“The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave” is an amazing manga story. It is a story of an orphan boy and an orphan girl. The boy belongs to a royal family whose father died from falling odd a cliff. Whereas the girl was the daughter of a famous female thief that turned the empire upside down. Her mother was hanged to death because she was trying to steal things from a famous Earl’s Mansion. Both the boy and the girl meet together in an orphanage. The boy was adopted by Duke Schuetz who belongs to the rulers of war. And the girl was adopted as a daughter-in-law. The manga story goes with lots of twists and turns. Here in this post, we will tell you some of the spoilers from the story “The adopted daughter-in-law wants to leave”.

The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Spoilers
The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Spoilers

The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Chapter 1 to 10 Spoilers

The girl was the daughter of a female thief.

The name of the girl was Ellie. She was the daughter of a famous female thief that turned the empire upside down. Her mother was hanged to death because she was trying to steal things from a famous Earl’s Mansion.

The boy belongs to a Royal Family.

The name of the boy was Damien Clider, Whose father was Duke Clider. He was the owner of the empire’s largest trade union. His family was beyond the Royal family.

Clider did not die accidentally he was killed.

The emperor was jealous of Clider. Because they have much more wealth than the royal family. Due to jealous emperor secretly eliminated them.

The will of Duke Clider’s.

After the death of Duke Clider, his will has been found. In that will, all the family fortune was given to his friend Duke Erhard Schuetz, also known as a slayer on the battlefield and the ruler of the barren North full of beasts.

The boy was a slave.

Damien Clider was a slave before coming to the orphanage. He even hunted for monsters in some dark places. He had to follow all the orders given by his Owner/Master to survive. He was given to the director of the orphanage since she lost him in gambling.

Damien wants to protect Ellie at any cost.

Ellie helped Damien from other boys in the orphanage from being bullied. She talked generously with him and helped him from the cold. Because of that Damien wants to save her from any danger at any cost and he started having some feelings for her.

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The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Chapter 11 to 20 Spoilers

The age gap between Damien and Ellie.

Ellie was older than Damien. Ellie was two years older than Damien. In the story, Ellie tried to call Damien her brother and then he instantly denied her being her brother. At that time Ellie mentions his and her age. She told to him, “I am thirteen years old and you are eleven years old.”

Mana Stones

There is a precious stone mentioned in this manga story. The name of this stone is Mana. Mana stone is a mineral that condenses mana. People without mana use this to use magic. However, the mana stone is very precious. In the production of mana stone, a magician is also needed. This stone was first mentioned by the Director of the orphanage, and she had some of it.

Ellie steals a Mana Stone

Ellie needed some warmth to cure his fever of Damian. So she steals a Mana sone and uses its warmth to cure Ellie. But after that the Director of the orphanage caught her.

How did Duke find the boy with black hair and blue eyes (Damian)?

Duke Shuetz was searching for the boy with black hair and blue eyes i.e., Damian. He had a blue Mana Stone of Damian. Duke knew that if that stone comes near Damian it will glow immediately. First Duke Shuetz visited the Director’s office where he found five boys with black hair and blue eyes but the stone did not glow. But when he goes near Damian the Mana Stone glows. In this way, Duke Shuetz identifies Damian as the son of Duke Clider.


Ellie had a book in which the same story was written about Damian. And she knew everything that will happen in the future. In that book the female lead of Damian is Ashabel. But Duke Shuetz wanted to adopt Damian as his son and Ellie as his Daughter-in-law. Basically, Duke Shuetz tries to make Ellie Damian’s wife.

The conditions of Ellie to go with Duke Shuetz as Daughter in law.

Duke Shuetz asked Ellie to come with him. But she imposed some conditions on that. Her condition was that all the teachers of the orphanage must be removed from there and he must improve the condition of that orphanage so that the other orphans can live better.

Viscount Corbino planned against Elly

Viscount Corbino didn’t want Elly to be Damien’s wife or Duke’s daughter-in-law because he had greedy eyes on Trade Union. He planned against Elly with a Blue Hope Mineral it’s a Mana Stone that only is obtained in his territory. With his source, he managed to know that she is a daughter of a thief. And he wanted to use that fact against her and wanted to show that truth to everyone.

For that, he ordered the maid that somehow put that Blue Hope Mana in Elly’s pocket. He wanted to show Elly as a thief same as like her mother. That maid somehow put that stone in Elly’s pocket.

In front of the Duke and other people, Viscount imposes an allegation that she had stolen the Blue Hope stone. In front of everyone, he checked her. But there was no hope stone. Elly secretly implanted that stone in Viscount’s pocket when he was checking her.

The Adopted Daughter-in-law Wants To Leave Chapter 21 to 30

Duke wanted that Elly must be adopted by Royal Family

Duke wanted that Elly must be adopted by Royal Family. So, he gave Elly an option to select a family which will adopt her. So, she chooses Baron Amanda. Because she knew that Baron Amanda belongs to the north and the north is full of magical beasts and the main weapon there is money. Baron Amanda also had a small mineral mine there. But Baron Amanda didn’t want to adopt any child.

Baron Amanda’s wife was suffering from an illness

Baron Amanda was a knight and a good husband. His wife’s name was Viera. Viera was suffering from an illness, oclumency after the birth of their child. Due to that disease, her memories were constantly disappearing. That disease can’t be cured.

How Clider and Schuetz became friends?

From now 15 years ago there was a tree of life. That free was very powerful. The nearer a life is to the tree, the greater the mana. The people who live near the tree have unique magic powers. But the tree wilted and because of that the people near that tree became weak. It was an opportunity for the Cliders and the Schuetz. The imperial family declared war against the temple. And in this process Clider and Schuetz became friends.

Duke Schuetz Wife

After the war between the temple and the empire, Duke Schuetz married a girl from that race who lived near that magical tree. The name of that girl was Yulia.

Why the Oeborg the blacksmith didn’t want to take proper treatment?

There was a blacksmith named Oeborg in Duke Schuetz’s territory, who makes swards for Duke’s soldiers. His one eye was blind and the doctor told him that his second eye will also lose vision in the future if he didn’t take proper treatment. But Oeborg didn’t want to treat that, and what was the reason behind it? Basically, he was in a depression after losing his daughter. His daughter died in the red lake. After her death, Oeborg lose vision in one eye and started drinking alcohol.

Oeborg was given wrong medicine.

Oeborg the sward maker, who makes sward for Schutez was suffering from eye illness. A doctor was assigned for his treatment, but the doctor was giving him the wrong medicine. Instead of medicine he was given poisen, which was made from the cursed water from red lake. But why was the doctor doing so? He was doing this because of the Viscount Guantar. Viscount Guantar was to capture the weapon market. In present Schutez have the command on the weapon market. By harming Oeborg the sward maker he can remove Schutez from weapon market.

What Does Manga Mean?

Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels that has origins dating back to the 19th century. It typically features colorful artwork and compelling storylines written by storytellers or mangaka. Manga can be enjoyed by readers of all ages, from children to adults, due to its wide range of genres that feature stories about romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, horror, and more.

Manga stories are typically told in a serialized format with episodes published weekly or monthly in magazines. They often have intricate plots with multiple subplots that build up over time until they reach a climax.

The unique way the stories are told allows the reader to become totally immersed in an imaginary world full of suspense and excitement.

Manga characters also tend to be highly distinctive and instantly recognizable due to their distinct style of artistry. They are often portrayed as having larger-than-life personalities and characteristics which make them lovable and relatable – even when dealing with difficult issues like morality or mortality.

In recent years manga has gained international acclaim thanks to its widespread availability through digital platforms such as streaming services; this has enabled people from outside Japan to access the content without having to wait for physical publications.

Overall not only does manga provide an entertaining escape for those who read it but it’s also a powerful medium for conveying messages about real-life topics like relationships, politics, history, and culture – which makes it an incredibly important form of art worldwide.

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