White House Drugs: Cocaine Found in White House Sparks Brief Evacuation. A shocking incident unfolded at the White House, the iconic residence and workplace of the President of the United States, as authorities briefly evacuated the premises after discovering cocaine on Sunday night. Authorities discovered the suspicious powder in the West Wing, an area accessible to tour groups and utilized by presidential aides and staff. President Joe Biden and his family were away at Camp David during the incident. The US Secret Service, responsible for presidential security, immediately launched an investigation into the matter. This article explores the details of the incident, the ongoing investigation, and historical instances of drugs being brought into the White House.

White House Drugs: Cocaine Found in White House Sparks Brief Evacuation
White House Drugs: Cocaine Found in White House Sparks Brief Evacuation
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Cocaine Found in the West Wing, White House Evacuated

Late on Sunday night, Secret Service agents conducting a routine inspection at the White House made a startling discovery – a white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine. The West Wing, a significant part of the White House housing the Oval Office and Situation Room, was the location of the find.Presidential aides, staff members, and tour groups regularly utilize this area. As a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of its occupants and visitors, authorities evacuated the White House following the discovery.

Preliminary Test Confirms Cocaine Presence

Authorities conducted a preliminary test on the suspicious substance, and the results confirmed their suspicions: it was indeed cocaine. The US Drug Enforcement Administration categorizes cocaine as a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act, citing its high potential for abuse. This illicit drug has been a major concern in the United States for decades, and its discovery in such a secure location as the White House raises serious questions about security protocols.

Secret Service Takes Charge of the Investigation

The US Secret Service, responsible for safeguarding the President and securing the White House, has taken the lead in investigating this concerning incident. The focus of the investigation is to determine how the cocaine made its way into the highly secure premises. Authorities will examine surveillance cameras and entrance logs to identify individuals who accessed the area where they found the substance. Authorities will conduct a comprehensive review of security procedures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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Historical Incidents of Illegal Drugs in the White House

While the recent discovery of cocaine at the White House alarms, it is not the first instance of illegal drugs being associated with the President’s residence. Throughout history, there have been several notable cases involving drugs within the White House premises. One such instance involved rapper Snoop Dogg, who claimed to have smoked marijuana in a bathroom at the White House in 2013. Similarly, musician Willie Nelson confessed to smoking a joint on the White House roof during President Jimmy Carter’s tenure.

British actor Erkan Mustafa made headlines when he admitted to using marijuana and cocaine during a visit to the White House while the “Just Say No” anti-drugs campaign led by First Lady Nancy Reagan was ongoing. In a more bizarre incident, Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick revealed her failed attempt to spike President Richard Nixon’s tea with LSD in 1970.

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Ensuring White House Security and Preventing Future Incidents

The recent incident has highlighted the critical importance of stringent security measures at the White House. As one of the most heavily guarded places in the world, any breach in security is a matter of concern. The Secret Service, with its expertise in protecting the President and First Family, is entrusted with the responsibility of analyzing security protocols and implementing necessary improvements.


The discovery of cocaine at the White House, while shocking, underscores the need for constant vigilance and security measures at such crucial locations. The ongoing investigation by the Secret Service will shed light on the circumstances surrounding this incident. By identifying the loopholes and enhancing security measures, authorities can take steps to prevent similar breaches in the future. Maintaining the integrity and security of the White House is paramount to ensuring the safety of the President, staff, and visitors.

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