What is KD or FD Ratio in PUBG or BGMI?

What is KD or FD Ratio in PUBG or BGMI? After a long time, a game has come out which has attracted many people to gaming in today’s time. Now new people are joining it. It can be downloaded quite easily from different Apps. Because of this, in today’s time, it has been downloaded by 500 million people. One of the reasons why people like it so much is that its features work so smoothly in the game with ultra HD graphics. Anyone can become crazy about it.

SEASON Varies in 4 weeks in PUBG. All PUBG Players are enthusiastic about the NEW SEASON because PUBG brings a lot of new updatesin each of its new seasons like VEHICLES, OUTFITS, guns, and SKINS.

All the PUBG players play in every new season with renewed vigor and hope that their aim in this season is to maintain good K/D. Now the question arises that how to maintain good KD RATIO. In this post, we will know about this as well as know more things related to it.

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What is KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile?

In today’s time, a PUBG player definitely talks about KD to another PUBG player. Today we know what is KD ratio. KD ratio means kill-death ratio. The way to get it out is something like how many KILL you have done. If you divide it by your total PLAYED MATCH, then you will get your KD RATIO.


What is KD ratio in PUBG?
ratio of 4.71

It varies after every match. To maintain a good, perfect KD one should play regularly with similar friends. There are many benefits of playing with similar friends like we know the weakness and plus points of a teammate. We will know that we will be able to guide each other well and we will be able to form a perfect squad.

It is not necessary that you do MAINTAIN in your KD squad only, you can also MAINTAIN your KD by playing solo or duo. Because many times it happens that you want to play PUBG but your friends do not want to play, so you can maintain a good KD ratio in solo or DUO also.

How to increase KD / FD ratio

You can survive more time by landing in a smaller space by not landing in a HOT DROP. This is because in hot drop you will get more opponents together and they can kill you soon. If your opponent gets the gun before you in the hot drop, he will kill you and you will not be able to survive for long.

Due to the early kill, there will be an effect on your KD Ratio as well as your rank will also be minus. That’s why in starting you can land in small places like MILTA, GATKA, etc. by not selecting HOT DROP. This will give you 2 benefits. First, you will be able to survive more than this, your rank will be more plus, as well as you will get a few opponents where you will be able to survive for a long time due to a few tips and tricks.

Another way to increase KD Ratio is that if you do extra KILLS from your AVERAGE KILLS in every match, then your KD will increase. You can understand this in such a way that if you do 2 kills in every match, then you increase it further. You try to do it gradually and more kills, in this case, your KD will automatically increase.

How To Maintain KD Ratio

To maintain the KD ratio, your average KILLS should always be the same. You understand it this way –


We all want to maintain a good KD but sometimes it happens that we are killed quickly by other opponents, in such a situation our KD RATIO decreases. In such a situation, you will have to cover the kills of the old match and the kills of this match in the next match. In this case, your KD will be maintained.

Assuming you have played 100 matches and your total KILL is 500, then your KD will be 5. But in the next match, if you want to maintain the same KD, then you have to do at least 5 KILLS. Only then your KD will be MAINTAIN. If you do 10 kills in a match, then you will have a plus point that if you finish even on 0 kills in any further match, then the EXTRA KILLS of your match will maintain your KD.

If you haven’t made an extra kill in a match or end up with 0 kills, you’ll need to do double kills in a NEXT match to maintain KD. So that your KD will be maintained again.

If you are trying to maintain KD or want to push your rank, then instead of playing with any random player, you play SOLO or DUO, then it will be a plus point for you.

How to Maintain 4 KD in PUBG?

Above we have explained to you what is KD RATIO. If you want to maintain 4 KD then how will you maintain it? To do this, you will have to kill a minimum of 4 players in every match. Only then you can maintain a KD ratio of 4.

4 KD you can MAINTAIN in this way
2 matches, 8 KILLS = 4 KD
3 matches, 12 KILLS = 4 KD
4 matches, 16 KILLS = 4 KD
5 matches, 20 KILLS = 4 KD
6 matches, 24 KILLS = 4 KD
7 matches, 28 KILLS = 4 KD
8 matches, 32 KILLS = 4 KD

Is 5 KD Or 2 KD Good in PUBG?

5 KD means that your average kills are 5 in every match. On the other hand, if your KD is 2 then it means that you are doing 2 KILLS in every match. Therefore 5 KD will be considered better. But it is generally seen that most people consider 3 KD to be a good KD ratio. In such a situation, you yourself can understand how much KD RATIO would be right. To maintain 3 KD RATIO, you have to maintain an average of 3 KILLS in every single match. Only then you will be able to MAINTAIN this KD RATIO.

What is a Good KD Ratio in PUBG?

KD RATIO of 3 is considered a good K/D RATIO and so, it is not too difficult to maintain. But it is not that you do only so much, you can increase it even more. If your KD ratio is low then you have to work on your skills. You have to know the tips well. Only then you can reach a better KD RATIO tune.

So this was the information about KD RATIO. If you liked it then do share it with your friends.

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