Suzanne Somers’ Son’s Accident, When Was It Happened?

On October 15, 2023, the world was stunned by the untimely passing of Suzanne Somers, which tragically happened the day before she was set to celebrate her 77th birthday. The adored actress, renowned for her unforgettable performances in “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step,” has left a remarkable legacy of strength, empathy, and extraordinary achievements. Her son, Bruce Somers Jr., was one of the people closest to her, and his life was forever impacted by a heartbreaking accident he experienced in his childhood.

She was born into a working-class Irish-American Catholic family, where her early years were marked by significant challenges. The impact of her father’s battle against alcoholism and disruptive behavior deeply influenced her formative years, posing obstacles that she would later overcome on her path to success.

Bruce Somers Jr.’s Accident

Suzanne Somers with her son Bruce
Suzanne Somers with her son Bruce

In 1965, during Suzanne’s first marriage, she welcomed her son, Bruce Somers Jr., into the world. His early years were filled with the joys of childhood, but tragedy struck when he was involved in a severe car accident. This incident would leave an indelible mark on both mother and son, as Suzanne famously posed for Playboy in 1980 to help cover her son’s extensive medical expenses.

In 1971, Suzanne’s six-year-old son tragically fell victim to a car accident. This devastating event compelled Suzanne to seek therapy, not just for herself but also for her son. Through these therapeutic sessions, Suzanne made a profound discovery – she was struggling with a major issue: her own lack of self-confidence.

Bruce’s Journey

He attended the University of California, Berkeley, and later pursued his passion for the film industry by earning an MFA in film from the University of California, Los Angeles. This marked the beginning of a career that would see him excel in the world of media.

Throughout his professional journey, Bruce Somers Jr. wore many hats. He served as an executive producer, contributed to the founding of several businesses, including Somers & Somers Productions, and played a pivotal role in Quigley-Simpson, a direct response media company. He also owned Sincbox Media, where he worked with esteemed clients such as Proctor & Gamble, Visa, and Microsoft.

Family and Personal Life

Suzanne Somers with her family
Suzanne Somers with her family

Suzanne Somers’ marriage to Alan Hamel in 1977 brought Bruce into a blended family. He became a stepbrother to Leslie and Stephen, forming bonds that would endure throughout their lives. Bruce’s personal life flourished when he married Caroline Somers, a chef and cookbook author. Together, they have been blessed with two daughters, Camelia and Violet.

Suzanne cherished her role as a grandmother, embracing the opportunity to make memories with her six beloved grandchildren. This close-knit family provided a strong support system, helping them weather the challenges that life had thrown their way.

Suzanne’s Achievements

Suzanne Somers’ contributions extended beyond her work in the entertainment industry. She became known for her advocacy of alternative cancer treatments and authored the book “Knockout,” which delved into this important topic. Her personal battle with breast cancer only deepened her commitment to raising awareness about alternative treatment options.

One of the hallmarks of Suzanne’s advocacy was her vocal support for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Despite facing criticism for her views, she remained resolute in her mission to educate and inform. Her journey through adversity and her advocacy work endeared her to countless individuals who found hope in her unwavering dedication.


Q1: When did Suzanne Somers pass away?

Suzanne Somers passed away on October 15, 2023, just one day before her 77th birthday.

Q2: What was the cause of Bruce Somers Jr.’s severe car accident?

The details of the accident that Bruce Somers Jr. was involved in as a child have not been provided. Suzanne Somers famously posed for Playboy in 1980 to help cover his medical expenses, emphasizing the seriousness of the accident.

Q3: What were Suzanne Somers’ contributions to the field of cancer advocacy?

Suzanne Somers was a vocal advocate for alternative cancer treatments and authored the book “Knockout,” which explored this subject. Her personal experience with breast cancer fueled her dedication to raising awareness about alternative treatment options.

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