A devastating car accident in the Jalukbari area of Guwahati claimed the lives of seven students from Assam Engineering College in a heart-wrenching incident that occurred in the early hours of May 29. The college community was sent into shock, and families and friends were left in a state of profound grief.

In this article, we will present a comprehensive account of the tragic event, including the preliminary police report, the heroic rescue efforts, the condition of the injured students who were admitted to Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH), details of the accident according to the police statement, additional casualties and hospital admissions, and an examination of the possible causes of the accident.

Furthermore, we will cover Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s expressions of grief and his assurance of support to the bereaved families.

How does the Car accident take place?

A car accident involving students from Assam Engineering College has left the community in a state of shock and mourning. The accident occurred in the Jalukbari area of Guwahati, claiming the lives of several talented young students.

On Monday, a tragic car accident took place in Guwahati, resulting in the loss of seven lives at Assam Engineering College. The students were traveling in an SUV that struck a road divider and collided with another car. The accident occurred during the early hours of May 29 and has deeply affected the entire college community.

Authorities had to extract the bodies of the victims from the severely damaged vehicle. Unfortunately, all of them had succumbed to their injuries at the accident scene. Additionally, three other students sustained serious injuries and were promptly rushed to the Guwahati Medical College Hospital for treatment. Among the injured, one student is in critical condition, adding to the immense tragedy.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the SUV, carrying a total of ten students, including the driver identified as Kaushik Baruah, veered across the road divider and collided with an oncoming pickup truck. Reports suggest that the students may have been under the influence of intoxicants and possibly driving above the speed limit, contributing to the severity of the accident.

The news of this devastating accident has deeply affected Assam Engineering College and the broader community. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and assured them that all necessary medical assistance would be provided to the injured students. This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the crucial importance of road safety and the urgent need to reassess and strengthen safety measures to prevent such calamitous accidents in the future.

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Police Report and Rescue Efforts

Following the accident, a preliminary police report shed light on the sequence of events. The SUV carrying the students collided with a goods-laden pickup truck, resulting in a catastrophic impact. The force of the collision led to the unfortunate loss of lives and left the vehicles severely damaged. Emergency response teams swiftly arrived at the scene and initiated rescue efforts to extricate the victims from the mangled remains of the SUV.

Condition of Injured Students

Alongside the devastating loss of lives, three other students sustained grievous injuries in the accident. They were promptly rushed to Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) for urgent medical attention. Medical professionals worked tirelessly to stabilize the injured students, with one of them reported to be in critical condition. The GMCH staff and administration provided round-the-clock care and support to the victims and their families during this distressing time.

Additional Casualties and Hospital Admission

In addition to the seven students who lost their lives, the accident also caused casualties among the occupants of the goods carrier involved in the collision. Three individuals from the goods carrier were admitted to the hospital for medical treatment. The extent of their injuries is yet to be disclosed, but they are receiving the necessary medical care to aid their recovery.

Possible Causes of Accident

As investigations continue, reports indicate that the students’ alleged intoxication and exceeding the legal speed limit may have significantly contributed to the accident. The combination of these factors could have impaired their judgment and control over the vehicle, resulting in the tragic collision. Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation to gather additional evidence and establish the exact circumstances that caused the accident.

Chief Minister Offers Condolences and Support to Grieving Families

Upon learning of the heartbreaking incident, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma voiced his deep anguish over the loss of young lives in the road accident at Jalukbari. In a tweet, he extended heartfelt condolences to the grieving parents and families, assuring them of all possible support during this difficult time. The Chief Minister also contacted the authorities at GMCH to ensure that the injured students receive the best possible medical care and attention.


A tragic car accident has claimed the lives of seven bright students from Assam Engineering College, prompting deep mourning within the college community. Authorities are actively investigating the incident to ascertain the precise causes and circumstances that contributed to this devastating event. The primary focus is on providing support and care to the injured students as they recover, while also offering comfort and aid to the grieving families during this difficult time. The incident serves as a solemn reminder of the critical significance of road safety and underscores the urgency of implementing strict measures to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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