Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers

Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds is an amazing manga story. In this story, there was a girl name Lua who had a different healing power from others. She has gone through pain and betrayal and now she will take revenge for it. In this post, we are going to tell you spoilers of that story. Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers.

Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers
Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers

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Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers Chapter 1 to 10

Sir Garrot and Ariane’s engagement.

Lua has been in love with Sir Garrett since childhood. After some time, Sir Garrot becomes the Knight commander at a young age. One day in an attack by a demon he got hurt a lot, his whole body was full of wounds. Sir Garrett was brought to the temple to heal. The task to heal him was given to Lua. Lua now has to cure Sir Garrett. After healing, all of Sir Garrett’s wounds are now on Lua. All the wounds end up in Lua’s body. In such a situation, she becomes very weak and remains in bed for a month. When Lua regains consciousness, she knew that Ariane, her best friend, has been engaged to Sir Garrett. She was too sad to know that news about Sir Garrot and Ariane.

Who was behind the demon attacks?

From the last 1 year, the attacks of demons have started increasing in the state. Who could be behind it? Is anyone benefiting from these attacks? This is what Prince Swen tells Lua these attacks are not being done by demons themselves. These attacks are being done by the High Priest of the Church. The High Priest is doing this because the prestige of the Church becomes more than that of the royal family and the High Priest becomes more powerful among the people. As the attack increases, more people will be injured. After getting injured, everyone would come to the church for healing. This will increase the faith and trust of the people in the Church. To do this, 3 Nobels were supporting him. Those nobles paid a lot of money to the High Priest for his work. Prince Swen explains this to Lua.

Yuan Clan

The Yuan clan is a clan that lives in the forests and is very rare. People living in this clan are of dark skin and their eyes and hair are golden. Their language is magical, with the help of which they can control the demons of the forest. They have a tattoo on their neck which is even more magical than their language. Lua came to know all these things from a book kept in the royal library. She wanted to know whether what Prince Swen had said to her was true or not.

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Meeting at the Tower of Prayer

Lua has been peeping outside her room at night for many days. One day suddenly she saw a person going toward the forest. She follows the man and finds him stopping at the Tower of Prayer. There she saw another person who belongs to the Yuan clan. After that, she goes inside that tower secretly. The High Priest was already present inside the tower. Lua was surprised to see the High Priest with a yuan boy. She somehow manages to go inside and overhears their conversation. After listening to his words, it is known that the High Priest had caused the demon’s attack with the help of that Yuan boy. Now she was confirmed that prince Swen was true.

The third person in the meeting

A meeting was taking place between the High Priest and Yuan Boy. A third person was also present in that meeting. That person was Ariane. Ariane was helping him in the High Priest’s plan. Because she wanted to become a saint. She was the Saint’s representative and Ariane could become a saint with the High Priest’s help. For this reason, Ariane was also involved in this conspiracy. He used to subdue the demons living in the forest and make them attack the people so that people would come to the church after getting injured. The more the treatment, the more the status of the church would increase.

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Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers
Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers

Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers Chapter 11 to 20

Maid with a knife

At a ball party, a maid tries to attack Viscount Desmond. She wanted to kill Viscount Desmond. The maid had a knife in her hand, which Lua sew and told Prince Swen about it. Prince Swen stops the maid and brings her out. The maid tells them that Viscount Desmond has raped her. And his fiancee’s bakery has also been closed by him. He ruined their life. That’s why she wants to kill him and set everything right.

Swen found that girl

Prince Swen had been looking for a girl since childhood. Actually, Prince Swen was wandering in the village sadly in his childhood, and his feet were injured. Just then a girl comes to him and heals his wounds. Seeing this prince Swen was very much impressed by that girl. Because everyone considered him a cursed child. People believed that because of him his mother suffered a lot and no one loved him much. She was the first girl who treated the prince well. When she went back from there, one earring of hers was left with the prince. Since then he were looking for that girl. Then later when Swen was dancing at the ball with Lua, he saw the same earring in Lua’s ear. He then found that she was Lua, the girl who helped him in his childhood.

Demon in warehouse

Shiji was tasked by prince Swen to go and watch around the palace. He was instructed that if anything strange happens, tell Shiji must inform Prince Swen. Just then, Shiji saw Ariane in front of the warehouse with a Yuan boy. Then he realizes that there might be a demon in that warehouse. He went inside to told everything the prince and Lua. As soon as he told all this to the prince, a demon appears in the ball and starts attacking people. A demon comes inside that hall, seeing which everyone gets scared and starts running.

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Assassin’s attack

Prince Swen and Lua killed the demon who was attacking people in the ball. After killing the demon prince exposed Viscount Desmond. He called and told everyone that it was Viscount Desmond who was bringing demons from the forest and Shiji caught the yuan boy who was controlling the demon. Both of them, yuan boy and Viscount Desmond send to prison. A group of assassins attacks them. That group killed the yuan boy and Viscount Desmond was traumatized by that incident and now he can’t speak anything.

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