What is Elite Pass in PUBG? Players who play PUBG are crazy behind this game. They just keep looking for a chance to play it. That’s why it has been the most played mobile game worldwide in 2021. Everyone keeps playing it day and night so that they become better than others in this PUBG. And we all know very well that only by practicing something, again and again, we can master it. PUBG also gives different passes to its players, with the help of which you can improve yourself in every single season of PUBG. PUBG offers two different passes. The first one we call ELITE pass and the second one is ROYAL pass. So let us now know what is the specialty of these two passes and how we can buy them.

If you play PUBG, then you must know very well that there are seasons in it which are of 4 weeks. In this season you have to complete different missions. You get rewards when you complete the mission. You get rewards only according to the pass you have. In PUBG, ELITE and ROYAL are 2 different passes.

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What is Elite Pass in PUBG?

PUBG gives you an extra benefit every single season. If you buy an ELITE pass, then you will get extra benefits from it. Your RP increases when you complete the mission and you get rewards at the end of the season as your RP increases. If your RP is 5 at the end of the season, then you will get all the rewards from RP 1 to 5. Similarly, if you have RP 40 at the end of your season, then you will get rewards ranging from 1 to 40 RP. GUNS, SKINS, OUTFITS, etc. are available in these rewards. It has a maximum of 50 RP and if you complete 50 RP then you get LEGENDARY OUTFIT in it.

How to Buy Elite Pass in PUBG?

How to Buy Elite Pass in PUBG?

If you want to buy an Elite pass in PUBG, then we are telling you a step-by-step guide following which you can buy it very easily. First of all, you open your ID. After opening the ID, you have to click on RP in the top right corner, there you will see two different passes, one of them is Elite and the other is a Royal pass. To buy the Elite pass, you have to click on the price in the section under the Elite pass. You can buy this pass for 0.99$. After clicking on the price, a pop-up will be shown in which you will be told some conditions. You have to read these conditions. After that, you click on OK.

How to Buy Elite Pass in PUBG?

After this, you will be asked for your payment details. You can pay in different ways, you can also buy it with a credit card, debit card, different wallets, and play store credits. Now select the payment mode according to you and after the payment is successful, you will get the Elite pass. Apart from this, there is another pass which we know as Royal Pass. So let’s now know about the Royal Pass.

How to Buy Elite Pass in PUBG?

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What is Royal Pass in PUBG?

Above we have seen what are the benefits of buying Elite Pass. Similarly, there are more benefits of buying a Royal Pass. Royal Pass has to give you more benefits than the Elite pass. Understand that after buying it, all the rewards you get at the end of the season will be yours, that too without participating in matches. Yes, after purchasing this pass it is not necessary that you have to play the game. You can collect all the rewards of the season together after the end of the season.

Just like after playing the game in Elite Pass, you get rewards according to the amount of RP you have at the end of the season. But in this, you get rewards without playing. If you want, you can participate in matches but still, you will get all the rewards no matter what your RP is.

Now the question is how to buy it. Above we have told the process of buying an Elite pass. Similarly, by following the same steps, you also have to take Royal Pass. But for this, you have to pay 4.99 $ per month. You can cancel this subscription at any time.

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