What Makes Deadpool So Cool, Funny and Awesome

Deadpool: The Slapstick Blockbuster

Deadpool, a 2016 marvel blockbuster is one such movie whose success story is known by one and all. It definitely is a game-changer. In a nutshell, it is a script which is based on a parody regarding delusion and self-mocking.

Below mentioned are few pointers which makes Deadpool Cool, funny and awesome:

– Smart Humor:

From the very start of the movie, it provides the viewer with laughter and gigs throughout the entire runtime. Deadpool is this wonderful mercenary. He is the kind who is quite heroic when needed, and there are times when he mingles up with all the bad guys, and surprisingly he has no issues aligning with them. Not being judgmental at all; Wade never hate others, and this is pretty evident from the fact that he gets along pretty well with anyone and everyone, be it good guys or bad guys. The anti-hero of the generation; he doesn’t really care about anything.

– The Paradoxical take:

What Make Deadpool So Cool, Funny and Awesome

A perfect parody of DC’s Deathstroke, who was an immensely trained assassin. Deathstroke was not at all funny but on the other side Deadpool is just hilarious and is not at all serious about things in life.

– The ANTI-Hero:

Deadpool plays neutral on both sides, which implies that even though he is a hero but still he has absolutely no problem with being to the side of the bad guys. Extremely neutral and non- judgmental, he never hates people or even judges them morally. A fun wildcard in the clan; he interacts well with both the clans and barely care, which makes him an anti-hero.

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Being cursed by Thanos for immortality provides Deadpool and edge over other superheroes. All the legendary ones like Batman, Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk and Captain America are all mortals but Deadpool outcasts everyone by being immortal. Being extremely obsessed with death and Thanos too becomes his reason for this curse of immortality for him. It all happened when Mrs. Death chooses Deadpool, but the condition is that the two can unite only once Deadpool dies; so, this becomes the reason for the curse as their union made Thanos angry and he cursed him with immortality.

– Deadpool is all about COMEDY

What Make Deadpool So Cool, Funny and Awesome

He is an extremely funny character or I would rather say he is one of the funniest characters in the comics. No matter what the situation is; he is always ready with his clever jokes which are always ready to just pop out.

– The breakthrough and forth:

His ability to break through and fourth walls is another quality trait of his makes him super awesome.
Throughout the entire movie, he very often breaks through and fourth the walls in such a manner that even the sight and manner of it is very funny. The hilariousness with which he breaks the wall is his trademark. His contemporary references are hilarious which pretty much confuses the heck out of the people in his vicinity. This trait of his is very engaging and henceforth makes him a unique character. He is the epitome of parody of the superheroes who always hogs onto chimichangas and loves Death herself.

To add more to it, his sidekick, Bob, is the most coward sidekick who compliments Deadpool perfectly. Totally incapable of doing things, he too is funny enough.

His capability of regenerating powers helps him grow back his organs. with such a splendid power he is quite often seen cutting off his body parts and donating them to the needy. Despite being a merc, this a good side of his. The entire scene of the regeneration is another funny sight to watch and roll over.

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– The SLAPSTICK Humor:

Deadpool certainly is not the regular superhero; he is an anti-hero at his best. Being a mercenary, his sole motivation in life is money; and that’s what makes him work and do every possible thing. The only comic character, he is aware of the fact that he is a comic character. A funny character, he talks a lot but his matter of jokes is even darker at times unlike Spider-man; and he makes such jokes when he is killing people. One of his kind, Deadpool has his own and brilliant ways to outsmart people. He definitely is unique, funny and a genuinely fun character to watch. The best out of the lot; Deadpool is the best stop for slapstick humor; and the movie has an incredible amount of minute and mind-blowing smart jokes packed well throughout the movie.

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