What is Jonathan Isaac’s New Clothing Brand, UNITUS, All About?

What is Jonathan Isaac’s New Clothing Brand, UNITUS, All About? In a world where athletes often transcend the boundaries of their sports and become influential figures in society, Orlando Magic star Jonathan Isaac has taken a bold step to make a statement beyond the basketball court. His newly launched clothing brand, UNITUS, is not just another line of athletic apparel; it’s a movement, a reflection of his beliefs, and an alternative to what he sees as the prevailing “woke” culture in retail brands today.

What is Jonathan Isaac's New Clothing Brand, UNITUS, All About?
What is Jonathan Isaac’s New Clothing Brand, UNITUS, All About?
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Details In Short

  • Brand Concept: UNITUS, created by Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac, reflects his values beyond basketball.
  • Values Over Conformity: Isaac’s refusal to kneel during the anthem in 2020 showcased his commitment to his beliefs, a stance continued through UNITUS.
  • Alternative Perspective: UNITUS offers an alternative perspective with products aligned with overlooked values.
  • Platform for Shared Values: UNITUS provides a platform for like-minded individuals to buy products resonating with their beliefs.
  • Core Values: The brand’s motto, ‘true greatness,’ highlights faith, family, and freedom as its focus.
  • Holistic Approach: UNITUS includes diverse leisure wear, sportswear, and signature sneakers tied to Bible verses.
  • Instagram Following: With 23.5k Instagram followers, UNITUS positions itself as a values-based alternative in apparel.
  • Encouraging Individuality: UNITUS promotes self-expression and individuality, contrasting societal conformity.
  • Critics and Skeptics: Isaac’s venture highlights his multi-dimensional identity beyond basketball despite skepticism.
  • Positive Impact: UNITUS is a movement reflecting Isaac’s values, inviting individuals to express their beliefs.
  • Spiritual Aspect: Isaac attributes his journey’s success to Jesus Christ, infusing faith into the brand’s message.
  • Conclusion: UNITUS extends beyond clothing, standing for a choice to uphold convictions in a changing world.

A Stand Against Conformity

In 2020, Isaac made headlines when he chose not to kneel during the national anthem in the NBA’s Orlando bubble. This decision set him apart and showcased his willingness to stand up for his convictions. Now, with the launch of UNITUS, he’s once again asserting his stance – this time in the realm of fashion.

An Alternative Perspective

UNITUS is more than a clothing brand; it’s an alternative perspective in a world dominated by mainstream ideals. Isaac’s decision to create UNITUS stems from his desire to provide a platform for those who share his values. He felt that the prevailing “woke” culture often contradicted these values, and he wanted to give people the option to buy products that resonate with their beliefs. Isaac explains, “When we do give our money to companies that don’t support our values, we’re cosigning their message. So, what I wanted to do was give Americans, freedom-loving Americans, faith-loving Americans the option to buy with their values.”

Uniting Faith, Family, and Freedom

The brand motto of UNITUS is ‘true greatness,’ a phrase that encapsulates the essence of Isaac’s mission. At its core, UNITUS stands for faith, family, and freedom. These values are woven into the fabric of every product they offer. From T-shirts and sweats to shorts and sneakers, each item carries the message of unity and conviction.

A Holistic Approach

UNITUS isn’t just limited to clothing; it’s a holistic approach to lifestyle and self-expression. The brand offers a range of leisure and sportswear, encompassing a diverse array of products. Among these offerings, the signature “Judah I” sneaker holds a special place. With five distinct colorways, each tied to a specific Bible verse, the sneaker becomes a canvas for spiritual inspiration and personal reflection.

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Walking the Talk

What is Jonathan Isaac's New Clothing Brand, UNITUS, All About?
What is Jonathan Isaac’s New Clothing Brand, UNITUS, All About?
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Isaac’s commitment to his brand goes beyond the launch event. UNITUS already has a substantial following on Instagram, boasting over 23.5k followers. The brand positions itself as a values-based alternative to mainstream sports and lifestyle apparel. The website offers a seamless shopping experience, where customers can browse and purchase products that align with their beliefs.

Embracing Individuality

In a world where conformity often takes center stage, UNITUS encourages individuality and self-expression. By choosing to wear UNITUS apparel, individuals not only make a fashion statement but also express their values and beliefs. It’s a way to stand out while standing up for something meaningful.

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The Road Ahead

As with any unconventional venture, there are critics and skeptics. Some question Isaac’s decision to step into the world of fashion, suggesting he should focus on his basketball career. However, Isaac’s journey with UNITUS is a testament to his multi-dimensional identity. He’s not just a basketball player; he’s an individual with beliefs, principles, and a desire to create a positive impact.


Jonathan Isaac’s UNITUS clothing brand isn’t merely a collection of apparel; it’s a reflection of his beliefs and an alternative to prevailing cultural norms. In a society where conforming to the mainstream is often the norm, Isaac’s brand stands as a beacon of individuality, faith, and unity. With each product, UNITUS invites individuals to make a statement – not just about fashion, but about what they stand for. As Isaac himself puts it, “I’m just so excited… I have to give glory and honor to Jesus Christ for who I am today and how this journey of following Him has blossomed into what we see today.” In a world that’s ever-evolving, UNITUS is more than a brand; it’s a movement, a choice, and a testament to the power of staying true to one’s convictions.

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