What Ken Rosato Said on Hot Mic That Led to His Firing from ABC 7. Ken Rosato, a prominent WABC-TV anchor, recently faced termination from ABC 7 after allegedly making an inappropriate comment about his co-anchor, Shirleen Allicot.

Witnesses reported that Rosato used a derogatory term, referring to Allicot as a “c**t on a hot mic.” The incident led to Rosato’s immediate removal from the channel, and his colleagues were only made aware of his departure on May 12, 2023. However, the exact reason for his firing has not been disclosed.

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The Shocking Incident and Its Aftermath

What Ken Rosato Said on Hot Mic That Led to His Firing from ABC 7
What Ken Rosato Said on Hot Mic That Led to His Firing from ABC 7

Jeannie. 🧞‍♀️ / @DianaPr27060514 wrote on Twitter:

KenRosato Holy Chitballs! Ken Rosato was fired today in NYC for uttering something horrible on a hot mic! His co-workers do not know what was said, but I’m here dying to find out!! A “source” at ABC said it may have been a racial slur. Yikes!

The incident occurred when Rosato unknowingly spoke into an open microphone while off-air. Witnesses claim that the derogatory remark was made in this context, which ultimately led to his termination from the channel. However, ABC7 has not yet issued an official statement regarding the incident.

The Consequences Faced by Ken Rosato

Rosato’s words were inadvertently captured by an open microphone, which ultimately resulted in his dismissal. Several online sources and eyewitnesses confirm that he made an off-color remark, although it remains unclear what specific word or phrase he used. Speculation arose suggesting that it may have been a racial slur, but Ken’s representative vehemently denied these allegations, stating:

“Being fired for any racial slur is 100 percent inaccurate and untrue. Ken Rosato had a benchmark of 20 years at WABC of supporting all equality.”

What Ken Rosato Said on Hot Mic That Led to His Firing from ABC 7
What Ken Rosato Said on Hot Mic That Led to His Firing from ABC 7

In an email, the general manager of ABC 7 acknowledged Rosato’s departure from the channel and expressed gratitude for his contributions over the years. Although individual discussions were held with Rosato’s co-anchors regarding the incident, the specific reasons behind his firing were not disclosed to them. Notably, Rosato’s biography has been removed from the list of current reporters at WABC.

Ken Rosato’s Career Journey

Ken Rosato embarked on his career as an anchor and reporter for various news stations, including WNYW-TV, WFOR-TV, WLIW21, 1010 WINS Radio, WBLI-FM/Long Island, and WLNY-TV/New York. He joined WABC-TV in 2003 and became an anchor for Eyewitness News This Morning and Eyewitness News at Noon in 2007. Throughout his tenure, Rosato competed against esteemed reporters and even received an Emmy Award for his coverage of the steam pipe explosion in New York City.

In 2010, Rosato had to undergo surgery due to a malfunctioning kidney, necessitating a temporary break from his anchoring duties. He expressed his gratitude to those who sent well wishes during this challenging time.

Beyond his professional life, Rosato’s bio on the ABC New York website reveals his love for opera and his initial aspiration to become a veterinarian. It also mentions his interest in cooking.

What Ken Rosato Said on Hot Mic That Led to His Firing from ABC 7

Reflecting on his career, Rosato fondly recalls the moment when he was given the opportunity to host ABC New York’s news program, which contributed to increased ratings. His journey began as a freelance reporter, and his progression to becoming an anchor showcased his talent and dedication.


Ken Rosato’s firing from ABC 7 following his inappropriate comment about co-anchor Shirleen Allicot has sent shockwaves through the

broadcasting community. While the specific details of the incident have not been disclosed, the repercussions faced by Rosato highlight the importance of maintaining professionalism and respect in the workplace. As the situation unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the consequences that can arise from unprofessional behavior, even when unaware that one’s words are being captured by an open microphone.

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