What is BP Coins in PUB G or BGMI? PUB G Mobile is one such game that is the most played game in youth. It was the most played mobile game in the world of 2021. It is very addictive and it is said that whoever plays it becomes crazy about it and keeps playing it continuously. If we go to PLAY STORE and see, that the total downloads of this game are more than 500 million, now you can get an idea of ​​the madness with which it is played. One thing that is mentioned in PUB G is BP coins. So what are these BP coins after all? Why do people collect it? And where is it used? Let’s know about it –

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What are BP Coins?

BP coins or BP is like a currency inside the game. Like we use currency (DOLLAR, EURO, YUAN, etc.) to buy things in common life. Similarly, BP is used to buy different things in PUB G mobile. If you have BP SUBSCRIPTION, you can directly buy SKINS, GUNS, OUTFITS, etc., for your AVATAR. But if you do not have a BP subscription then you can use it to open SOLDIER CRATES and with the help of this, we can also create our own CLAN. So now you know where it can be used? But now the question arises that how to collect it. We also have the answer to this question. So let’s know about it.

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You have come to know where it is used, but now it is also essential to know that how it is EARN. You have to keep playing this game to earn it. Yes, the more you play this game, the more you become better at it, and the more your BP coins will keep increasing. The more you play this game, the more you will complete MISSIONS and MATCHES. The more MISSIONS and MATCHES are completed, the more your BP coins will keep on increasing. After completing each MATCH, it gets added to your ID. How many coins will be added to your ID will depend on how good you were in your performance match.

You can also share BP coins with your friend and on the contrary, you can also ask for it from your friends. They say no ‘SHARING IS CARING’ so this thing has been kept in mind. So now you must share it with your friends.

What is the best way to use BP?

Have you collected many BP? And you are not able to DECIDE what the best way to use BP coins? So let us tell you where you can use it best.

The best way to use it is that you first take a BP subscription. You can make the most of it only after taking a subscription. Its PRIME and PRIME PLUS are two different subscriptions. You can also buy PRIME SUBSCRIPTION for 0.99$ PER MONTH and PRIME PLUS SUBSCRIPTION for 4.99$.

prime and prime plus

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY OUTFITS, GUNS, SKINS ETC DIRECT FROM THE STORE. For that, you have to buy SOLDIER CRATES. By buying SOLDIER CRATES you will get what is in the crates. But after taking the subscription, you can buy your favorite things from the direct store. And in this way, you can make full use of your BP coins.


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