Who Is Jay Norvell’s Wife? In the world of sports, the spotlight often shines brightly on the athletes and coaches who take center stage. However, behind every successful man, there’s often an incredible woman who provides unwavering support and strength. In the case of Colorado State University’s new Head Football Coach, Jay Norvell, his wife, Kim Norvell, is a remarkable example of resilience and perseverance that goes beyond the football field.

Who Is Jay Norvell's Wife?
Who Is Jay Norvell’s Wife?
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A Remarkable Journey

Kim Norvell’s life story is a testament to her indomitable spirit. She is not just the wife of a football coach; she is a survivor who has faced and conquered incredible challenges.

One of the most significant battles Kim has fought is against cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disorder affecting about 30,000 people in America. While today’s medical advancements allow for early diagnosis and treatment, Kim was born in 1968 when such options were not available. It took about six months of health struggles after her birth to realize that both of her parents carried the CF gene, and Kim had inherited the disease. At that time, her life expectancy was grim, with doctors doubting she would even make it to first grade.

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However, Kim and her family refused to give in to despair. Her daily routine includes a relentless commitment to maintaining her health, starting each morning with an hour of rigorous airway-clearing exercises and using a special vest to aid the process. This determination and willpower have been constant companions on her lifelong journey.

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Love and Resilience

Kim’s journey took an unexpected turn when she met Jay Norvell during her college years at the University of Wisconsin. Jay was a young assistant coach for the football team, and their connection led to a loving partnership. Together, they built a life that involved raising their son, who is now 22 years old, and embarking on numerous relocations as Jay’s coaching career took them to different locations across the country.

However, in 2007, their lives were shaken when Kim received a diagnosis of colon cancer, leading to the removal of 13 inches of her colon. The resilience and strength displayed by Kim during this challenging period were nothing short of remarkable. She not only defeated cancer but also continued to wage her daily battle against cystic fibrosis.

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Kim Norvell’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the power of love and support. Her journey from a child with a dire prognosis to the wife of a successful football coach is an inspiration to us all.

The Future in Fort Collins

As Jay Norvell takes on his new role as the head football coach at Colorado State University, he brings with him not only a wealth of coaching experience but also a remarkable woman who exemplifies strength and perseverance. Kim Norvell’s presence in Fort Collins is a symbol of hope and resilience, and the Rams are fortunate to have her as part of their community.

Details In Short

  • Kim Norvell, born in 1968, is the wife of Colorado State University’s Head Football Coach, Jay Norvell.
  • She has battled cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder, since birth.
  • In the past, early diagnosis and treatment options for cystic fibrosis were limited.
  • Kim’s parents discovered that she had inherited the disease about six months after her birth.
  • Doctors initially had a grim outlook on her life expectancy, even doubting she would reach first grade.
  • Kim’s daily routine includes rigorous airway-clearing exercises and the use of a special vest to manage her health.
  • She met Jay Norvell during her college years at the University of Wisconsin, where he was an assistant football coach.
  • Kim and Jay built a life together and raised their son, who is now 22 years old.
  • In 2007, Kim faced a diagnosis of colon cancer, leading to the removal of 13 inches of her colon.
  • Despite the challenges, Kim triumphed over cancer and continued her battle against cystic fibrosis.
  • Kim Norvell’s story serves as an inspiration of resilience and the power of love and support.
  • Her presence in Fort Collins as Jay Norvell takes on the role of head football coach at CSU symbolizes hope and strength.


In conclusion, while Jay Norvell’s coaching achievements are noteworthy, it’s important to recognize the incredible woman behind his success. Kim Norvell’s journey of triumph over cystic fibrosis and cancer is a story that deserves to be celebrated, and her strength continues to inspire those around her. As she joins the Fort Collins community, we can only imagine the positive impact she will have, both as a source of inspiration and as a symbol of unwavering support for her husband and the CSU Rams

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