UFO in Middletown, Ohio: Mysterious Rotating Green Lights Have Reportedly Been Seen. Middletown, Ohio was shaken by an extraordinary event on Wednesday night as residents reported witnessing an astonishing display of rotating green lights hovering above them. The inexplicable sighting, which occurred around 10:30 p.m., left many in awe and pondering the possibility of extraterrestrial activity. This close encounter with UFOs has sparked curiosity and speculation among the locals, with numerous eyewitnesses describing the mesmerizing phenomenon. Let us delve into the details of this mysterious event that has left the community of Middletown questioning the existence of life beyond our planet.

UFO in Middletown, Ohio: Mysterious Rotating Green Lights Have Reportedly Been Seen
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Details In Short :

  • Date: Wednesday, 21 June 2023
  • Time: Around 10:30 p.m.
  • Location: Middletown, Ohio, near Butler Tech’s LeSourdsville Campus on Jerry Couch Boulevard
  • Witnesses: Multiple residents
  • Eyewitnesses’ Names: Caden Little and Bryce Garrick
  • Description: Rotating green lights
  • Motion: Clockwise rotation, swift movement across the sky, and disappearance
  • Speed: Bewildering speed ruling out drones
  • Skepticism: Bryan Simpson, president of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society, expressed doubts about the origin, suggesting a possible social media stunt.
  • Credible Reports: Multiple credible reports needed to substantiate the sightings
  • Law Enforcement: Butler County Sheriff’s Office received no calls and has no explanation
  • Discussions: Sparked discussions about extraterrestrial encounters and the existence of life beyond Earth.

The Enigmatic Display

Screengrab of the video of UFO spotted in Middletown, Ohio.
One individual, Caden Little, managed to capture the mesmerizing spectacle on video while on Jerry Couch Boulevard near Butler Tech’s LeSourdsville Campus. Little described his initial reaction as a mix of fear and fascination, exclaiming, “I instantly thought like we’re under attack (by) aliens. It was scary.” Fortunately, the lights abruptly disappeared without any hostile action, providing some relief. Eyewitnesses, including Bryce Garrick, observed the enigmatic lights rotating in a clockwise motion before swiftly darting across the sky and vanishing. The bewildering speed at which the lights maneuvered ruled out the possibility of drones, according to Bryan Simpson, president of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society.

Simpson also cautioned about the prevalence of fabricated videos, emphasizing the need for multiple credible reports to substantiate such sightings. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office received no calls regarding the incident, leaving dispatchers perplexed as they struggled to offer an explanation. In a quest for answers, Simpson expressed his intention to investigate the source of these sightings and vowed to share any updates with the public.

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The Peculiar World of UFOs

These astonishing events occurred just weeks after a NASA panel convened to examine numerous reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). While NASA acknowledged that conclusive explanations were elusive, the characteristics described in the reports painted a peculiar picture. Witnesses often depicted small, round objects with a silver, translucent, or white appearance, exhibiting flight patterns at altitudes of 10,000 to 30,000 feet. Some noted these objects traveling at extraordinary speeds, while others appeared motionless, defying conventional understanding.

The Pentagon’s recent disclosure added to the intrigue, revealing that of the 144 sightings made by military pilots since 2004, only one had been satisfactorily explained. NASA, meanwhile, aims to destigmatize UFO reporting, encouraging transparency to foster scientific investigation without fear of online harassment.

Multiple Witnesses Share Their Accounts

What is that?! Video of spinning lights in the Ohio sky has multiple people claiming they saw a rotating UFO ship. Multiple people claim to have seen rotating UFOs in the night sky above Middletown, Ohio, Wednesday night. Witnesses stated they saw strange rotating green lights above their heads around 10:30 pm on Wednesday. One resident, Bryce Garrick, told local news outlet WCPO Cincinnati he was in his car when he spotted the object. In a video Garrick shared with the outlet, five green lights in a circle can be seen rotating anti-clockwise before quickly shooting to the left out of sight.

Another witness, Caden Little, said the incident ‘was scary’ but that ‘in like two seconds, it was out of sight.’ ‘It looked like something I’d never seen before at all,’ Little said. ‘I had seen drones fly before and this was not like any type of drone.’ However, Bryan Simpson, president of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society, expressed skepticism about the origin of the lights, suggesting it could just be a stunt for social media clout.

The Need for Credible Reports

‘I think the real test of authenticity is if you get a lot of reports of the same thing. Otherwise, it’s probably fake. And by lots, I want to see at least 20 different reports,’ Simpson said. Adding: ‘This is so easy to fake with off-the-shelf motion graphics software for TikTok likes.’ The Butler County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the outlet it had not received any calls about the lights. Dispatchers said they do not have an explanation for the sightings.


The UFO sighting in Middletown, Ohio, has left the community captivated and questioning the mysteries of the universe. With rotating green lights defying conventional explanations, eyewitness accounts have sparked curiosity and speculation. While investigations into the authenticity of the sighting continue, one thing is certain—this extraordinary event has opened up discussions about the possibility of extraterrestrial encounters and the existence of life beyond our planet. The enigma of the Middletown UFO will persist, reminding us that the universe holds many secrets yet to be unraveled.

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