Survivor Season 44 will feature the youngest castaway ever, Carson Garrett, who is only 18 years old. Carson Garrett is from Oklahoma and has been a fan of the show since he was 10 years old.

He was chosen for the show after submitting a video audition online. Carson is a high school senior and plans to attend college after the show.

Survivor Season 44 will be filmed in the South Pacific, with 20 castaways competing for the title of Sole Survivor.

The season will feature new twists and challenges, including a new format for Tribal Council. Jeff Probst will return as the host of the show.

Carson Garrett is a big fan of previous Survivor contestants like Parvati Shallow and Tony Vlachos. He describes himself as confident, competitive, and charismatic.

1. Carson hopes to use his age and perceived innocence to his advantage in the game. 2. He also plans to form strong alliances and use his social skills to manipulate the other players.

Carson is excited to have the opportunity to play the game he loves and hopes to make his mark on Survivor history.

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