Who Is Kaylee Campbell Layton’s Husband?

When it comes to Kaylee Campbell Layton, there is one question that many people have been asking: who is her husband? Kaylee, known for her strong political views, has garnered attention for her controversial statements and online presence. In this article, we will delve into the life of Kaylee Campbell Layton and uncover the identity of her husband, shedding light on their married life and the unique circumstances surrounding their relationship.

Who Is Kaylee Campbell Layton's Husband?
Who Is Kaylee Campbell Layton’s Husband?
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Kaylee Campbell’s Radical Partisan Views

Kaylee Campbell is a well-known figure in the political landscape, with her views leaning towards right-wing extremism. Her ideologies often align with those characterized by hostile behavior towards the government, driven by emotions of anger, fear, and hatred. Kaylee has been vocal about her criticisms of the establishment, using her social media platform to voice her opinions. Notably, she has recently directed her discontent towards Target, a prominent American retail conglomerate based in Minneapolis.

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Ryan Layton – Kaylee Campbell’s Husband and Military Service

Kaylee Campbell’s husband is Ryan Layton, a member of the United States Marine Corps. The couple exchanged vows on October 7, 2022, solidifying their commitment to one another. Ryan serves as a marine stationed at the 29 Palms Marine Corps Base in California. The United States Marine Corps is one of the branches of the United States military, responsible for projecting American power abroad. It operates under the United States Department of Defense and plays a vital role in maintaining national security.

The Relationship between Kaylee and Ryan Layton

Kaylee Campbell and Ryan Layton have had an eventful journey as a married couple. They publicly declared their love and commitment to each other on social media, with Kaylee mentioning on her Facebook bio that she is a hostess and political provocateur. She also claims that the government fears her, suggesting her significant influence within her ideological circles.

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On May 29, 2023, Kaylee took to Twitter to express her admiration for her husband. She described marrying him as the best decision she had ever made, praising his resilience in the face of daily mental, physical, and emotional challenges. The couple has been married for some time, as evidenced by a picture Kaylee posted on April 24, 2023, featuring her spouse dressed in his military uniform.

Kaylee Campbell Layton’s Pregnancy

At the time of writing this article, Kaylee Campbell Layton is nine months pregnant. She initially shared the news of her pregnancy on Twitter, but due to negative feedback, she decided to make her profile private. Despite the criticism, many of her followers expressed their excitement and support for her growing family.


In conclusion, Kaylee Campbell Layton, known for her strong political views, is married to Ryan Layton, a dedicated member of the United States Marine Corps. Their union took place on October 7, 2022, and they have been navigating the joys and challenges of married life ever since. While Kaylee continues to voice her opinions on social media, Ryan serves his country as a marine. As they embark on the journey of parenthood, their lives are sure to be filled with both triumphs and trials.

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