Who is Jennifer Davis from Oklahoma and What Did She Do? Jennifer Davis, an Oklahoma elementary school teacher, recently found herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. On Thursday, September 7, 2023, she was accused of being under the influence of alcohol while on duty at Cross Timbers Elementary School.

This shocking incident has raised questions about the responsibilities and conduct of educators in our schools.

The Accusations

Jennifer Davis was arrested on the aforementioned date and is now facing public intoxication charges. The situation unfolded when school authorities noticed her behavior and suspected that she might be intoxicated.

This incident marks the second time in recent memory that a teacher has shown up at Cross Timbers Elementary School in an intoxicated state, raising concerns about the school’s protocols and supervision.

The Meeting

Who is Jennifer Davis from Oklahoma and What Did She Do?
Who is Jennifer Davis from Oklahoma and What Did She Do?
Jennifer Davis has been arrested and charged with public intoxication (Image via Twitter/@EITMonline)

To address the situation, a meeting was held at the school, involving law enforcement officers, the district superintendent, and Jennifer Davis herself. This meeting took place in an office within the school premises, where Davis underwent a field sobriety test.

During the test, it was noted that Davis’s breath smelled of alcohol. When questioned about her alcohol consumption, she claimed to have had “just a glass of wine, nothing major” the previous night.

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However, her blood alcohol content was measured at 0.066, just below the legal limit for driving, which is 0.08. It’s important to note that she insisted that her alcohol consumption occurred the night before and not before coming to school that day.

The School’s Response

The school district acted swiftly upon realizing the situation. They immediately replaced Jennifer Davis with a substitute teacher and issued a press release, describing the incident as “disturbing and unsettling.” However, they were unable to determine who initially reported Davis’s alleged intoxication or whether any students witnessed her behavior.

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Superintendent Kinsey expressed sadness over the incident, emphasizing the school’s commitment to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for its students.

To ensure accuracy, Tecumseh police conducted a sobriety test, which concluded that Jennifer Davis was unfit for duty. In light of these developments, Davis decided to resign from her position, and she was escorted off campus by the police.

Jennifer Davis’s Response

Jennifer Davis maintains her innocence and insists that the accusations against her are false. She stated, “For them to say I was drinking while at school is such a lie.” Following her arrest, she was released from jail. It’s worth noting that she had been a teacher at Cross Timbers Elementary School since before the 2019-20 school year.

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The School’s Next Steps

In the wake of this incident, Cross Timbers Elementary School has begun the process of finding a permanent replacement for Jennifer Davis. They are committed to ensuring that the students continue to receive quality education despite this unfortunate situation. It’s important to note that no details about the incident have been shared with the students at this time.

Public Reactions

This incident has sparked reactions from the public, with some individuals expressing their concerns on social media platforms. Some have called into question the response of Ryan Walters, the Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction, urging action to address what they see as a growing problem within the education system.

A Troubling Trend

This incident comes on the heels of a similar case involving Kimberly Coates, another Oklahoma teacher who was taken into custody for allegedly being intoxicated on the first day of school. Coates, like Davis, denied the allegations and claimed to have consumed alcohol the night before reporting to work, rather than on the job.

Details In Short:

  • Date: Thursday, September 7, 2023
  • Location: Cross Timbers Elementary School, Tecumseh, Oklahoma
  • Name: Jennifer Davis
  • Occupation: Fourth-grade teacher
  • Jennifer Davis, an elementary school teacher in Oklahoma, was arrested on September 7, 2023.
  • She faced charges of public intoxication.
  • Davis resigned from her position after the incident came to light.
  • This incident marked the second occurrence of a teacher appearing intoxicated at Cross Timbers Elementary School.
  • School authorities immediately replaced her with a substitute teacher.
  • KMTV TV station obtained footage of a meeting involving law enforcement officers, the district superintendent, and Davis.
  • During the meeting, Davis underwent a field sobriety test.
  • Officials noted the smell of alcohol on her breath.
  • Davis claimed to have consumed “just a glass of wine, nothing major” the previous night.
  • Her blood alcohol content was reported to be 0.066, just below the legal limit for driving, which is 0.08.
  • The school district described the incident as “disturbing and unsettling.”
  • Jennifer Davis resigned after being declared unfit for duty following the sobriety test.


In conclusion, Jennifer Davis’s arrest for alleged public intoxication while on duty as an elementary school teacher has raised important questions about the conduct and responsibilities of educators.

The school district’s prompt response and commitment to finding a suitable replacement are crucial steps in maintaining a safe and effective learning environment for the students at Cross Timbers Elementary School. Public attention to these incidents highlights the need for continued vigilance in ensuring the well-being of students and the integrity of our education system.

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