What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markel?

Meghan Markle, the renowned actress turned Duchess of Sussex, has captivated the world’s attention with her grace, intelligence, and captivating beauty. While her achievements and marriage to Prince Harry have garnered significant media attention, one question remains a subject of curiosity: What is Meghan Markle’s ethnicity?

In this article, we delve into the fascinating heritage of Meghan Markle, exploring her diverse roots and the challenges she faced growing up as a biracial individual. Join us on this journey as we uncover the layers of Meghan Markle’s ancestral background and celebrate the richness of her diverse heritage.

The Complexities of Meghan Markle’s Biracial Identity

Born on August 4, 1981, in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, Meghan Markle is the daughter of Thomas Markle, a Dutch-Irish-German father, and Doria Ragland, an African-American mother. From an early age, Meghan embraced her mixed-race identity, acknowledging the beauty and strength that came with it. However, her ethnicity has been a subject of debate, leading to different interpretations among various communities.

What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markel?
What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markel?

To African Americans, Meghan is seen as black, while others recognize her as biracial. This divergence of perception reflects the complexity of race and ethnicity, highlighting the need to respect individual self-identification and embrace diversity in our society.

Navigating Prejudice and Struggles: Meghan’s Early Years

Growing up in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, Meghan Markle encountered challenges related to her biracial background. In an interview with Elle in 2015, she recalled the lack of diversity in her neighborhood and the assumptions people made about her mother, Doria Ragland. Many presumed that Doria, an African-American woman, couldn’t be Meghan’s biological mother due to Meghan’s fair complexion.

These experiences left a lasting impact on Meghan, shaping her commitment to fighting racial prejudice and advocating for inclusivity. Her journey toward self-acceptance and confidence in her skin has made her an influential role model for individuals who have faced similar struggles. What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markel?

Meghan Markle’s Maternal Heritage: Tracing African-American Roots

Meghan’s African-American heritage can be traced back to her maternal grandparents, who had ties to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her maternal grandfather, Alvin Azell Ragland, was born in the 1930s and worked as an antique dealer and hotel porter. Through meticulous genealogical research, it was discovered that Meghan’s maternal great-great-grandfather, Jeremiah Ragland, was biracial. His mother, Texas (also known as Mahala Hendrick), was a white woman, possibly married to a man named Steve.

The Ragland family relocated from Georgia to Chattanooga, where Jeremiah worked as a presser and owned a tailoring shop. Meghan’s maternal great grandfather, Steve R. Ragland, followed in his father’s footsteps, working as a presser and later as a bag handler at the Northern Hotel in Tennessee.

What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markel?
What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markel?

While Meghan’s family history does not have official records tracing back to the time of slavery, she revealed in an interview that her great-great-great-grandfather chose the surname “Wisdom” when slavery was abolished, symbolizing the freedom and empowerment that came with the end of such a painful era. What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markel?

Unraveling Meghan Markle’s Paternal Lineage: Dutch-Irish-German Roots

Meghan’s paternal side reflects a mix of Dutch, Irish, and German ancestry. Her father, Thomas Markle, is of Dutch-Irish descent, with potential Swiss roots. Detailed research conducted on Meghan’s paternal bloodline suggests connections to the Swiss-German Meck family.

Thomas Markle’s ancestors immigrated to the United States, settling in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Meghan’s great-great-grandfather, Joseph Walter Meck, was born in Pennsylvania in 1864 and worked as a carpenter. Over the years, the family migrated to Ohio, where Meghan’s great-grandfather, Joseph Vincent Markle, was born.

Meghan’s paternal family history showcases the diverse cultural influences that have shaped her background and adds to the tapestry of her overall ethnic heritage. What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markel?


Meghan Markle’s ethnicity is a fusion of her African-American and Dutch-Irish-German roots, forming a vibrant and diverse heritage. As she navigates the complexities of her biracial identity, Meghan has become an inspiration for individuals grappling with similar challenges.

Her commitment to using her platform to advocate for racial equality and inclusivity shines a light on the importance of embracing diversity in our society. Meghan Markle’s journey of self-discovery and celebration of her multifaceted ethnicity is a testament to the power of embracing one’s heritage and the beauty that lies within our diverse backgrounds.

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