In a surprising turn of events, speculation is mounting that TV personality Stacey Solomon could be the next host of ITV’s popular morning show, This Morning. This follows the recent calls from the public for long-term host Phillip Schofield to step down, amidst a career-ending backlash.

Stacey’s recent Instagram story has sparked rumors, as she cryptically hinted at an exciting new opportunity that could potentially be linked to the show. With a key date visible in her story set for September 2023, it has further fueled speculation that changes are on the horizon for This Morning.

Reports suggest that Schofield’s contract may not be renewed after this summer, opening the door for a fresh face to take the helm. As tensions reportedly grow between Schofield and his co-host Holly Willoughby, the stage may be set for Stacey Solomon to seize the opportunity and join the ranks of This Morning’s esteemed hosts.

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Stacey Solomon Drops a Cryptic Clue

Stacey Solomon, the beloved TV personality known for her bubbly personality and relatable presence, has sent fans into a frenzy with a cryptic Instagram story. In the story, she shares her excitement after what she calls “one of the most exciting meetings” of her life. While she refrains from providing explicit details, the timing and context of her post have led many to speculate that it could be linked to an opportunity on This Morning.

Who Could Replace Phillip Schofield on 'This Morning'?
Who Could Replace Phillip Schofield on ‘This Morning’?

As followers eagerly dissected the clues, Stacey also captured herself jotting down a significant date on a notepad: “September 2023.” This subtle gesture has only fueled the rumors and added weight to the speculation surrounding the potential departure of Phillip Schofield. With the public’s growing calls for change, could Stacey Solomon be the fresh face that This Morning needs?

Schofield’s Potential Exit from This Morning

Phillip Schofield, a mainstay on This Morning for over two decades, could be facing an uncertain future on the show. Reports suggest that the long-time host may not have his contract renewed after this summer, marking the end of an era.

An insider from This Morning revealed to The Sun that the show is preparing for “seismic changes” and Schofield is reportedly the first major name on the chopping block. The source stated that plans are being drawn up for a new look This Morning, and at present, Schofield does not feature in those plans.

With public sentiment shifting and a desire for fresh blood, it seems the time may be ripe for a change in the show’s lineup.

Strained Relations and Growing Tensions

Recent controversies and scandals have cast a shadow over the long-standing partnership between Phillip Schofield and his co-host, Holly Willoughby. The fallout from allegations of queue-skipping to see the Queen laying in state has not only caused public uproar but has also strained relations between the two hosts.

The public backlash and subsequent decline in popularity have reportedly taken a toll on their off-camera friendship. Reports have emerged claiming that Schofield and Willoughby are “barely talking” behind the scenes, with Holly seemingly distancing herself by unfollowing Phil on Twitter.

The strain on their relationship has only added fuel to the fire of speculation surrounding potential changes on This Morning.

Who Could Replace Phillip Schofield on 'This Morning'?
Who Could Replace Phillip Schofield on ‘This Morning’?-ITV

As rumors swirl and tensions rise, all eyes are on Stacey Solomon as a potential replacement for Phillip Schofield on This Morning.

With her relatable personality, infectious energy, and proven track record as a TV personality, Solomon could be the fresh face that the show needs to revitalize its image.

While nothing has been confirmed, the public’s positive reception of Solomon and her relatability factor make her a strong contender. Her Instagram story, coupled with the timing of Schofield’s potential exit, has only intensified the speculation.

As fans eagerly await further news, it remains to be seen if Stacey Solomon will indeed grace our screens as the new host of This Morning.

Who Could Replace Phillip Schofield on 'This Morning'?
Who Could Replace Phillip Schofield on ‘This Morning’? – ITV

The potential departure of Phillip Schofield from This Morning has sparked a wave of speculation, with Stacey Solomon emerging as a frontrunner to replace him. Solomon’s recent cryptic Instagram story and the key date of September 2023 have fueled rumors that she may be joining the show in the near future.

As tensions reportedly grow between Schofield and his co-host Holly Willoughby, the stage appears to be set for a shake-up in the lineup.

Stacey Solomon’s relatable personality and undeniable charm make her a strong contender for the coveted hosting role. As the public eagerly awaits confirmation and further details, the possibility of Solomon taking over the reins of This Morning brings both excitement and anticipation for a new chapter in the show’s history.

Only time will tell if Stacey Solomon will indeed replace Phillip Schofield and bring her unique touch to the iconic morning program.

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