palpable, and their humorous approach to navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood resonates with many viewers. Catch new episodes of The Chase on ABC, Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET, and continue to root for Sara Haines as she brightens our screens with her infectious energy and charm.

How Did Sara Haines Meet Her Husband? A Modern Love Story

In a candid moment on The View, Sara Haines shared the delightful tale of how she crossed paths with her husband, Max. It turns out that their love story began in the digital realm of dating apps. Sara revealed that she discovered Max on the popular platform OkCupid back in January 2023.

Curiously, Sara admitted to having a preference for older men at the time. In her own words, “They were the only thing that attracted me.” Fate intervened, and she and Max matched on the dating app. Seizing the opportunity, they wasted no time and agreed to meet in person on the very same day.

Their first date marked the beginning of a beautiful journey that would eventually lead to a proposal. After nearly two years of dating and building a strong connection, Max, a legal expert, decided to take the plunge. Recounting the heartfelt moment, he shared the unassuming nature of his proposal during an interview with Yahoo! Life in November 2018.

Without any grand plans or elaborate productions, Max’s proposal was refreshingly genuine. In his own words, he described the intimate scene, saying, “I didn’t have a big plan, I didn’t have a big production.” It was a spur-of-the-moment decision that came from the depths of his heart. In his pajamas, he mustered the courage to kneel on the floor beside the bed and popped the question to Sara, lacking any formal charm but filled with sincerity.

Sara’s journey to finding love with Max on OkCupid is a testament to the modern era of dating and the unpredictable nature of human connections. Their story highlights the power of online platforms in bringing together individuals who may have never crossed paths otherwise. Despite the absence of grand gestures, their love story is a reminder that it’s the authenticity and emotional connection that truly matter in matters of the heart.

So, next time you’re scrolling through dating apps, remember the story of Sara Haines and Max. Love could be just a swipe away.

What Is Sara Haines’ Husband, Max Shifrin’s Job?

Max Shifrin is a highly accomplished professional in the field of law. Currently, he serves as a litigation partner at the prestigious law firm BakerHostetler, a position he has held since 2014. With an extensive legal background, Max brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Prior to joining BakerHostetler, he worked as an associate at renowned law firms Fried Frank and Storch Amini PC. His educational journey includes graduating from Brooklyn Law School, where he honed his skills and knowledge in the legal field. Max’s impressive career trajectory and dedication to his profession make him a respected figure in the legal industry.

How Many Children Do Sara Haines and Max Shifrin Have?

Sara Haines and Max Shifrin have embraced the joys of parenthood and are the proud parents of three children: Alec, Sandra, and Caleb. As a doting mother, Sara cherishes her role and the precious moments she shares with her kids. However, juggling parenting responsibilities can be challenging, and Sara has found an interesting way to enlist Max’s help with putting the children to bed.

During an episode of The View, she humorously shared her approach, saying, “‘I’m willing to have transactional deals with you if you can just put the kids to bed, please.'” Although the suggestion may not sound particularly romantic, Sara’s lighthearted remark showcases the couple’s ability to find humor in their parenting journey.

While Sara admits her love for children and the desire for more, she also acknowledges the importance of balance and being the best version of herself for each child. In a candid Instagram Story, she shared, “I would love 10 more!!!! But 3 is all I can handle while being my best version for each of them.” Sara’s openness about her family life endears her to fans and highlights the genuine love and joy that fill their household.

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