Who is Mack Chase of New Mexico? What Happened to Mack Chase?

New Mexico, September 2023 – The state of New Mexico is mourning the loss of a legendary figure in the oil and gas industry, Mack Chase, the esteemed founder of Mack Energy in Artesia. In this comprehensive article, we will delve deeper into the life and legacy of Mack Chase, examining his journey, his substantial contributions to the community, and the profound impact of his recent passing.

A Journey of Extraordinary Success

Mack C. Chase, often hailed as an oil and natural gas tycoon, was a colossus in the world of energy. Born in 1931, his early years were shaped by hands-on experience, working alongside his father and brother in the oil fields. This modest beginning instilled in him a remarkable work ethic, one that would be the bedrock of his success.

In 1968, Mack Chase took a bold leap, venturing out on his own. It was a decision that would lead him to amass a considerable fortune in the Permian Basin oilfields, spanning the vast landscapes of both Texas and New Mexico. His story is a quintessential American dream, where relentless hard work, unshakable determination, and a readiness to take calculated risks converge to create extraordinary success.

A Pivotal Partnership

Chase, the founder of Artesia-based Mack Energy Corp. and Chase Farms, and at one point the richest person in New Mexico
Chase, the founder of Artesia-based Mack Energy Corp. and Chase Farms, and at one point the richest person in New Mexico
(Courtesy of Chance Chase)

The turning point in Mack Chase’s illustrious career occurred in 1979 when he joined forces with John Gray to establish Marbob Energy. The name “Marbob” was an amalgamation of their wives’ names, a testament to their strong partnership. Marbob Energy specialized in providing essential pumping services to well owners in the southeastern region of New Mexico. This partnership was a seminal moment in Chase’s journey and laid the groundwork for his future ventures.

While Chase and Gray eventually chose different paths, each following their unique visions, Mack Chase invested in a new enterprise named Mack Energy Corp., while John Gray retained the Marbob name. Both continued to make significant contributions to the energy sector, leaving an indelible imprint on the industry.

A Legacy of Community Support

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Mack Chase was revered for his unwavering commitment to local communities and the oil and gas industry in New Mexico. House Republicans from southeast New Mexico issued a heartfelt statement in response to his passing, stating, “The community will no doubt feel the loss of Mack, who championed our communities and the oil and gas industry in New Mexico.”

However, Mack Chase’s impact extended far beyond the professional sphere. His grandson, echoing the sentiments of many, shared poignant memories, saying, “The world knew him for his generosity and the heart he had for his community. I knew him as my grandad who not only taught me by example to work hard but also that some risks are worth taking. He was the hardest working man I’ve ever known.” These words provide a touching glimpse into the personal side of Mack Chase, portraying him as a man of character, dedication, and immense heart.

A Diverse Business Empire

Mack Chase’s success wasn’t confined to the oil and gas industry alone. He diversified his investments and interests, becoming the owner of Chase Farms, one of the largest pecan producers in the United States. Additionally, he ventured into the world of aviation with Deerhorn Aviation, a Texas-based aircraft dealer and charter company. His ability to navigate and excel in various business domains underscored his entrepreneurial prowess.


The passing of Mack Chase signifies the end of an era in the New Mexico oil and gas industry. His life story serves as an enduring inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, underscoring the value of unwavering dedication, tireless hard work, and the courage to undertake calculated risks.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mack Chase will be remembered for his philanthropy, his contributions to local communities, and the profound and lasting mark he left on the business landscape. In commemorating his legacy, we honor not just a titan of industry, but a man of unwavering integrity and boundless generosity.


Q1: What was Mack Chase known for?

Mack Chase was renowned for his significant contributions to the oil and gas industry, particularly in the Permian Basin oilfields of Texas and New Mexico. He was also celebrated for his generosity and unwavering support of local communities.

Q2: What was the significance of Mack Chase’s partnership with John Gray?

Mack Chase’s partnership with John Gray led to the establishment of Marbob Energy in 1979, a company that provided vital pumping services to well owners in southeast New Mexico. This partnership played a pivotal role in shaping the energy sector in the region.

Q3: How did Mack Chase’s career begin in the oil industry?

Mack Chase’s career in the oil industry commenced alongside his father and brother, where he gained valuable experience working on oil wells. In 1968, he took the bold step of venturing out on his own, marking the start of his remarkable journey.

Q4: What other businesses did Mack Chase own?

In addition to his ventures in the oil and gas sector, Mack Chase was the proud owner of Chase Farms, a major pecan producer in the U.S., and Deerhorn Aviation, a Texas-based aircraft dealer and charter company. His diverse business portfolio reflected his wide-ranging interests and entrepreneurial spirit.

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