The Connection between Dana Smithers and Bryan Kohberger Of Pennsylvania

The Connection between Dana Smithers and Bryan Kohberger Of Pennsylvania. The mysterious disappearance and subsequent murder of Dana Smithers have taken an unexpected turn with the emergence of a connection to Bryan Kohberger. Kohberger’s parents have been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury investigating Smithers’ case in Pennsylvania, while Kohberger himself faces charges for the brutal murders of four University of Idaho students. This article delves into the perplexing circumstances surrounding Smithers’ disappearance, the subsequent discovery of her remains, and the enigmatic connection to Kohberger. Join us as we explore the details of this intriguing case and shed light on the unknown.

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Dana Smithers’ Disappearance

The Connection between Dana Smithers and Bryan Kohberger Of Pennsylvania
The Connection between Dana Smithers and Bryan Kohberger Of Pennsylvania

In May 2022, Dana Smithers vanished without a trace from Monroe County, Pennsylvania. The 45-year-old mother of three was last seen leaving a friend’s house, holding her cellphone. Her disappearance raised alarm bells among her family, who reported her missing when she failed to return. Despite extensive searches, including the exploration of nearby Glen Park, no leads emerged in the immediate aftermath.

Date: May 2022 (Dana Smithers’ disappearance), November 13 (murder of four University of Idaho students), December 30 (Bryan Kohberger’s arrest).

Time: 11:05 pm (Dana Smithers’ last known sighting), 4 am (noises heard by survivors Mortensen and Bethany Funke), 1:30 am (police raid at Kohberger’s family home).

Location: Off-campus home (where the four University of Idaho students were murdered), Park Avenue in the Borough of Stroudsburg (where Smithers’ remains were found), Washington State University in Pullman, Idaho students’ residence, Indian Mountain Lake Estates in Chestnuthill Township (Kohberger’s family home).

Discovery of Smithers’ Remains

Nearly a year later, in April 2023, decomposing human remains were found in a wooded area close to Park Avenue in Stroudsburg. Dental records later confirmed that the remains belonged to Dana Smithers. However, the cause and manner of her death remain unknown. The discovery of her remains brought renewed attention to the case and the ongoing investigation into her disappearance.

The Kohberger Connection

The revelation of a potential connection between Bryan Kohberger and Dana Smithers adds a perplexing twist to the case. While living in Pennsylvania, Kohberger resided in close proximity to Smithers before later moving to Washington State. The grand jury investigating Smithers’ case has subpoenaed Kohberger’s parents, Michael and Maryann Kohberger, to testify. The nature of their involvement remains unclear, but suspicions have arisen due to concerns expressed by Kohberger’s older sister regarding his potential connection to the Idaho murders.

Bryan Kohberger: The Suspect

Bryan Kohberger, a 28-year-old criminology student, stands accused of four counts of first-degree murder and burglary in the deaths of four University of Idaho students. The victims, Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin, were brutally stabbed to death in their off-campus home. Kohberger’s arrest followed a manhunt, during which his white Hyundai was linked to the crime scene, and his DNA matched a sample found on a knife sheath.

The Connection between Dana Smithers and Bryan Kohberger Of Pennsylvania – Reuters

The Enigma of Bryan Kohberger

Understanding the accused killer’s background adds another layer of complexity to the case. Kohberger was born in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, in 1994. Descriptions of his past vary, with some classmates recalling him as quiet and friendly, while others remember him as a potential bully. Reports also mention his involvement with illegal substances and his curiosity about criminal psychology. Kohberger’s transformation and subsequent pursuit of a graduate degree in criminal justice further deepen the enigma surrounding him.

The Ongoing Investigation

As the grand jury investigation into Dana Smithers’ case continues, more details may emerge regarding the potential connection to Bryan Kohberger. His parents’ testimonies could shed light on critical aspects of the investigation, and the transcripts may be shared with law enforcement agencies in Idaho. The trial for the quadruple murders of the University of Idaho students is set to begin in the coming months, offering a chance for justice to prevail.

The Connection between Dana Smithers and Bryan Kohberger Of Pennsylvania
The Connection between Dana Smithers and Bryan Kohberger Of Pennsylvania


The case of Dana Smithers’ disappearance and murder has captivated the public’s attention, with the recent revelation of a connection to Bryan Kohberger adding intrigue and complexity. As investigators delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding these events, the search for truth and justice intensifies. With the testimonies of Kohberger’s parents and the upcoming trial, we hope to uncover the missing pieces and bring closure to the victims’ families. Stay tuned as we follow this gripping case and the developments that unfold.

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