What Happened To Breena On NCIS?

What Happened To Breena On NCIS? In a heart-wrenching turn of events, beloved character Breena Palmer, wife of NCIS Medical Examiner James Palmer, made a poignant return in Season X of the hit TV series NCIS. Fans were left devastated when Breena’s untimely death from the COVID-19 virus was revealed in Season 18. However, in a highly anticipated episode titled “The Helpers,” viewers finally got a chance to witness an emotional reunion between Jimmy and his late wife. This article delves into the details of Breena’s character, the circumstances surrounding her departure, and the significance of her return.

What Happened To Breena On NCIS?
What Happened To Breena On NCIS? (Image By thepioneerwoman.com)

Details In Short:-

  • Date: Late December 2020
  • Name: Breena Palmer, portrayed by the talented actress Michelle, is the beloved character who made a poignant return in the episode.
  • Age: Breena’s age is not explicitly mentioned in the provided information.
  • Family: Breena is the daughter of Ed Slater and the older sister of Stevie Slater, establishing her familial connections.
  • Marriage: Breena was married to NCIS Medical Examiner James Palmer from May 2012 until her untimely death in late December 2020.
  • Cause of Death: Breena succumbed to the COVID-19 virus, which tragically took her life.
  • Reunion Scene: The opening scene of “The Helpers” depicts Jimmy resting his head on Breena’s legs, reminiscing about their time together.
  • Breena’s Encouragement: In the scene, Breena gently urges Jimmy to open his eyes, leading to a surprising revelation.
  • Co-Writing: Brian Dietzen, who portrays Jimmy Palmer, co-wrote the episode “The Helpers” alongside Scott Williams.
  • Importance of Closure: Dietzen emphasized the significance of allowing Jimmy and the audience to say goodbye to Breena on-camera, providing much-needed closure to her character’s storyline.

The Life and Legacy of Breena Palmer

Breena Palmer, a skilled mortician, played a vital role in the NCIS universe as the wife of James Palmer. The quirky and lovable Medical Examiner. She was the daughter of Ed Slater and the older sister of Stevie Slater, establishing a rich family background. Breena’s character was brought to life by the talented actress Michelle, who infused her with warmth, compassion, and a strong sense of family.
As the wife of James Palmer, Breena’s character provided a steady support system for her husband, both personally and professionally. Their love story unfolded on screen, culminating in their marriage in May 2012. Their union was blessed with the arrival of their daughter, Victoria Elizabeth Palmer, adding a new dimension to their family dynamic.

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Tragic Demise and Unseen Farewell

On Late December 2020. The shocking news of Breena’s death due to the COVID-19 virus left NCIS fans in mourning during Season 18. However, due to a time jump in the show’s narrative, viewers were denied the opportunity to witness a proper farewell between Jimmy and his beloved wife. This absence left a lingering sense of longing and unresolved emotions among the show’s dedicated fan base.

The Emotional Reunion in “The Helpers”

In the highly anticipated episode titled “The Helpers,” fans were finally given the closure they had been waiting for. The opening scene of the episode depicted Jimmy resting his head on Breena’s legs, cherishing their memories together. This idyllic setting provided a poignant backdrop for their reunion. As Jimmy expressed how deeply he missed his wife since her passing.

Breena, portrayed once again by the talented Michelle. Gently urged Jimmy to open his eyes, only to reveal moments later that he had fainted due to exposure to a deadly biotoxin in the NCIS lab. This scene not only offered fans a chance to say their own goodbyes to Breena but also provided a cathartic experience for Jimmy’s character.

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Brian Dietzen’s Perspective and Co-Writing the Episode

Brian Dietzen, the actor behind Jimmy Palmer, played a pivotal role in crafting the emotionally charged episode. He co-wrote “The Helpers” alongside Scott Williams, demonstrating his deep investment in the character’s journey. In an interview, Dietzen shared his motivations behind including the reunion scene, emphasizing the importance of allowing Jimmy and the audience closure by saying goodbye to Breena on-camera.


The return of Breena Palmer in Season X of NCIS has brought both closure and healing for the show’s devoted fans. Michelle’s reprisal of the beloved character. Alongside Brian Dietzen’s dedication to writing a heartfelt episode, has made this emotional reunion possible. The absence of a proper farewell in Season 18 was rectified. As Jimmy Palmer was given the chance to express his love and bid a poignant goodbye to his late wife. This episode signifies a turning point for Jimmy’s character. Allowing him to embrace his future while cherishing the memories of Breena and becoming a more present father to their daughter, Victoria.

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