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Lindsay Arnold has worked in various theater shows since high school. It was only after working in the theater that she decided that she would make her career in acting.

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As of June 2020, Lindsay Arnold plays Allie Horton on Days of Our Lives. During that time Allie Horton was pregnant and possessed by evil.

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But now she is about to leave the show. But what is the reason that Lindsay Arnold is leaving the show?

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Lindsay Arnold says that she considers the show makers and all the members of the show as family. She also says that she will miss everyone after leaving the show.

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Apart from this, she feels that this is the right time to take a break from it and experience other things.

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Lindsay Arnold had a three year contract with the show maker and this contract is about to expire. And this is the main reason that now she is leaving the show.

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Lindsay Arnold also has a twin sister named Alison DiLaurentis. She also wants to try other things and know what else they like.

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The makers of Days of our Lives have not yet revealed who will be given the role of Allie Horton instead. But, can the show makers get Lindsay Arnold back on the show?