In a heart-wrenching loss, Tabitha Pyrtle, the cherished owner of Thomasville Xpress Refunds Tax Service, bid farewell to the world on Sunday, September 10th, 2023. Her passing has left a void in the hearts of her family, friends, and the Thomasville, North Carolina community. In this article, we pay tribute to Tabitha Pyrtle’s life, recount her educational and professional journey, and remember the remarkable woman who touched the lives of many.

Tabitha Pyrtle Death: Remembering a Resilient and Compassionate Community Leader
Tabitha Pyrtle Death: Remembering a Resilient and Compassionate Community Leader

A Life Remembered

Tabitha Pyrtle, aged 53 at the time of her passing, departed from this world surrounded by her loving family. Her daughter shared the poignant news through a heartfelt post, describing her as “selfless, strong-willed, and so beautiful.” Although her last moments were spent in the comforting embrace of her family, the exact cause of her demise remains undisclosed.

Education and Career

Tabitha’s roots in the Thomasville community ran deep, having been a beloved member for many years. Her educational path led her through Ledford and Southern Guilford High Schools, where she likely began to exhibit the determination and resilience that would define her life. Afterward, she pursued further studies at Tri-County Tech.

Notably, Tabitha Pyrtle was more than an educator; she was a dedicated proprietor. She was the driving force behind X-Press Refunds Tax Service, recognized not just as Tabitha Pyrtle but also as Tabitha Daniels Pyrtle. Additionally, she owned and operated SP Custom Fencing & Custom Buildings, a business venture that commenced its journey on January 1, 2017.

A Heart of Compassion

Tabitha Pyrtle was characterized by her deep compassion and empathy. Her heart had an innate capacity for understanding and empathy that extended to everyone she encountered. Whether they were close friends facing adversity or complete strangers, Tabitha lent an open heart and a compassionate ear to those in need. Her boundless capacity for compassion made her a pillar of strength for her loved ones.

A Resilient Spirit

Tabitha Pyrtle’s life epitomized resilience in the face of adversity. She navigated through life’s challenges with unwavering determination, emerging unscathed and undefeated. Her ability to find hope and optimism in even the most trying circumstances served as an inspiration to all who knew her. Her unwavering will to succeed, despite the odds, is a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

A Mother’s Love

As a mother, Tabitha Pyrtle showered her children with unconditional love and affection. Her love provided them with unwavering strength, boundless optimism, and a comforting sense of solace. She was not only their mother but also their guiding light, teaching them the values of love, resilience, and compassion.

A Loving Wife and Friend

In her role as a wife, Tabitha’s love provided stability and unwavering support to her family. Her relationship with her spouse was not just one of partnership but also a deep and abiding friendship. Their bond served as an inspiration to those who witnessed the love and camaraderie they shared.

A Generous Spirit

Tabitha Pyrtle was known for her generosity and willingness to help others. She gave her time, resources, and a listening ear without expecting anything in return. Her acts of kindness touched the lives of many, leaving an indelible mark on the community she held dear.


Tabitha Pyrtle’s passing leaves behind a legacy of compassion, resilience, and boundless love. Her life serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, one can emerge stronger and kinder. As her family, friends, and community mourn her loss, they also celebrate the remarkable woman who graced their lives with her presence.

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