What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye | That’s exactly must be the question striking your mind if you have been experiencing it frequently. So, now it’s time to hold on to your eyeballs and dive into the article to extract the answer to your question.

Red eyes are commonly known as Bloodshot eyes. It usually happens whenever there is an insufficient supply of oxygen in the tissues of the eye. Due to this, blood vessels present in the Sclera (the whitish portion of the eye) gets inflated and make the eyeballs look reddish.

Most of the time, the problem is not the serious one. Since it either gets cured by itself or by using some usual home remedies. But if the reddishness persists for a long time or is accompanied by some kind of pain, irritation, eye discharge, or blurred eye, then it cannot be ignored simply. One must get aware that it is time to knock on the door of Ophthalmologists.

In most cases, the exact reason behind ‘What caused the reddishness of my eyes? ‘cannot be predicted with certainty until and unless the individual has gone through medical checkups.
Here is some frequent and common answer to the question ‘What causes red-eye? ‘:

Conjunctival Problems


The thin and transparent membrane covering a part of the Sclera and the interior portion of eyelids is called Conjunctiva. When this mucous membrane gets inflamed, it is termed Conjunctivitis or Pinkeye. Because of this, it imparts a red color to the eye.

Its syndrome includes a tingling sensation; teary, blurry vision, and a gummy coat on the eyelashes. What results in pink eye varies depending on the individual and his/her surroundings. It is easily rectified if the stimulating factor is known.

Subconjunctival Haemorrhage:

It is a minor eye problem. It is the bursting of tiny arteries present in the Conjunctiva which leads to the bleeding beneath the Sclera. Thereby, causing red eyes.
It is mainly caused by the pressure buildup because of many factors such as sudden sneezing, laughing or convulsion.

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In this defect, the imagery nerves present in the brain get ruptured because of the pressure. Unlike the Conjunctival problem, it is dangerous and doesn’t heal on its own. In the long term, it may lead to complete vision loss. So, it is often advisable to visit eye specialists during the early onset itself.
Common symptoms include blurry vision and red eyes.


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Uveitis, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/allaboutvision.com

It is a rare severe disorder in which the iris (colored part of the eye) gets swelled up. Its healing period ranges from a week to months. It is a non-contagious disease. Usually, redness in the eye is accompanied by some pain. Treatment includes normal medication and eye drops.

Corneal Ulcers

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Corneal Ulcers, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/allaboutvision.com

It is most prominent in people who use contact lenses. Because of some scratches or damage to the Cornea of the eye, the bacteria invade. Thereby, causing one of the causes of red eyes. Since this can be initiated by other microbes as well, such as fungi and parasites. It can be contagious depending on the type of pathogens.
It can be treated easily if it is identified and diagnosed early.

Dry Eyes

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Dry Eyes, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/rd.com

The condition of the eyes is that the tear glands don’t produce enough tears to keep your eyes moist. It increases the susceptibility of the eyes toward germs, pollution, and constant digital screen gazing.
The Common sensation includes prickling and discomfort in vision. Also, wearing contact lenses can aggravate the condition. It is difficult to cure but can be controlled with some care. Eye specialists generally use Schirmer’s test, Artificial tears, and Lacrimal Plugs(a technique to avoid drainage of tears) to examine and treat the defect.

Ocular Herpes

It is caused by HSV(Herpes Simplex Virus). This virus causes inflammation in the cornea and usually affects one eye. In some cases, it leads to blisters on the eyelids.
The signs of this eye herpes are a headache, red eyes, the feeling of sand in the eye, etc. Medical assistance treats the disease.

Digital Eye Strain

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Digital Eye Strain, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/huffpost.com

The most common cause of red eyes. As the name suggests, it is the continuous staring at digital screens for a long time. It makes the eyes tired, dry, and stained. According to a recent survey in America, approximately 65% of people were found suffering from this. Practicing some home remedies such as taking regular breaks, frequent blinking, and eye drops can relieve the strain.

Cold and Flu

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Cold and Flu, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/youngandraw.com

One of the most common and simple problems of people of all ages. In this illness, the cause of the red eyes is basically due to Sinusitis. Typical Signs include red and running nose, headache, fever, and sneezing. Usually, no medication is required for this illness.

Taking Narcotics:

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Taking Narcotics, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/cnn.com

We all are very well aware of the ill effects of narcotism on our respiratory and digestive systems. But it can be equally lethal to our eyes too. Frequent consumption of it causes red eyes which remain for a long time.

Sleep Deprivation

Being at par with our ever-increasing expectations often leads to an inadequate amount of sleep. An increase in sleep debt usually causes red eyes, fatigue, and depression. No doubt, having good and quality sleep is the only solution to this problem. So, next time you are having red eyes, then lack of sleep could be your culprit.


Sometimes, the cause of red eyes might be the substance or condition to which your body is allergic. Whenever the body comes in contact with an allergic substance, it releases a chemical called Histamines. This chemical then fights the allergens. But its side-effect can also cause red eyes.


An eye disorder wherein the fringe of the eyelid becomes scaly, red, and puffy. It usually occurs as a result of blocked oil glands where the bacteria grow. It is a common and chronic eye disease that is not easily curable. People suffering from Blepharitis customarily complain of red and sore eyes, sticky eyelashes, and difficulty in vision.

How to Get rid of Red Eyes

Getting rid of red eyes can be easier and at times more difficult if it is caused due to a serious disorder. Its remedy depends upon the cause and the condition of the ailment. However, it is often good to have a short-term solution to relieve your eyes and avoid the situation to become worse. Most of the time home remedies are sufficient to cure the cause of red eyes. Here are some of them:

Avoid touching the red-eye

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One of the most important ways to prevent red eyes. Touching, rubbing or scratching can aggravate the current condition of the eyes. Since germs from your hands can transfer into your eyes. Moreover, doing so can also cause damage to the cornea. Thereby, paving the way for cornea-related disorders.

Practicing the 20-20-20 rule

Most important for the people who spend most of their time in front of digital screens. It is common among children who often complain of red eyes. Most of the time, they are unaware of the fact that bright screens are the cause of red eyes.
In this rule, you take a break at every 20 minutes and watch an object located 20 feet from you for 20 seconds. This is an effective and easy method to get rid of red eyes.

An adequate amount of sleep

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An adequate amount of sleep, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/womansvibe.com

On most occasions, the cause of red eye is the lack of sleep. So, try prioritizing your sleep time. It differs from person to the person and how much time is good to sleep.

Eating a Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet can keep most eye disorders at bay. Try to increase the content of Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Eat loads of green leafy vegetables and fruits which are rich in Vitamin A and C. Also, drink plenty of water.

Try avoiding Hazardous Surroundings

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Hazardous Surroundings, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/architecture2030.org

Particulate matters like fumes, aerosol, dust, and smoke are the well-known cause of red eyes. They can also trigger eye allergies. So, it’s better to avoid them in order to get rid of red eyes. Sometimes, excessive sun exposure can also cause red eyes.

Artificial Tears

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Artificial Tears/What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye

It is a potential solution to dry eye syndrome. It helps in moistening the eyes if your tear glands fail to do so. Thereby, getting rid of dry eyes. It will help you to give relief to your eyes. Artificial tears also relieve dry eyes and lubricate your eyes. It also prevents eye irritation.

Keeping ice packs:

Putting ice packs on the eyes can help them relieve inflammation or pain. Ice-pack will help you to give relief to your eyes. It also prevents eye irritation. You will feel a stress-free eye.

 Splashing with Cold Water:

A gentle splashing can remove the unwanted dirt or foreign particles that may be causing the red eyes. It can be practiced regularly in order to clean your eyes and get rid of red eyes.

Beware of Contact Lenses:

This one is especially for those wearing contact lenses all the time. Contact lenses can be home to many germs and bacteria causing eye disorders. Thus, it is always a good idea to keep your lenses clean and hygienic. If you don’t know how to, then try consulting your physician.

Seeking advice from Eye Professionals:

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Seeking advice from Eye Professionals, What Causes Red Eye and How to Get Rid of Red Eye/angieslist.com

If your bloodshot eye persists for a long time or the cause of red eyes is a serious one, then it’s better off to get it examined by Optometrists or Ophthalmologists. Taking immediate action, in this case, can go the long way in getting rid of red eyes easily.

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