Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds Arrested for Child Neglect in Florida, Deltona, Florida – In a deeply troubling case of child neglect, Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds, a couple residing in Deltona, Florida, were arrested on Thursday, September 14. The charges stem from their alleged failure to adequately care for their 15-year-old child, who is deaf and mute. This incident has raised serious concerns about the well-being of the children in their care.

Concerns Raised by School Report

The couple’s troubles began when their 15-year-old child arrived at school with unwashed clothes, and reports of cockroaches crawling out of her backpack. The child’s school promptly filed a report, initiating an investigation into Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds.

Authorities later discovered that the couple is responsible for four children aged 8, 10, 15, and 16, resulting in charges of four counts of child neglect.

Disturbing Living Conditions

Local authorities took action on Tuesday, September 12, by conducting a search of Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds’s Deltona home. Shockingly, they found squalid conditions, with the house covered in trash, old food, unwashed dishes, and dirty clothes.

In addition to these distressing findings, officials noted that, apart from the 15-year-old, all other children appeared to be wearing unwashed clothes.

Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds Arrested for Child Neglect in Florida

Insects and Unsanitary Environment

The affidavit filed by officials revealed the presence of numerous insects crawling throughout the home. The children’s beds were cluttered with various items, including food and soda bottles, which attracted even more pests. The lack of air conditioning in the Florida heat exacerbated the unsanitary conditions in the house.

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History of Concerns

Remarkably, this is not the first time Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds have faced scrutiny. The Department of Children and Families had previously been called to their residence due to concerns about hygiene and health issues arising from the poor living conditions. Chronic head lice had also been reported during previous visits.

Neighbors Express Concern

One neighbor, speaking anonymously, expressed sadness over the situation, stating, “That’s very sad. That’s very, very sad. I’ve really never seen anything wrong with the kids, honestly. And I live just across the street. I really don’t know what’s going on in the house. I’ve never been in the house.”

Excuses and Immediate Action

Christopher Rounds reportedly attributed the state of the home to financial difficulties, while Samantha Acker claimed that the children did not assist her in maintaining cleanliness. Regardless of the reasons, the shocking degree of neglect led to the immediate placement of the four children under the care of temporary guardians.

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This distressing case serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of providing a safe and healthy environment for children. Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds now face legal consequences as they navigate the judicial system, while the well-being of their children remains a top priority for local authorities.

Details In Short:-

  • Date of the arrests: September 14
  • Location of the incident: Deltona, Florida
  • Names of the accused: Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds
  • Age of the child at the center of the neglect case: 15 years old
  • Child’s condition: Deaf and mute
  • Triggers a warning for child abuse in the article.
  • Report filed by the child’s school leading to the inquiry.
  • Charges against the couple: Four counts of child neglect.
  • Involvement of the Department of Children and Families.
  • Shocking conditions found in the Deltona home during the search.
  • Previous involvement of authorities due to concerns about living conditions.
  • Temporary guardianship for the four children as a result of the neglect case.


In a distressing case of child neglect, Samantha Acker and Christopher Rounds, a couple in Deltona, Florida, have faced legal consequences for failing to provide adequate care for their 15-year-old child, who is deaf and mute. Shockingly squalid living conditions were discovered during a search of their home, prompting authorities to take action. This incident underscores the critical importance of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for children. With charges filed and the children placed under temporary guardianship, it serves as a reminder that society must remain vigilant in protecting vulnerable individuals from neglect and abuse.

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