In a devastating incident on a serene afternoon, a fatal ATV accident occurred near Quill Hill Road in Coplin, Maine. A young Massachusetts woman, Abigail Divoll, lost her life in the crash, while the ATV’s driver, Matthew Tolman, sustained a severe head injury. The accident has raised concerns as both individuals were not wearing helmets, and there are suspicions of speed and alcohol contributing to the tragic event. As the Maine Warden Service initiates its investigation, the community mourns the loss and prays for the recovery of the injured.

Atv Accident Maine , source: Coast Reporter
Atv Accident Maine, source: Coast Reporter

Details In Short :

Location: ATV trail near Quill Hill Road in Coplin, Maine
Name: Abigail Divoll
Age: 25
Residence: Royalston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Passenger in a side-by-side ATV
Driver: Matthew Tolman
Age: 26
Residence: Hubbardston, Massachusetts
Injuries: Matthew Tolman suffered a serious head injury, Abigail Divoll was killed in the crash
Helmet usage: Neither Abigail Divoll nor Matthew Tolman was wearing helmets
Possible factors: Speed and alcohol may have been a factor in the crash
Investigating agency: Maine Warden Service

The Unfortunate Incident

On a fateful day, around 12:45 pm, emergency services responded to a distress call reporting an ATV accident on a trail near Quill Hill Road in Coplin, Maine. The authorities swiftly dispatched the Maine Warden Service to the scene to conduct a thorough investigation.

The Victims and the Vehicle

Abigail Divoll, a 25-year-old woman from Royalston, Massachusetts, was a passenger in a side-by-side ATV driven by Matthew Tolman, a 26-year-old resident of Hubbardstown, Massachusetts. The duo was leading a group of three ATVs when disaster struck. As they encountered a washout on the trail, they lost control of the ATV, leading to a tragic outcome.

The Consequences of Not Wearing Helmets

The absence of helmets during the ATV ride proved to be fatal for both Divoll and Tolman. The impact of the crash threw Tolman from the ATV, causing him to suffer a serious head injury. Tragically, Abigail Divoll lost her life, leaving friends and family devastated.

Suspicions of Speed and Alcohol

Preliminary investigations point towards two potential contributing factors: speed and alcohol consumption. There are indications that the ATV was being operated at a high speed, making it difficult for the driver to control the vehicle when they encountered the washout on the trail. Moreover, the presence of alcohol may have impaired their judgment, further escalating the severity of the accident.

Life Flight to the Rescue

Immediately after the incident, emergency medical services were summoned to the scene. A life flight helicopter was deployed to transport Matthew Tolman to the Maine Medical Center in Portland for urgent medical attention. The swift response may have played a crucial role in preventing further complications and ensuring prompt medical care.

Grief and Mourning

The loss of Abigail Divoll has deeply affected the communities in both Massachusetts and Maine. Friends, family, and acquaintances are mourning the untimely passing of a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her. Expressions of grief and tributes are pouring in from all corners as people remember Abigail’s joyful and vibrant personality.

Ongoing Investigation

The Maine Warden Service has taken up the responsibility of investigating the accident to ascertain the full circumstances and causes. The team will meticulously examine the scene, gathering evidence, and interviewing witnesses to paint a comprehensive picture of the tragedy.

Call for Safety Measures

In the wake of this heart-wrenching incident, authorities, safety advocates, and local communities are joining hands to raise awareness about ATV safety. Emphasising the importance of wearing helmets, adhering to speed limits, and avoiding alcohol consumption while operating such vehicles could help prevent similar accidents in the future.


The unfortunate ATV accident in Maine that claimed the life of Abigail Divoll serves as a poignant reminder of the risks associated with recreational activities like ATV riding. This tragedy emphasizes the need for individuals to prioritize safety measures, such as wearing helmets and avoiding reckless behavior while enjoying outdoor pursuits. As the investigation unfolds, it is hoped that valuable lessons will be learned, leading to a safer future for all ATV enthusiasts.

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