Jake Paul started his career with the Internet. In the early days of his career, he was the first to upload videos to an app called Vines.

Start of His Journey

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Disney offered Jake Paul the lead role in a TV series called Bizaardvark. The series was based on two best friends who post their favorite things.

White Lightning
White Lightning

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 Before this, he has also been a professional wrestler, he has also trained as Navy Seal.

White Lightning

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Jake Paul is the brother of internet celebrity Logan Paul. Logan Paul's YouTube channel has over 15 million subscribers. Earlier,


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Jake made a complete fake video of his marriage. It was a complete Fake wedding series. Jake and his childhood friend Erika Costell did it together.

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When Jake started Team 10, his colleagues decided that they should work together. So together they rented a mansion for $17,000.

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Jake Paul Vs. Tommy Fury Fight Jake Paul is also a wrestler and he faced a professional wrestler for the first time in his life. This fight took place on 26 February 2023.

White Lightning
White Lightning

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After earning fame on the Internet, he also focused on wrestling and boxing. His record in boxing is 6-0.

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